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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, December 4, 2010

harassment in Starbucks Central Sq

This morning the cops started subtle bullshit, coming in and looking at me and my friend just sitting here (after purchasing something) and then looking at my computer screen and making us feel like we were doing something wrong in general.
So I made sure I googled "police corruption" so the old f*ck would have something to make him realize the truth about what is going on. Its good to remind everyone involved that THEY are the ones who are wrong and that especially locally this is about Jake, his rich friends and family, The MIddle East Rock Club and probably my old associates with thier major crime ring and its payoffs.

He read it and got served so left a tad frustrated. I then had cops drive by with some usual lights on to attract the targets attention but then be dramatic when going by' nonsense. You can tell that is what this is becuz if thier lights are on simply in order to get through traffic safely why would they be driving EXTRA SLOW as they pass by the target. My perps have this in a vehicle tactic of putting thier heads down like thier determined while death gripping the wheel and then as they pass me, putting thier heads up in the air. The psychological message is "we are determined to go through with this and we are above you and destroying you". First they indicate determination then they indicate that they are above you.

Since then I have been trying to figure out a computer problem with a slowed down computer lately with lots of bullshit so it must be spyware or whatever does that, and in the last few hours have had frequent Starbucks customers spying on my from behind which I can see in the reflection of my computer screen.

This is to make me start commenting or acting out like stating something in general to no one imparticular like "why is my computer screen so interesting?" but then of course if recorded this is me talking to myself in public and this is how a TI is discredited. They aggravate and push the person until they react publically.

During Bush I was tortured and so heavily targeted in 335 Washington Brighton and with heavy mold exposure and I did not understand what gang stalking was- that it was a system meant to produce these results. There is no way that I would NOT have reacted the way I did.

I also believe that the system wants me to become so threatened (as now) that I am forced to post to this blog. This seems to serve some psychological purpose. Most likely one of confession or turning the TI conshusness to some state that the perps find desirable.

In The Prisoner there is an episode that is obvioulsy about forced deprogramming. The deprogrammer dressed as school teacher tells number 6 that he is not a lone wolf and that he must conform. Alot of the props in this scene form a childrens world and this is the deprogrammers attempts at regressing the mind control survivor so that deprogramming can be done at the mental levels that programming was done and also to render the person weak, helpless and childlike.
Many bright lights are present in this scene and even a frame focusing on that which is what is l used in hypnosis and programming.

One of the things that the deprogrammer says to number 6 is that he is going to make number 6 so dependent from torturing him that he will be dying to report any little affront or incident to him at that point in the brainwashing campiagn.

Its been obvious for some time in my campaign that this is the purpose of driving me to create this blog and report every little affront.

I have thus become conditioned by this as when I report things they often cease. This also will create dependency and bonding with the system as its a form of good cop bad cop. Its to bond the targeted survivor with this system so that they become dependant on such authority to make the harasment go away like a child telling its parent and the parent defending them.

Its horrible really.

I know also that this blog, this system knew that I would start writing such a thing. My own mother said on the phone in a very creepy manner that she was very interested in the way my mind works. It was sick and this is when she was totally selling out to this system you could tell. it was after she was telling me that the harassment was just due to the federal investigation and changed to getting me alone and trying to suggest it was merely a "mild form of what Danny has", she also somehow convinced my grandmother by drama scenes and crying that I was mentally ill and you could hear my grandmother screaming "well why dont you help her then?" Thats the thing about my grandmother. She knew my mother was always trying to frame me. She once took my aside after my mother told her that a child psychologist allegedly claimed I could become very violent and dangerous (which never happened and did not come up in any psychological tests). My grandmother looked at me and stated not to worry that she knew how my mother was.
My mother was trying to get my grandmother to go against me by crying and being over dramatic but when it was suggested that my mother do the right thing and help me my mother did not get the answer she wanted as she did not want to help me but do something vicsous and destructive. So she kept being loud and using her 6'1" obese size to bully my grandmother basically. If she doesnt get what she wants she just gets louder and shes big so its effective.

ALso I heard on the radio once some announcer saying also in a very creepy voice that people's blogs should be read purely so we can all see the way they think. This was during Bush when all kinds of sh*t was going on not directed towards any one target but directed at anyone TARGETED as a collective group it seemed.

So harassing a target and forcing them to blog is a way of controlling them due to they having to 'confess' to an unseen authority figure that seems to assist them if only they open up to them.

You might think this is a very good idea for someone isolated and distrustful to learn. However, my mother used to attempt similar tactics in my youth, like really trying to pry me open emotionally and mentally (rape and control like her father did to her) by getting my door open when I was upset or crying and standing there saying in this fake ass gentle voice "I cant help you if you dont tell me whats wrong". Which made no logical sense as SHE and her abuse was what was wrong. This and other tactics of control were applied often enough so that I could sense it was manipulative. These tactics were applied alternating with gross abuse of authoirty, which of course is what is documented as being done to Gitmo torture victims. Its one of the oldest forms of mind control its part of brainwashing.

Also the way she applied these tactics insulted my intelligence so horribly that I would never have let her in. My mother is a bully like her brother and her father. She insists on messing with me constantly instead of standing up to her manipulative mother and overtly abusive father. I wasnt going to tolerate it then and I will NOT tolerate a huge massive network of these f*ckers now doing the same things.'

These people can all go fuck themselves. This system needs to pay me for suffering which if it was known how bad it was and is, it would reach into the millions.

