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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any other kinds of actions taken against me by others will be construed as intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

Be warned no further interference with my production of meaningful work as an artist and activist will be tolerated.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yer Still Beautiful

I am sick of commenters on YouTube telling me I am 'still beautiful'. These new pics should stop that nonsense:


Does that look beautiful to you?

The selfish old timers like my uncle and those old twits from NA and of course my ever despicable, manipulative grandmother would say: "Oh, you dont look so bad." I can just hear it now. Can you feel the denial. June Cleaver never was effective on Gen X and we are not going to start now.

I did not deserve this and the people who were true criminals went on the better lives even greater opportunities. There was no reason this should have happened to me with the severity and on the scale it did. You ruined my face, my figure, my future probably the only opportunity I had to finally get my life together.

And to try to market this or claim it was some sort of legitimate investigation by authorities is laughable considering the extent of unprofessional behavior during the course of this ordeal over years. People were just laughing about the whole thing. THAT is a legit investigation? And the people involved for the most part were total jerk offs and nobodies. If that is what law enforcement or the feds have working for them, while laughing at and terrorizing the target, then we do have a serious problem in this country and should declare revolt immediately, stop paying taxes and totally destroy the govt..if not then the govt needs to do something about 'private' security companies targeting people and IMPERSONATING AS WELL AS INTIMATING THAT THEY ARE FEDERAL AUTHORITIES.

The people who betrayed me and the perps need to know one thing: Yer fucking dead. Any chance I get any opportunity for revenge and yer gonna pay and keep paying. Yer children and thier children and thiers. Any chance I get.

You sold me out for that fat half insane sociopath career criminal Julie and her fat dyke mentor Lyndsey and all thier little friends like Debbie and any other nasty, viscous pieces of trash in that scene..oh and all the heiresses they are friends wiht and all the rich influential people. Like that poser Jeanette Angell who is a BU professor, miss 'Peaches' Julie always refrained from letting any of us, her 'peasant' friends know that. They get to write books and stay in business while I cant even find a place to sleep. And all those hangers on that she has to pay off just to exist. All garbage and needs to be destroyed. However the cops like thier Xmas cards so that wont happen any time soon.

And that fat spoilt brat Jake, and all those rich kid scumbags in NA who helped him destroy me.
Now youve got so much more to lose you spoiled rotten brats.
And all his connections in the music business, all those sociopaths...if i get one chance, which of course traditionally you never let someone live long enough to get that chance I know. So insulated from reality. YOu can all go fuck yourselves as well. Jake that fat fuck may have been a great musician but I had and prob have more visual arts talent than his coddled ass will ever have and a lot more soul, which is what you get when you dont get to suck off rich parents all yer life and of which he was always terribly jealous.

And all the cops who are so untouchable who still think this is funny and thier hot shit totally serving the agenda of scumbags like PI John Panderos and his dog faced millionaire whining bitch girlfriend. You WILL pay someday- dont know when or how but you WILL. You dont get it boys do you. You dont always get to win. You dont always get what you want by being in a union AND being state or city (govt) employees (which should not exist as it sounds like a total conflict of interest and it give them way too much power) and going out to picket for few hours like prima donnas to show the public you "arent happy" and then get handed what you want.


Oh and dont think I am naive. I know what you, the rich people (who make money off of wars and eras like what just past), the politicians and everyone else involved did this on purpose to the country and many Targeted persons as a whole money making situation they could pull off during Bush and during the winding down as now, get in make as much as possible, screw over as many people as possible and get out scott free. The public wont remember and no one has to take responsibility for what they did during the feeding frenzy.

I am not so naive. Its been obvious all along that is the way you and your buddies play. Its the most logical moves for greedy self absorbed uppity pieces of shit who are too privileged to be truly human.

But I have been documenting for years. I know who was in office, who was where and doing what as I relive the past constantly. You will all pay for this past as it is still unresolved, due to the fact that you cant just take from people and think its free. Payment will be extracted.

And all you little bastards from Emerson, Harvard and other places where it was obvious overt harassment and psychological warfare I have down what year I was there and what occurred and it wont be forgotten. I find it hard to believe that any agency or private security company doing psychological warfare on Targets could infiltrate and recruit from EMERSON of all places, but hey, thats probably how you get the good gigs in media right?

Brookline, Cambridge and Waltham . Cambridge has at least made an effort at behaving themselves for some reason lately. Who knows why or cares. Brookline, Waltham and of course beloved Brighton are all the worst offenders. There is no punishment severe enough for those three locations. Long term torture is all that seems fair considering thats what I had to got through.Pettitis, they are one of the most rotten, dishonest and disgusting families I have ever run into in my life. Brighton cop told me outright she gives him a monthly stipend. Why? Becuz I am just so powerless, and the world chooses to support scum like them and not me so what can I do about it even if he does tell me?
And dont forget various people around the USA who were in on the harassment and strangely should not have known who I was considering I had never been to those places.

I was told a story last night by someone who has been harassed, set up, attempted framed and victimized by the feds looking for terrorists just becuz he is Arab and poor. After harassing him enough, the federal scum invited him out to dinner, kissed his ass and wanted him to spy for them, kinda like those assholes in AZ who offered me a job as a perp when they thought I was beat down enough.

