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Monday, December 20, 2010

MIT Seemingly Harmless Behavior Modification Technology

Seemimgly innocent behavior modification technology from MIT.

Quick view:

Their funding is so large and from many govt sources as well as military contracts this institution is not to be trusted at all. Its no surprise that I experience various symptoms of behavior modification when in thier library using the computers. I have posted this before. These things only occur at MIT.

The very fact that I keep going back there when I know damn well its a danger zone shows that I am not totally in control of my Will and faculties- this is due to remote influence being used, which I have documented is present from 6 am to 12 midnight approximately daily except for US holidays and when in the metro Boston area, Sundays. This also depends on location as what building structure I am in. The effects of what seems to be remote influence technology subsides under certain conditions consistently- those being going underground such as on the trains or into basements of buildings especially hospitals.

My memory is consistently interfered with. My personality is noticably changed, more towards the feminine and helpless.

One of the active 'training' mechanisms of this system is in the metro boston area at least, I experience constant interface with a call and return system that keep my mind from flowing freely and resembles the symptoms of the disorder schizophrenia.
The reasons I believe I do not suffer from such a disorder but that what i am experiencing is human experimentation as well as purposeful behavior modification are many, but a few that are compelling are that my mother is a documented radiation experimentee from the Naval Hospital in Maryland in the 50s as well as my own experiences with tell tale signs of being involved in a mind control project such as suicide programming sequences, harassment and stalking by parties unknown to me that seem to be performing a psychological warfare campaign and possess information about me they should not be logic possess.
Also, a federal investigation involving a former associate of mine who is a very connected career criminal was used as an opportunity to further harass and stalk me during the Bush administration. However, during this time many things occurred that are not a normal or logical part of a criminal investigation- I was never subpoenaed either nor was I charged for any wrong doing on my part, which should have been done in a true investigation by law enforcement. Torture as far as I know is not part of normal investigations.

Since attempts to actually do me physical bodily harm were not successful nor was driving me to suicide to keep me silent, it seems that a long term behavior modification program is the last resort for this system to silence a victim witness and I suspect this has been done largely as marketed to the public as a reform of a sick or criminal person either moral or legal in grounds or has been accepted by the public as a sad and unfair but predictable outcome in a corrupt system based on wealth gaining protection and freedom.
None of these rationales are the true motives for the conditions I am forced to live under.

If what is done to me is not simply human experimentation then it is a time tested and reliable system of behavior modification to silence victim witnesses who are viewed as dissidents.

Also its expected that I will not speak out due to the smear campaigns. At ever turn this campaign is nothing more than threats and intimidation to keep silent about what has occurred for years.

Its hoped that even if the target speaks out or maps out thier story where it makes sense and has much documentation, most of the general public will perceive the Target as mentally ill or of such bad character as to be fabricating thier claims.
The main purpose of a smear campaign is to make it seem as if the victim is fighting back to avoid responsibility for thier actions when caught doing something embarrassing or illegal or immoral or in general negative.

Ironically in many instances, the system itself targeting the victim is what drives them or guides them into such actions to begin with.

My experiencing obvious behavior modification tactics at MIT is not the only reason for MIT to be suspect. I also experience alot of behavior from students and staff alike who look very guilt ridden when seeing me. Also I possessed and still do embarrassing information about a few MIT employees related to the adult entertainment industry.

MIT's faculty having embarrassing information that might get revealed on top of thier obvious track record with human experimentation as well as the power of thier govt funding and military contracts makes MIT very dangerous to myself personally as a Targeted Individual.

Much of what happens to a TI is obviously classical conditioning- part of behavior modification. In my case the purpose is to keep me very busy, confused and engaged so that much time passes and the possiblility of my whistle blowing making an impact is lessened with each year that goes by as well as to 'keep me down' personally and professionally. This phrase 'keep down' was told to me directly by someone in the know about my being Targeted, as one of the system's main goals.

I have also experienced harassment from person's around the campus area frequently but one is never sure if they are indeed MIT students or just organized stalking and harassment perpatrators, who's employer's idenity is a whole other subject matter. Private security companies have been documented to be involved in such activities even being bold enough to recruit people from Craigslist ads for such employment, even specifically using the term 'targeting' in reference to thier activities.

This article also shows that academics are fully aware of the psychology involved in technologies sold and marketed to the public.

In my particular case, its obviously a situation of might makes right as my being powerless and in poverty is the main reason for my ongoing situation as well as avoiding any true justice for my pain and suffering. These institutions and the companies they contract for as well as much unseen corruption and rogue elements involved are very powerful and influential. This is supposed to me the main rationale for destroying a human being's life as the person is powerless to fight back or defend themselves.

