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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, December 26, 2010


Anonymous said...

I have a feeling it all boils down to this: the FBI is a tool for the rich and powerful control freaks. I went back to basics, which is always good in terms of finding answers. I've found that the name itself, "Federal Bureau of Investigation", just smacked of a creepy type of control. Like, what exactly are they "investigating"? Also, note they are an "Intelligence Agency". And of course, there are the various branches, such as HUMINT, etc.

Maybe that email I got about a job involving HUMINT was more "hint throwing" on the part of the perps/system.

It's obvious they can cross the line and just use the terrorist label or claim a person is a threat to the national security, just to justify the paper work necessary to get the big intelligence gathering machine going against a target. That could be why we always hear that "terrorist" excuse over and over again like a broken record from the one-track-mind soundtrack this system uses with slander campaigns, one track mind perp parrots, etc.

Again, this would not be to satisfy the FBI's own internal ends, but it goes back to the "tools of the rich and powerful (controllers)" using the FBI for its own ends.

And there are more "goodies" there to look at. My my. So I just picked "IMINT",

Note that Imagery Intelligence could be used in reverse, too, to impose images to the people the System wishes to control. Like when I am laying down, I do get this ability to visualize things like I've never been able to before. It seems they are trying to augment my ability in this area, and then monitor the results as part of their experimentation.

Federal Bureau of Investigation: sounds like a description of Big Brother from 1984. To me it sounds like, if I had not known about the USA, coming from a foreign country, the name itself sounds like it describes the Eyes and Ears of Big Brother. Why do we need a Federal Bureau of Investigation in the first place? Sounds like a grand experiment in snooping on the highest and most arrogant levels.

Well, I understand the FBI has a lot of legitimate business to take care of, but there are a lot of things they do clandestine as well.

Anonymous said...

Here we go -- no wonder universities are so involved in targeting.

Quote from the website:

Henley-Putnam’s Intelligence Management BS/MS Degree Program Includes Courses on Human Intelligence (HUMINT) Operations

The U.S. Intelligence Community is organized across 16 different agencies and departments, each with different missions, analytic competencies, and collection specialties. One of the oldest forms of intelligence collection is human intelligence (HUMINT). HUMINT is a type of intelligence collection discipline that involves, naturally, human operators that gather a variety of information on ‘targets’ around the world.

Interesting wording: gather a variety of information on ‘targets’ around the world.