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Sunday, July 8, 2012

MIT Discovers You Can Con People Into World Peace (Even Though Its A Ploy To Enslave Humanity)

"In a study published Dec. 1 in Neuropsychologia, Saxe and Bruneau scanned people’s brains as they read stories in which the protagonist experienced either physical or emotional pain. The brain regions that responded uniquely to emotional suffering overlapped with areas known to be involved in the ability to perceive what another person is thinking or feeling."

Well this explains a lot as well. It explains why it every time I come back to Cambridge I am guided and influenced not just by ideations but by behaviors of gang stalkers using daily organized harassment/stalking.

I couldn't figure out why lately over the past few years and especially this year there has been so much healing going on forced on me by the system. I am not allowed to be angry about what happened anymore. Pictures of my enemies who they used to totally destroy and torment me, have been posted on the internet, knowing I will keep researching them for my book but also to gain any new information-they have been made to appear more humane than before.

Recall the three part post I did on being brainwashed and influenced by the MIT homepage photograph for the three female scientists winning that Norwegian prize for thier contributions.
I posted plainly that the very scary individuals who had been used to terrorize, frighten, maim and destroy me were now being posted up on the internet as humane. They began to post pictures of these people's faces as if they were normal people whereas before, for years, they were always shown as monsters in makeup (see post) becuz that is part of the art they perform as musicians. One of the musicians plainly hid his face for years from ever being seen without makeup. During Bush these people were more like characters who were portrayed as bogeymen.
Which is interesting. They are Norwegian. The prizes given to those scientists were from Norwegian sources. I sighted that in that three part post.
In Scandinavian culture, from my topical light research of it, Ive found that they have a very effective way of scaring people with various characters like trolls etc. Its probably part of thier culture and has been for centuries. It doesnt surprise me that they would utilize Satanic propaganda and characters to reach the same ends for human experimentation.

But what interest would devout elitist Satanists have in promoting world peace? When one of your lyrics is "2003/Enslave mankind" (Gorgoroth) and things related to what many people have sighted as the elite's deceptions of the masses to actually use world peace to gain complete CONTROL of the masses-and all during Bush and the height of the war years- one can safely put the writers of those lyrics into suspicion of being part of the plot as well as having an interest in using deception to enslave humanity so the elite can do as they please.

I could not figure out why Isreal, Jews and Satanists some of whom claim to be Nazi's would have the same interests or share a campaign. It seems they all have something to gain from this false world peace.

To be fair some elements involved have actually been responsible for strengthening me so I DIDNT fall into deceptions or traps, and kept pushing every day to try to find the truth or at least to resist deceptions-perhaps out of hatred for certain factions involved. I dont know.

Lately many factions that are identifiable (Mormons, blacks, etc) have been strangely friendly to me. Trying to reconcile as it were. I was suspect of this as I should have been. They are and always will be actors that consider people like me lab rats. They have absolutely NO RESPECT for myself or others like me or the masses for that matter, as human beings with any rights to exist or be in control of our own lives or to express our individual assets to our greatest potential. These are highly educated people who believe they are actually better, smarter, more important than people like me and therefore have the right to control my life and treat me like a lab rat.
So why would I EVER trust them??

But REPETITION is the definition of brainwashing. And through constant daily conditioning I am being persuaded to become more peaceful with the community that did such damage to me as well as over the recent year or so, there has been activitya s well as ideations daily to promote me becoming more peaceable and bonded even with the characters and persons involved in destroying my life and torturing me.

I also notice that my empathy is being promoted. That its being rewarded that I be good, use my experience to help others etc. Which is total bullshit becuz I originally wanted to help others to begin with when I had my own place in Brighton in 2002-2005. That was my original intent and that is part of my nature.

So once again we see an example of the technologies available today being used to continue unethical and harmful human experimentation, in the same manner as MK Ultra etc.

And trust me when I tell you that NO ONE INTERESTED IN TRUE WORLD PEACE would ever do to me or anyone else what they have done, supposedly in the interest of a new world order of peace on earth etc.

If the world were run correctly to begin with, we wouldnt need scientists to give the powers that be an edge on who is going to be more responsive to programs of reconciliation between groups in conflict. Its a sign of the sickness of modern society that NO ONE SEES ANYTHING WRONG WITH THE CONCEPT OF SCIENTISTS AND POWER STRUCTURES TRYING TO PREDICT AND CONTROL OUTCOMES OF HUMAN BEINGS IN POPULATIONS TO GAIN A CERTAIN RESULT.

Its called unfair advantage, superior knowledge whatever you want to deem it. Its not supposed to be part of a free and democratic society where people have human and civil rights under international laws.