Thier only option is to do to me what they did to my mother and other MK Ultra victims: harass them into silence. Or what they did to my father who was rebellious and smart enough to work outside the legit system: market as 'crazy' or mentally ill.

They have no choice but to elect for these two options- that or try to modify the person so that they will conform and move on and forget about these abuses. Even if my story is told I have already been marketed heavily either as immoral enough to not be believed or mentally ill enough to not be credible.

This however cannot stop me as there are people who are aware of what is going on as well as people in other nations are much more accustomed to abuse of authority being the norm as well as the use of severely abusive mind control tactics and systems. What America thinks is irrelevant. Since they allowed Bush to start the process of totally making mincemeat out of this country and then having Obama continue this nonsense by saying that America's best years are behind her etc, the American public do not deserve any kind of respect or any kind of consideration for what they believe or dont.

WHen I was in Fields Corner train stop after taking the....

(after writing this line my computer went totally dead- black screen all power off. It is fully charged and there was no reason for this to occur. I had noted that the same creepy assholes who have been spying on my screen all morning, a few of them in the last minutes before this occured looked as if they were frustrated and concerned with losing control. After recovering from the computer going out I notice that I dont have the memory recall that I did when I was writing this nor do I have the energy surge or feeling of writing this gaining me some freedom or momentum away from the control of this system. This is how closely the TI is monitored for psychological warfare or behavior modification. It seems I can finish writing this but it must not be allowed to bring me away from the usual controlled state of mind and emotions that has been gained from me being targeted heavily since 2004 or so.

This system is obviously not only to attempt modification of the Targeted subject but to keep them imprisoned so they cant go back to who they were before they were kept in this system. This system creates a psychological prison and much of what is done is to maintain this effect. Turning off the computer was a very typical tactic meant to cause me to feel that I am never in control the system is. This is also the reason for constantly hacking a TI's computer. Its to not only engage in further sexual stimulation to control the target, but to make them feel that they are being left out of having a normal and good life like other people [which eventually they hope will cause one to give up and conform] as well as the system is in control of the target's life not the Target.
Always the TI must be made to feel they are engaged in a fight against this system but NEVER are they above it or having as much power as it would take to be self governing. One must be lowered to the level of reactionary- like a feminist. One must always feel that one is a fighter trying to gain freedom from a system that controls them. The TI must never be allowed to be again a person with thier own control over thier lives to the point where they have no concern for thier enemy.
This is akin to the women I used to see in NA bitching about God being identified as a man and stuff like that. They were always the kind of women that were abused by males in thier families and usually for all thier talk and small actions, they would fall into the clutches or seek the company of some father figure guru. This means that they are still very much under the influence of male power for all thier fighting. The Smashing Pumkins once wrote lyrics about this: "Despite all my rage/I am still just a rat in a cage".
I was always a women who believed myself a seperate entity and did not consider males to be in control of me to begin with so often fighting them was not necessary. I would just disregard the threat.
The gang stalking system seeks to get me under control by very much exposing me to the same sensations and experiences of abuse by males my mother experienced. This is why it was so important to remove any and all strong female friends from my life as well as have them betray me as well as surround be mostly with abusive males who were then put in control of me and my life via this system. Also one of the goals of this system I have posted in the past has been to modify my sexuality as to turn me into a total submissive. This is done by sexualizing the abuse and control by males as well as constantly making it necessary for me to seek assistance from blogging. Recall what one perp said to me at a table with his friends: "gee you think she needs to be rescued?" Before this happened I did not need to be rescued. I was very much in control of my own life and was planning my future.
Also some homeless guy I never saw before sat down in our squat recently and told me that I was subconsciously seeking a man, of which I do not see any indication of. He then proceeded with more brainwashing by pointing out he had a place etc. He was driven off by a male friend and fellow squatter. What I did NOT like was that I could not respond by blocking his attempts at brainwashing. I just sat there and the right buttons were pushed and a part of me that is disconnected and a guard internally rose up and I believe told him off or blocked him. The fact that a part of me was taken hostage by this is showing that years of brainwashing and torture have given the perps the results they want.
To get me to believe that I need to be rescued and for me to seek male assistance and protection is obviously one of thier goals and its no surprise that such a campaign comes into play heavily during a NeoCon administration that has brought back sexism to the point where the 90's seemed to never have existed. They are very afraid of Gen X. I know why but perhaps there are more 'gifted children' and MK ULtra kids that we imagine out there. I know that one perp basically told me that I was being destroyed for the same reasons Tupac was. And Left Eye I assume as I have seen videos of her talking about how her family is also f*cked and most likely into mind control.
This generation and many people belonging to it seems to have to be wiped out of reality or memory for the NWO as it is planned to take hold of the world.)

...In Fields Corner I got the impression that many of the blacks there, some knew who I was and the impression was that I was regarded as crazy and mentally ill my presence was respected due to the fact I was no longer on the merry go round with everyone else- you know? THis would make sense with how much involvement the black community has had in Boston against me as well as pretty much nationwide. My old associate used to live in the ghetto and her house was never touched. That means youve got serious connections. And that means that those same people who know who you are to not f*ck with you are going to believe whatever you tell them about a certain phone girl who was very inconvenient to you as you moved up in the world.

So they got thier way I have wasted much time on this today. Hours in fact all because I was harassed until I reacted. There is no way around this it happens every day in Central Sq.

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