Much of what has occured over the years has been a false flag operation which means that I was led to believe many other factions were responsible for the activity, some examples of this in my campaign are
-the FBI as part of the federal investigation
-my former associate
-my former boyfriend/lover
-my biological mother or uncle
-the police specifically Boston, Cambridge and Brookline (as related to fed investigation as well as my involvement with said associate and boyfriend) as involved in a conspiracy to destroy, frame up or at least discredit me in relation to any testimony concerning the criminal activities of the afore mentioned persons
-the CIA, or its rogue agents often found to be involved in clandestine operations in cooperation with business interests and organized crime
-the US military or para military
-secret societies

also the reasoning for such activities usually occulated between a moral judgement resulting in the general public being involved in, and validated in executing vigilante justice or the idea that I am simply mentally ill.

Unfortunately for me, my father also seemed to be aware of my mother's being involved in such projects and due to his often mentioning this carelessly, he then began to exhibit strange behavior and was eventually labeled mentally ill. This was then attempted in the campaign against me but failed due to the obvious inconsistency of using two rationales instead of one strong one. One cannot be persecuted for being immoral with vigilantism if one is merely mentally ill. Due to catching my father in this obvious net, it was intimated and suggested early on in the harassment and stalking campaign gone 24/7 during Bush that I was also mentally ill and that this condition was genetic.

My father's claim was as follows: that my mother and her family were involved in a secret govt project involving the military and the CIA.

If one looks at the evidence later revealed in the mid 90's concerning this claim one sees that my father was correct:
-my mother securing the documents showing she was a radiation experimentee at the Naval Hospital in Bethsesda Maryland USA, as well as she was "followed" and dropped her place in the class action lawsuit as well as giving her testimony at the President's Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments
-if one views the PAConHRE videos one can see testimony given by other survivors of experimentation both radiation and mind control projects, where claims of such harassment as experienced by Targeted Individuals is par the course for being an experimentee and especially being a govt whistleblower, which one is essentially at that point. The CIA's claim they did not do radiation experimentation cannot be validated as they themselves via Helms had much documentation of many projects and sub projects destroyed. (much the same way they recently destroyed tapes of torture at Guantanamo bay during the Bush administration.)

Survivors testified that they experienced and also overheard while in facilities being experimented on that both were performed on many experimentees.

Not only does that establish that this harassment is the norm for experimentees and whistleblowers it also shows that technically speaking my father was correct in his claims: these experiments were backed and funded by both the CIA and the US military- my mother having both parents in the US Marines I believe her father was active during her being an experimentee.

There is nothing to prevent powerful agencies, now outsourcing or contracting out to large and powerful corporations in this modern age, from continuing such experimentation or using established yet classified methods and technologies to silence victim witnesses.

Its obvious the parties responsible not only did not want the full scope of their activities revealed they also wanted to minimize the amount of victim witnesses coming forward. As well as reduce thier financial liability for all damages. For instance, my mother in later years now experiences health problems connected to thyroid activity which is very common in radiation exposure. My mother and I are also the only two females in our family to suffer from chronic severe endometriosis, now admitted to be an auto immune disease by the medical field.

It seems that the harassment's main purpose however is to keep victims traumatized and silenced. In the testimonies on video its plainly said that the amnesia programming was breaking down in many survivors and this was the reason for the large number of survivors coming forward with memories and testimonies. This harassment more connected to psychological methods of controlling programmed victims, mind control experimentees moreso than just intimidation to minimize testimony from victim witnesses.

Another fear I suspect is that the institutions and people involved in such atrocities would be held accountable as war criminals under the Geneva Convention. The very fact that none of this content was brought to a US court or a military court shows the amount of corruption involved from the very beginning of the proceedings. In recorded history no American professional or institution acedemic or otherwise has been held accountable under this international law even though one can easily find credible documentation for many instances of obvious unethical human experimentation, that obviously violates US human and civil rights under law.

If something is denied to exist or minimized effectively it cant very well be tried in court or even get that far.

It is the belief of many survivors of experimentation and mind control projects that much of the content and material to come from these projects has flourished into mass mind control systems and is being utilized to control and manipulate human populations internationally in the interest of powerful entities with an obvious agenda.

It seems that much of what is or has been experienced by survivors of mind control projects or experimentation is being experienced by the masses who are mostly unaware of nature of such systems.

One of the main problems is the public seems unaware that technology, chemicals as well as psychology are not innately good in nature or virtuous but can serve both positive or negative, destructive ends depending on who is using such things for thier goals. If the public are allowed only the perception that these things are good or used by only authorities that do 'good' in our world, that in itself is enough to keep them ignorant of the dangers inherent in things of such potential power to destroy or enslave as well as assist humanity.

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