And unlike my covert situation, this kid has documented case from FBI files with help from ACLU...which explains why they had to take him out to dinner and only send the occasional mole into his social scene (which he caught by the guy answering in English something he and his friend spoke about in Arabic which the guy was not supposed to understand. Once again we see that the assholes behind this are recruiting totally unprofessional morons for these spying and harassment jobs) becuz my case was totally covert so attempts at recruiting me were also.
But it seems that he and I have the same oppressor.
This kid is just a nobody with no money and no connections, I believe. The fact that they didnt try hard to bust him but instead tried to trick him and manipulate him into being an informant without any charges tells me and shows anyone that they had nothing on him to begin with.

They just put anyone on the terrorist list they felt like and the govt went along with it as part of establishing social control as well as the money making feeding frenzy. Various services in all sectors have made a mint off of years of Americans suffering- all suckering you into believing that it was necessary for your safety and security. Actually they intimidated you into believing that and still do.

I was told to my face this was being done merely becuz I was 'inconvenient'. So many people have either gotten off on this or gotten something out of it. Now its my turn to get off on it and get something out of it. The tables must turn in our favor as this is the way life works. Sorry you who are guilty were too stupid to know the day would come too pay up. Even just total exposure in an expose is enough. And I dont think the feds then get what they want becuz if they had anything to do with this then they must also be responsible for torture as well as human experimentation..or is it part of thier protocol to paralyze someone while they are sitting pan handling and then have technologies that can then make them feel they are being raped and with that there are physical sensations and reactions as well? NO that sounds more like a continuation of MK Ultra- all the stuff connected to my mother being a documented human radiation experimentee. It also reeks of military contracting companies or the military themselves, or outsource agencies contracted to perform such activities which I dont see how that ends up having anything to do with an investigation from being on a terrorist list? It sounds like I had too much dirt on rich and thier pathetic friends and everyone else just jumped on board for protection, profit and FUN!

I am gonna hunt you assholes down every chance I get. I will sleep in the snow I will keep moving I will never cease until I get at at least some of you heartless assholes and any of your family I can get at or destroy. I dont have weapons but I do have information on people as well as there are other ways to destroy..from afar.

You think yer all going to get away with this becuz you are rich and connected and that bullshit during Bush will cover yer asses. The level of scum I was dealing with have many 'friends' in high places I am sure, with influence over feds and anyone else for that matter.

And all those regular guy types who still just look at me and smile gently need to be castrated and held up and exposed for being the sexist covert brotherhood that they are, along with the scum in the cops and fire dept. You all realize of course that this was just a total abuse of Homeland giving these corrupt factions too much power.

So you have a recent photo of me. Isn't that what you nosy f*ckers always want anyway? And just like that cab full of people in St Louis who looked at me, mocking me saying "You look JUST like yer picture!" ha ha ha. Its so fuckin funny isnt it? How terrorized I was and how I was being tortured and chased around the US.


uglyman04 said...

You have the same look in your eyes as vets from the Nam. I'v known many over the years. I'v been rendered nothing as well but I'm on your side. You are not alone.

Anonymous said...

I understand completely. I have a form of support, so I am in a better position. I believe I am one of those 'newbies' whom they picked up in 2003, though at times I recall past occurrences where I could have been a target much earlier. I have always been treated like crap by the 'average' Joe, though, so, I dunno.

I can see where they've destroyed lots of targets like this. It seems like a lot of 'general public' dumwits who go along with this are really not human, but have compartmentalized their harassment roles, and really see that they have done nothing wrong. They really don't understand the pain they put us through with their 'roles' and harassment. The stalkers have this name they refer to me as, and it doesn't bother me as much, like most of the tactics. The general public going along with this doesn't seem to see the hypocrisy in their actions, that they really are just dumb turds just going with the flow and the faceless mob. That's all they are. Right now, I want to just concentrate more on contributing what I can to the world in spite of the mass mind controlled hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

I really hope the main faction sacrifices these idiots who go along with this, that would be nice. Like, instead of getting their big payoff, the Big Monster trying to take over this world has their heads chopped off and they get dumped in a garbage dump where they belong. It's pretty obvious they are a threat too, those dumwhits who are going along with this bullshit, so I can see where they will need to be disposed off, too.

Anonymous said...

You know what? Now that these new pics are up I see what you mean. Did you wear makeup in the youtube vids?

You look tired here for sure, burnt out but not destroyed. They haven't destroyed you and yes yes yes film them film them film them.

Second, I think you will get your oportunity to sue them. I think you have a case against some of them for sure. If not sue, then expose. NAME NAMES and let them try to sue you for slander now that would be fucking funny.

If I get rich I will help you. Sure many times I've had problems with your whole schtick but overall, looking into your eyes in these pics I see that you have every right. These pics really woke me up to how fucked you feel, and it's disgusting and it's high time someone helped you out for REAL.

The were much more covert with me cause in a lot of ways they had to be I don't have the same type of personality or reactions as you. But they ruined my financial life that is for sure I used to be a rich happy woman with a LIFE, they took that. They don't like a single 28 year old woman with a brain, money and looks....HELLS NO, not unless she works for Hollywood.