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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Monday, July 23, 2012

Whole Foods Against Muslims? Israel? Which then? Psy Ops Creates Loyalty To Shadow Govt And Creates Dramas Diversions From Seeing This Fact

Which is it? Boycotting Israel or workplace mobbing Muslims?
Probably both and neither. What most people dont realize is that for any company to be allowed to get this big, they've got to go along with the NWO agenda and all the industries involved with it.

Know whats so disgusting about America today? You cant gain the American dream like this anymore and the GS system of control is why. There are so many people like me that could do so and are targeted becuz we are a danger to the corporate culture that now CONTROLS the USA.

Locally, WFM was one of the most consistently gang stalking corporate chains I experienced along with Shaws (local to MA),  Starbucks,  and McDonalds and WalMart.

I dont think it was just locally based becuz as readers know I was GS across the USA.  Walmart and McDonalds have much more remote influence in use than perps.

Whenever i go into WF now I get positive ideations specirically that I should sue, like a few other stores including Walgreens.

The issue here is that no human being, myself or otherwise should be having with any kind of ideations, interface or remote influence of any kind influencing my decision making, thoughts or actions. Even if it is positive ITS STILL MIND CONTROL AND ATTEMPTED HYPNOSIS VIA REMOTE INFLUENCE.

I shoudnt have had to waste the past 8 (really 15) years of my life being consistently bombarded with suggestion by such means and spending my life doing nothing but resisting.

This is what makes America so sick to people who know whats really going on. The corporate culture provides food, services, gadgets and diversions via materialism and consumerism yet the country is guilty of war crimes even domestically.

Americans genuinely do not care about anyone else when it comes to keeping their quality of life. They genuinely do not understand what is wrong with the way they live and how much damage they do to their own people and the rest of the world.

Its not the greatest country in the world. It works really hard to convince itself it is and to pretend that is real. When factually and historically that is incorrect.

Until my situation is acknowledged and I am given justice and retrobution for what has been done to me as far as I and other silenced victims are concerned, America is nothing but a lie, a polluted shithole and a warmongering rapist who destroys and exploits its own brainwashed people to make the elite here and elsewhere richer and preserve their place as enslavers.

The USA does nothing but outright lie and then use force to convince even its victims that its all true and youve no choice but to conform to the image of US as wonderous superpower anyway, becuz they always win and so many people agree with the status quo.

I want out of this lie and its almost impossible to get out now due to how much mind control has and is being used.


Anonymous said...

Also, I've noticed that any time I connect pedophile networks to organized stalking, I get an increase in harassment. The harassment insinuates that I am a pedo. It only happens when I start connecting my harassment and stalking to pedophiles, and it gets vicious. Must be on to something there.

They've got this huge scapegoating machine going on in this country. Certain cities are bad for this, like you've pointed out (St. Louis etc.) And of course the media does their role in covering up these crimes.

Sounds like Mr. Freeh is a big time operative in their well-oiled machine. I'm starting to think that some of the PSU board of trustees are making use of pedo rings and are in the process of scapegoating others.

It says PSU took money from MBNA, another corrupt piece of the corrupt corporate machinery. It's starting to make sense now. They don't care who they have to scapegoat and/or kill off, as long as they keep from being offed to a federal prison.

I can attest that I was harassed fairly heavily at PSU every time I visited the place from 2006 on. Massive involvement. Students and visitors alike were in on it.

Bad place for a TI to be. LOL, Penn State is one of the whores for the NWO. They do their bidding. Even at a branch campus of PSU many miles away, a very small one, I was harassed intensely by perps waiting for me there. This little branch campus, I got mobbed there, too, even while doing a surprise visit one summer.

Those powerful people there will never get in trouble. Sandusky did, however, but I suppose he was simply sacrificed as he was of no
use to the Elite anymore.

I think they're lying when they claim the military industrial complex cares about the welfare of children. I think they too are part of the revenue-generating machine, and if they truly cared about children, they'd go after them and bust these networks. But they won't, because they accepted tainted money from them.

Anonymous said...

I sometimes get what seems like dream hypnosis or dream interrogation. I had one dream, where the tone was dark and threatening, and felt like I was being told not to go nosing around trying to find the connections between the perps and certain illegal activities. They were trying to scare me away and get me to back off from doing research on the shadow system and the secret illegal cult-like activities they engage in. Like pedophile rings/sex slave industry, illegal things like that the public doesn't want to believe exists.

Anonymous said...

And the worst part is the house slaves get to go out and throw out suggestions via directed conversations of what YOU should be doing with your life. Meanwhile, they aren't doing anything they are saying in their directed conversations.

So why should we have to listen to perps? Granted, they are the mouthpiece of the system. But I will not listen to anything coming from THEM nor the system.

And how are we to know that the people behind this aren't simply mad scientists with too much time on their hands, and too much access to expensive pieces of engineering gadgets? I like to rebel just to show them I will not be coerced into doing what THEY want. After all, we don't even know who they are. And maybe this is what certain mad scientists do for entertainment, i.e., control people's lives and make them act out for their entertainment.