The only problem is obviously the USA doesnt enforce laws preventing covert unethical human experimentation. So if no one cares, no one listens and no one does anything about it, then I will continue to be treated like a lab rat.

The US government can him and haw all it wants about paranoia pertaining to dissidents, homeless people etc. All they are doing, and its quite obvious, is trying to cover for thier own guilt and crimes- to divert attention and vilify scapegoats. And that is all they are doing.

Its a bunch of bullshit and you either stand by the truth or you go along with them in order to save your own ass and flourish in such a society. At least tell the truth about whats going on instead of using guilt and all these other distasteful methods to try to dominate people.

Anyone who has been through wars and conflict in this society thats my age is pretty much sick of it and being kept down. That is all they seemed to have done with Gen X is to ensure we never got to blossom fully. Its no surprise that we are the main generation of the more sophisticated experimentation after the 50's simple and more brutal overt atrocities-back when they were careless enough to have gotten caught. But the head of the CIA ensured they never would get fully exposed for thier actions by destroying records before an investigation. Great guy huh?

People in power do as they please becuz as human animals they believe they are superior. Its that simple. Even though they have had to take harsh and constant measures to ensure I would never truly express my natural superiority through intelligence, talent, athleticism, and beauty they still want to insist that THEY are superior by nature somehow.

The elite use thier power to make the world thier own even though in reality it isn't. The public don't see what goes on so they buy into it and are convinced, if they are even bright enough to see this far, that they are doomed to failure from the start.

This is not the natural order of things. Everything they present us with throughout our lives in western society is meant to form us into a creature that believes certain things are written in stone about status, dominance, superiority, power and potential. All throughout many of us have been suspect or questioned these standards, only to be denied, lied to, pushed away from the truth or intimidated into accepting the false environment created by the power structure.

When one becomes targeted and is exposed to the most impressive tricks of the technomancers, when one is shown what lies behind the deception, the elite jokingly figure that no one will believe us. That the sheep are so dim and controlled that they will either disbelieve or they will shy away from the truth, fearing reprisal from the unseen hand that forces society to be what it is.

Well, if they wanted it to stay that way, they shouldnt have taken it this far this time. Its their cheapness and greed that has tripped them up this time. Thier own character defects.

They dont care however. As far as they are concerned I have no power to fight them back and society will go along with whatever thier abusive provider deems right for them. Its easier to agree people like me are terrorists instead of victimized by the power elite and all thier cronies for a plan of deception to enslave humanity.

All this is is the choosing of the teams before the game begins. Again its all very simple, primitive human animal behavior. There isnt much that humans do that isnt as such. The elite simply have a very good and long standing system of making themselves appear as if they arent knuckle draggin apes abusing thier highly developed cerebrums to simply dominate other apes.

Becuz thats all humans are, and thats all humans do. Unless of course one works on being human, being above animal urges. And that is NOT done via technologies that chop up people's minds with virtual psycho surgery and crush thier spirits in the interest of induced and forced reconciliation. That is NOT gained via playing god and controlling people through behavior modification.

They can do worse to me tomorrow if they want. They can do whatever they want to me and I still will never see them as superior to me nor will I accept thier ends are in the best interest of humanity.

Really what we must focus on is the myth of Prescott Bush stealing the skull of Geronimo. This isnt just about creating the ultimate super soldier. This is about the ritual of powerful men to want to inherit the power of the Nature's most elite human specimens. Therefore, making themselves gods.

Again, the monkey wants to dominate over the other monkeys. Nothing new here. And dont think the elite have given up thier creepy dominance-through-ritual habits. If you were powerful wouldnt you use any method available to stay in power or gain more?

These assholes want to control and dominate human society becuz they perceive themselves as better than. Hey I can understand that perception. But its also out of fear they do such things and selfishness. If they really were strong they would actually re engineer society to be truly better, not just controlled.

I will never accept the people behind this as betters- not even equals.

I always figure out what they are doing anyway and its usually pretty complex. Why should I fold and submit? I could have been brilliant if left alone to grow naturally and I am still very smart. And superior to many other humans. These asshole's only hope is to ensure I continue to get damage to my physical body specifically the brain as well as be denied stimuli and education.

You can cut up a perfect rose into mess, just a stem. It doesnt change its original structure- and you cant compete even with something dead or damaged. So who cares what they do??

Its best to stick to what you know to be true since the inception of the campaign, hold onto who you were and really are especially what you could have been and also to stay angry. Its YOUR RIGHT. They have no right to con you into being peaceable considering what these campaigns do to Targets. Dont give in.

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