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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Trust Fund B*tch Sheryl Rosenburg Avoids Local NA Meeting...It Seems

Funny I had been getting this ideation for the past ten minutes or so with visions and a psychic impression of Sheryl Rosenburg, a trust fund bitch in Narcotics Anonymous from Brookline/Hull area who attends NA here at the Women's Center as well as NA in Watertown, Brookline, Newton.

I had this impression that she firstly wondered why I was still homeless and sort of felt badly but most of all she was of course concerned only about covering her own sorry rich spoilt rotten trust fund Hebe ass due to the fact that the b*tch knows what she did, her part in the harassment that has destroyed my life and her connection to the group of people who were so pivotal to sending me out on the road for so many years that has done all this damage to me mentally, physically and otherwise.

She's concerned once again only about herself and her own safety. Well silly bitch, these Jedi tricks arent for kids. You shouldn't have screwed around with the community mobbing system to protect a corrupt bunch of cops, and other scumbags if you didnt want to pay the price.

Then I got this flashing vision of Dr Emmerich for some reason, smiling as if half knowing that I wont do anything against anyone as part of her sadistic satisfaction in this situation and half knowing I will always be smarter, keep it together and ace my enemies as her revenge on a corrupt system. I keep getting psychic impressions that she is somehow being consulted by people who are responsible for my harassment, as if to ensure it doesnt destroy me totally or if they are not sure of my actions or what I will do next in a certain situation. Which of course is totally f*cked if its true.

Well I just asked and of course there is an NA meeting on the first floor, and Sheryl was probably advised ahead of time that I was here and these assholes always take care of thier own, the other perps and people in on destroying the TI. Being as rich as her family is, her being part of this probably makes her quite valuable.
The scumbag. All those Brookline people are total scum.
And everyone in NA who was in on this.

None of this matters. That b*tch as well as everyone else doesn't exist for me now anyway. They are beyond justice. The only thing I ever considered was that I couldn't get Jake, Julie, my mother and all the scum in NA in one meeting hall at the same time to blow them all away at once. But going into an NA meeting where I know a good number of the scum involved are going to be to knock off a good portion of them always was a good idea. But if I cant get everyone, especially my mother, I dont want to risk going to jail or death by cop...becuz I want them all. Not just some of them.

Its funny, at moments like this I feel as if when I get connected or associated again with some group like this from my past that was so close to my being destroyed during Bush, that some force is telling me that I can get justice if only I go to the feds and rat on everyone. Yeah, right. If that were the case I would have had been being helped directly. This is all bullshit.

And if I cant have justice I will just leave the USA. And tell the whole world how sh*theads like her-the elite and thier house slaves, run America. How there is no justice for people like me. How lone shooters are people who are PUSHED INTO DOING WHAT THEY DO BY GREEDY RICH SCUM LIKE SHERYL AND ALL THE OTHER BRATS. They dont care about innocent people dying in such a way. THEY ONLY CARE ABOUT THIER PETTY POWER TRIPS AND PROTECTING WHATEVER ORGANIZED CRIME CONNECTIONS THEY HAVE SO THEY CAN BUY WHORES, DRUGS OR MAKE MORE MONEY THAN THEY ALREADY HAVE BECUZ THAT IS ALL RICH PEOPLE DO. Well to be fair, that sort of rich people.

I hear in Europe the Illuminati are overt about using symbolism and going along with this agenda. Fine, Id rather it be in my face than a bunch of lies and hiding it under patriotic anti terror bullshit. This country always has to hide under the stupidity of the public and puritanical attitudes.

F*ck Sheryl Rosenburg, her Hebe rich family (who are so comically Jewish its funny just to think of what the scenario would look and sound like if they WERE put into a position with a lone gunman. Can you IMAGINE?

"Owhh MYI GAWD, Harowld, SHE's gowt a gaan! She's a craaaazy women. Oh Gawd DO somethang!" "WHAT? Vat do you vant me to do'?" "Ve ausked for eet,didnt veeee?". And then someone will probably tell me to drop dead..right before I do so to them in the flesh. Her parents are as cheezy as Hymen Roth from the godfather. I mean down to the beach chairs inside the house. Ewwwww.
Her brother treats her like shit and she puts up with it of course so her mother can have her deal real estate, becuz, being a trust fund kid and a pathetic divorcee, there is little skills she's learned in life and well..she isnt exactly motivated by sheer survival like some of us now is she?

