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Monday, December 6, 2010

5 am female Cambrige cop uses megaphone to wish us Merry Xmas- wasnt taken well

Cambridge police just drove by and used thier built in megaphone to speak the words: "Merry Xmas, Merry Xmas, -----" the last bit being unintelligible.
It was a female voice. Approx 5:16 am.

I had been woken up before this by someone being noisy who was going to lay down to sleep.

Its very cold out here, I am still sick with some cold that settled in my lungs but its slowly going away (no visits to the doctor due to not being able to take medicine from allergic reactions) and its been very noisy out here except for past two nights.

The police had been pretty much behaving themselves compared to years ago. The only true harassment I received in the few months I have been here has been from Harvard U police, which has ceased since ceased after school started session. They actually have been helpful to the people out on the street for the most part.

I didnt take that action 45 minutes ago to be helpful. I took it as condescending or harassing. First of all we are all obviously sleeping why the need for loud noise or intrusion? Also what is your motive for such an action. It can serve no practical purpose.
Also I find it an odd statement as it is not yet Xmas day and I dont recall getting any gifts or a card from them which might be appropriate to accompany such a statement.

If the person had said "stay warm" or other appropriate comment it would have been taken alot better. Most of all using the louspeaker at 5am to speak at all to group of sleeping people has no purpose unless its related to a police matter involving those people. I mostly have experienced that speaker used in traffic for motorists who cannot hear or see police due to being isolated in a vehicle.

And I am very surprised the fact it was a female. Just another tactic to impress the fellas huh girl? I guess they have to be extra mean in order to register as valid to thier male counterparts.
Effective is it?

The comminsioner seems to have worked for Homeland in some capacity and of course on thier website they list that they focus on preventing racial profining (sans incident with Obama's professor buddy at Harvard who had an incident with police and they with him I am to understand) but of course in this War On The Poor obsessed nation, no lack of class profiling or harassment based on that.

Becuz anyone with a brain can see that gentrification of US cities displacing the poor would never have been able to occur if it were not for focusing on race and disregarding the class wars.

I'll write a letter by email about this but I dont think it will help. However with how many people around Cambridge are so nice to us by giving us food and being very pleasant and even tolerant of the worst of us (we apologize for them, we are not all like the worst home bums) it might actually get somewhere.

I also thank local businesses for being tolerant and allowing us to sleep in doorways etc. You keep the true old Cambridge spirit alive while gentrification has taken its toll on much of what Harvard Sq once was.

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  1. Mini cameras with audio are actually dirt cheap these days I'm surprised someone doesn't film and record them it would get the officers in deep shit and maybe even result in lawsuit.