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Monday, December 20, 2010

Shrinking Pituitary Gland: Comment From Reader

Someone wrote me a comment I erased accidentally. It said that I was giving the perps too much credit for saying they knew enough to damage and shrink the pituitary gland. And things connected to that post.

You have to understand the nature of what we have coined 'gang stalking' in or little loaded language in our small sub culture of grass roots type activism.

In reality we are dealing with spy craft and military ops. Mind control, social control. These are very old games and tactics- and systems.

I recall seeing that Hollywood movie with Yule Brenner who played the Pharaoh against Moses.
Pharaoh tells his aides to simply write Moses off as "mental". Whether this is historically correct or not, don't know but its an interesting reference to the way power deals with dissidents.

'Gang Stalking' would be very obviously connected to covert ops to anyone with training. Unfortunately for many of us we were not savvy or versed in such subject matter so therefore spent years wasted in confusion over what was happening to us.

These people wether they are direct govt or contracted out security companies, they are professionals. Or at least the people designing the psychological warfare are.
They know exactly what they are doing believe it. Our only hope is to find out what they are doing and fight in return and resistance.

Perhaps many of the lower level people dont understand the full scope of what is being done but someone does. Ultimately at the highest levels this has to do with the concepts of Vril or orgone energy production and much to do with energy fields. Either natural production of energy or the repression of that natural energy production, or the invention of man made technologies that produce energy fields as well used to destroy. As well as preventing evolution in man. This era is very much about directing the evolution of man with technology as well as it seems to repress human conshusness, especially diminishing the inner dimensions of human conshusness, as in perhaps capturing or repressing this with technology- even computer use or the use of tech in media.
Those are just theories based on my experience and going by what seems most important to the 'gang stalking' system at the most sensitive levels.

Destroying or damaging the pitituary gland makes alot of sense if one is trying to destroy potential and spiritual power.

Also the main reason I posted that was becuz A WOMAN ALLEGING TO BE A TARGETED INDIVIDUAL TOLD ME THAT INFORMATION just as I posted it. That they were trying to destroy the pituitary gland. She knew alot about my situation and alot about things like that info she slipped to me. So that is where I am getting that from. I am not giving them any credit at all. If anything, most TI's underestimate this system and its goals.
Shifting time lines by influencing events is no small feat.


Anonymous said...

Giving the perps too much credit: was it "Jeremy"? I say this, because when I posted on his forums, he said that exact statement, that I was "giving them too much credit" for certain things. Also, he explicitly stated that my perps are under orders to harass me given a script from my handler, something to that effect. This Jeremy, he seems to know so much, like he has some inside info. Also, his web site took a lot of effort to set up and get running. And there are now billboard ads directing people to his site. So, perhaps a disinfo agent, a true TI, or maybe a former perp turned target. Who knows.

Anonymous said...

I've found that early on in my young adult life, that hate and bitterness can be a great motivator as well. It's different than having natural "drive", though, because you're forced to not enjoy yourself, and instead, live with an "I'll show them!" mentality. This way, you're constantly thinking about kicking the enemy's ass, which can bring satisfaction, as well as driving you to get some work done.

I'll believe that is one goal of the system, to drive us with a negative motivator (as in the carriage driver who cracks the whip). If they know you've got racist issues, or that you had problems with some blacks early on in your life, then this could be a reason you are seeing so many blacks. Maybe it's been blocked out from you, and you didn't realize it's there. I'm not sure. Like with me, I had some problems, not racial, but otherwise, and of course, they are just RELENTLESS in pounding me with this. It's like the pro wrestling shows on tv, where the commentator would point out that the opponent is "working on" the sore shoulder. Of course, this is all storyline stuff, but the angle goes two ways: either the opponent cause the injury, and is working on the injury to weaken his opponent. Or, he had a (storyline) injury earlier, and the opponent is working on this injury to gain an advantage over his competitor.

So, it could be that they are manufacturing a racist wound for them to work on, and they are working on it throughout the campaign to further weaken you. This has the secondary objective of making you appear to have racial issues. Just as I wrote this, I could a needling prick sensation on my right forearm. Supposedly it's to let me know I'm talking about the wrestling "injuries", and that they can simulate this with their tech. Also, [getting forced memory lapses now, they are shorting out my short-term memory]. They are also trying to install various fears inside me with classical conditioning via gangstalking to prevent me from wanting to use computer operating systems. They don't want me using FreeBSD or Sabayon Linux, or Windows, but rather, want me to stick with an open source variant of Solaris, for some reason.

Oh yeah, what I "forgot": they were able to make voices appear out of my laptop, and there is not Flash or anything installed. And it's not Windows, so they couldn't have hacked in. Sounds like more magic with their tech, either a form of V2K, or messing with the amplifier circuits in the laptop directly. Other targets have spoken about that, how their laptops had voices coming from them, despite being turned off.

But when you're a TI, these fantastic things that make you appear to be mental, you learn to tune them out or it's just another sideshow for us.

Also, the perps keep telling me to write my book. So, you're not the only one. Apparently, they must have some sort of second phase of harassment they have prepared for us, when we start to write our stories. It's odd that they're telling both you and me this. It must be something the System has planned for us, so it's good to avoid the pitfall and not do what they "tell" us. Like someone intimated to me, I should do the opposite of what the perps/system tell me.

Anonymous said...

Nothing sums up the system better than this:

Ha, that must've taken a good bit of courage on the part of the cartoonist.

randy said...

Are you sure you dont mean "Pineal gland'?
thats the mysterious gland linked with the 3rd eye etc. Pituitary gland is mainly involved in hormone production and regulation.