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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Looking At The Screen Behind A Target Tactic

Two young women who work here just pulled the tactic of looking at the computer screen to see what the Target is doing as intimidation. I got up and asked them did they actually just come by and look at my screen. Which of course they politely denied. Alot of these women are NOT volunteering becuz they are the original feminists who started this place. They are part of the system. Usually psych majors in college and alot of them are using giving time here as part of thier resume. Which I think is disgusting. And if they arent like other people Ive experienced working or volunteering in the shelter system- they are infiltrators and either know too much about the TI and are unsympathetic to us or actually pull tactics. It was great to feel a complete let down of something in this house after I confronted them about looking at my screen. That tactic has been used for years in my campaign. Especially here in this area. And I wont take it anymore. You WILL be confronted. Whatcha gonna do, make me sound paranoid. Go for it.

This may not be GS at all. It might be just something these idiots are taught in thier age group, being raised during Bush as Hitler Youth basically and little spies for terrorism paranoia or it could be something that they are taught in thier schooling about how to 'handle' homeless people.
Who knows and who cares. F*ck the system.
Now one of the young women who works here has to sit in a chair in this room and sit sort of so she can see my screen. Its all to show the homeless guests whos the boss I suppose. This is what sucks about young unawakened women who are still living in the system working in places with homeless people. You still have to deal with young female games of dominance which I do NOT have time for becuz us being homeless people they dont respect our age as a factor in dominance or respect. The morons in this country are totally unconscious of these things they do becuz our culture is so totally brainwashed and f*cked right now. Either that or they are trained to do these things as part of handling homeless people.

I cannot wait to get out of this country and tell the world how this lying country does NOT respect hte civil and human rights of both TI's and the homeless. The latter being able to be proved more so than the former.

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Anonymous said...

How about an observer who blatantly watches you swipe a credit card (or any other type of card)? Or the shoppers who stand around and wait for the TI to check out and then immediately file behind the TI observing what the TI bought?