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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

More nonsense from Hi Hostel/dont vote Romney 2012-its Bush at the door again

Another reason to get rid of the ignorant, ghetto garbage that works and runs Hi Hostel Boston and cleans the place as well: putting 2 bunk bed sets together and making noise off the THIRD FLOOR which sounded like people dropping thier luggage for an hour and a half- and doing it at 8 AM when the hostelers are still on thier dollar (check out not until 11. THey probably wanted to get it done so they could either sleep or start thier day later.

Typical Boston: a WASPy old white guy seems to be at the top of the management or owns the place, an obnoxious black guy who likes the little rich white girls who work at the desk manages the place and a weaselish Latino manages under him and manages the cleaning staff (they look Mex) and dont speak English if you need something.

Who works the front desk? Lilly whites thats who. Why dont they get the others to work behind the desk? Boston and Cambridge never realize just how Classic thier racism really is. Its disgusting every time I come back here and see it and usually the customers suffer. Yesterday I saw how rude the people who work at a convenience store in Kenmore for BU students were to all the kids and tried it with me but saw my mannner was more earthy than that and actually paid attention to me when they served me could be my age too.

These kids are paying out the nose to live and go to school here and the recent immigrant populations from India, and various parts of Africa are often very rude and dont understand our social cues and culture. They also have a bad habit of internalizing the snobbery of this area without understanding how it fits into Boston or Camb culture. There are poor whites and blacks that steal or maybe you want to treat badly to keep out of your rich area store, and then there are people you can just tell you dont f*ck with becuz they have a brain or are doing business there. I have to say that north Africans and female Indians are the nicest but other parts of Africa probably sub Saharan piss me off to no end every time, mostly the men. The sexists must love these new wave immigrants- they are totally resentful and obvlivious to rules about feminism. Probably thats why they are so popular. Since Bush all kinds of non sense like this has been feeding a comeback of sexism. Everything from tv shows like Madmen to this crap. ALL in the designs.

But Boston has always run thier crap like this. They dont care becuz thier attitude is the travelers are passing through and so are the students.

That fat black perp who harassed me so hard near Berkelee college- that former bouncer at the little dive club around the corner, who lives in low income housing with his mother (who is a bitch like him) and his daughter- he said right to my face that he was harassing me to ensure I didnt make any money and also he doesnt care about who sees as he is fully aware that the kids will be gone in 4 years anyway. Probably the general attitude of most perps in this area.

I make sure I f*ck with him every time I come back, especially when he with his kid. ANd I will continue to do so until I either get revenge on his ass or get restitution of some kind for damages or some sort of victory over what this city did to me. As long as he lives here I will remind him of what he took part in. I notice its not a problem for other people to be outside begging. People who have places but just need money for boose or crack. Hey, gotta support family right?

This area was very nasty for gang stalking anyway. The cops used to get into it as well. Locals would say "oh that was a bullshit cop" to explain away his behavior. I can imagine the entertainment caught on the video cameras outside the Tedeshi's was quite amusing.
Yet as the years go on and it becomes obvious that this is more than just local cops s*cking the cocks of local criminals who pay them off in Xmas cards (and cab companies as well) as well as trying to supress anyone that gets in the way of connecting Romney or his f*cked up family members to what happened to me in anyway for Romney in 2012 campaign, which is a huge part of why I am still being oppressed (GHW likes Romney- alot. The way his dad liked Nixon.) Its much more than that isnt it? Gee people are taking this a bit more seriously now arent they? I keep getting ideations to get a lawyer.

And its all on record who served in what capacities during the blitz of the Bush era.

And I wont forget either. These stupid small minded local f*cks always kept thinking it was about their little bullshit politics locally. Too stupid and arrogant to see its much more than that. And I was not about to let them know any different.

I may be old, grey and lost my youth and opportunities when I get revenge but I will get it. People are going to pay for what they did during Bush, even if they were working for some sort of govt agency or more probable one of those security companies that does the same sort of work- the ones I posted actually had the arrogance to post recruitment on Craig's list.

By the way if Romney gets in 2012 yer stupider as a nation than you were for letting Bush in. You just keep asking for it dont you? Or moreso the people that run your country FOR YOU who now make all the decisions (wether the elite or some unseen faction) have control over the country to the point where it doesnt matter what you, the public want anymore. I dont think you have had any power over your own nation for years now. So why start rebelling now right? Yer used to being beaten down.

Yer all so naive. When this sh*t came down on me I may have not known what was going on but I knew the nature of it and how nasty it was. Its as if you all did not see through the con job. People like me warned you about Obama as well and you just didnt get it.

I see now and have for years why criminals are so successful especially in America: one is born every minute here in the USA probably more than in any other civilized western counttry.

and you dont even care as long as you still get to buy lots of stuff and be insulated from reality. I like to often think that many citizens are simply unaware..which is why the jerks dont want my book to ever get manifested into reality.

I can imagine that all the pukes that scum bag Romney helped in MA during Bush are going to support his ass all the way to success. Good luck. Its time to seriously plan to leave the US this time.

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  1. I wouldn't put it past them, Rachael. They were stupid enough to elect Bush, for TWO TERMS. Watch, Romney will probably get in. (Note to self: Now would be a great time for me to move to Canada or oversees.)