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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I have many comments of yers to post, readers. I am at end of illness and its cold here sleeping outside so I am focused on getting the hell out of here.
So I will get to the comments ASAPossible.

Interestingly I have also been thinking that I can sue at some point. Something tells me that is a possibility.

Actually I have been very torn about leaving. I want to leave and go somewhere dry and warm but something keeps telling me to stay and get a lawyer. And take care of my medical issues.

Is this yet another con and manipulation of the system? To stay here in the winter is the worst thing possible for my health.

I also keep getting some sort of feeling that there is an opportunity now to get these issues dealt with that will not be as it is now when I return in May if I do leave.

Weird, eh?


Jeremy said...

You might not be aware of this, but a billboard has been posted on a highway in Wisconsin.

Picture plus explanation

Not sure if anything's going to come of the billboard, but thanks to the revelations coming from Wikileaks, this sort of thing seems a lot more credible to the GP than it did a year ago.

Anonymous said...

I don't know the specifics of all your story, but I know enough to know this: Your mold case is likely too late. I have a recent mold case and had one years ago too and 3 years in Quebec is the limit I had to go after them, and I think it was the same in the states. I got lucky here in Quebec they have a housing authority that helps you go after them for damages if you had to flee.

Second, however, is that you may have a case against the city of Boston. I just don't know what you have DOCUMENTED. You say also you have damaging info on people...that might help.

I think you're going to make yourself sicker in Boston tho. Also, it's a volitile city for you.

Your medical problems aren't going to matter if you're sleeping in the cold.

The sense of urgency could just be a trick. Just think of your health first, live to fight another day.

murdoc said...

I think you should go! You can always get legal help before you leave and just get updated via email and or fax!