When you actually have prior knowledge of gang stalking perps, you can plainly see they are the kinds of people who would die soon after a campaign begins. Like within a few years. I mean an intense campaign like mine. Fucking weaklings.

They're all assh*les anyways. From what I recall about those meetings and the rotten scumbags in them, they would have to be trust fund kids hiding out, probably running a drug/kiddie ring with NA funds or something. No wonder so many entertainment industry types are involved LOL. A bit of business on the side?

None of these types of people get better. They hide out in those meetings and cover thier asses with connections, prior and present-and thier money. Which is one of the reasons I was so hated. I wanted to genuinely grow. They just want to find a holding pattern and keep doing f*cked up sh*t in life. Clean and sober OF COURSE.

Becuz its all about keeping up appearances. What isnt in this area?

All these jerks will suffer by being exposed for what they have done in detail in my expose. they will die by pen. Sword is too good, to easy for them. They all deserve to suffer. And its yet to begin.

If that silly, leather faced b*tch comes face to face with me (not a pretty sight) I would just ignore her. Becuz in the world of the elite warrior- she does not exist. She's an ant. Remember that. As a TI you have survived. The perps, merely sheep with an attitude or, more amusingly-rabid sheep, only stay the same and learn nothing and dont grow. Always remember its thier being part of the collective that makes them weak as individuals. Though they see security in this.

What sheep doesnt?

And what wolf wont survive? That is you my friend. The TI. Never forget.

It is curious that so many Jews are in on gang stalking. Its also very confusing. This is supposed to be about Satanists isnt it? And persons connected to promoting and furthering Project Paperclip.

Whats even stranger is when you look at how much strengthening, in my case anyway, contact with the Satanic element has given me, as opposed to the kinds of a-holes who tried to destroy me here in my hometown. These people behave badly but would never identify as 'Satanists'. Becuz they are merely ignorant sheep being led astray, not people conscious of thier actions or taking responsibility for them.

Which makes the outright Satanists involved in this a lot less hated by me than people like Sheryl Jerkburg.

Screw all the locals. They are protected by my being targeted every day so I cant take action to go through proper channels so the system must need them or want them undisturbed. Fine then. I will just expose how shitting they are then. F*ck em.

Think Ive been an arrogant b*tch so far? Firstly you all deserve it. Secondly, just wait until I tell the truth and all of it. The best thing you can do for yourselves is just keep calling me a lying attention seeker. By the way go f*ck yourselves. I hate you all.


Anonymous said...

Nice one. Maybe you could find some kind, trustworthy people to settle down with here in the states, maybe an inexpensive apartment where everyone can chip in on the rent? Have you ever had a place to call your own since you've been targeted? You deserve a nice home with people who care about you. Believe it or not, those people are out there somewhere. You seem like a good person, and other good people should respond emotionally to your natural positive energy. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

A lot of detectives and private investigators are a joke, too. I am referring to the types like John Panderos that you spoke of. The TI often times have to make like a good PI in order to find out key information about their situations. Most of these dicks get their position from doing favors for the system. Note the pun. :) A lot of PI's could never do what the TI does when uncovering information. In fact, a lot of them just seem to cover the system. And their sleuthing skills are a joke, too. Take David Lawson, for example. He backs up a lot of claims by stating that he "rode" with a perp group. LOL. He makes it sound like he's Hunter S. Thompson or something. Wow, he rode with a perp group. Anyone who's ever seen these perp groups know how they stack up to biker gangs. Another joke who thinks he's a private investigator. In fact, I'd bet Lawson is yet another house slave sent to spread disinfo. Yeah sure, I will definitely step on the toes of a police officer because he's fake. Yeah. But the problem is, these are real professionals who get involved in gangstalking campaigns. How come Mr. Super Private Detective doesn't mention that? Because it's marketed to targets who are aware of gangstalking, and he wants them to get into further trouble. Further, he wants the plant the notions through such language as "I rode with a harassment group" that the gangstalkers are akin to a biker gang, thus programming us with learned helplessness. He wants us to fear the mob that comes after us.

I don't know what you thought of the Lawson book, but I find it hilariously bullshit material.