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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Riots in Great Britain

It seems that countries like the US have had events manipulated as such that we are being coerced into socialism (with a still fascist attitude left over from Bush) and countries that had many services available to thier citizens like health care and higher education are turning to a system like ours.

Its naive for the newscasters to say that the Brits world renowned image of civility was broken today by such behaviors. That is a manufactured image. The fighting spirit of the Irish is also noticeably present in the English. In a country where the people cant own guns what did you expect? I have also been told that some ghettos over there like in Scotland make our black ghettos look simple.
Once again as I have experienced traveling the US one finds that when an area is separated by miles whether land or sea, the spin docs and deceptors create false images of cultures. Its also easy to manage perceptions by not revealing just what goes on in those different locations separated by miles.

If I was not in a place broadcasting the news I would have never known this occurred. I thought it was C-Span due to hte focus on American house politics. But noting its FOX one can only imagine what the motive is and what the desired effect is for framing such events in such a manner.
Notice how Obama pushing a bill that is more socialist is matched next with a story about Britain becoming more like us. For anyone who is observant, the effect is that one feels the world is becoming one, that things are evening out and balancing up. Which of course is the predicted NWO. When Obama has difficulty passing things through I think its becuz people dont trust him. But everyone is so brainwashed right now due to years of being traumatized first by Bush now by the economy and for some the visions of having the first female president were lost by the US having its first black male president, who isnt even from American black stock and with such ties to black radicals as he has it almost feels like more of the same punishment as all the rest of what is going on. If Hillary got in it would probably be just as traumatic for other factions. Now was not the time to bring in such a dramatic change as its only added to the trauma..which is of course what the designers want.

Thier tuition was 4000 now its going to be 14000 I believe is the difference. It creates a nation of largely uneducated people which surprisingly America is such a place due to high tuition costs...which is why we are most likely in the predicament we are in.

It almost feels like the goal is to create a very controllable stupid lower caste worldwide.

One thing that must be kept in mind when thinking about Obama is here is a man that parroted the same saying as GW Bush and GHW Bush: there is video tape of Obama talking about bringing in a New World Order, one that he claims "everyone wants". This is indeed a man who cannot be trusted like the people before him.

The US continues to do stupid things and refuses to be Centralist in its policy making which is what most people TRULY want- not every time we watch the news we get the feeling that more and more we have less and less control and who is in office does not matter as no matter what the people have to say, the politicians and the people they truly work for just do as they please anyway.

Why would I want to vote for a Dream Act that while assists children of Illegals to have access to citizenship and all the perks of that, also excuses offenders? WTF?

Get a grip guys...what Americans want is bill that will deport the violent offenders and offer citizenship to people who have worked, abided by the laws and ALSO have children here who deserve citizenship.

However, in this world wide circus that has been created to divert and terrorize to keep humans traumatized while mankind is slowly enslaved, that would make TOO MUCH LOGICAL SENSE and also that would BE SANE...and we all know that bread is not buttered with either of those two qualities.

I suspect that they want to keep the prison corporations happy as well as the unions for cops and prison guards etc.

Back to the image of Brits as civilized: ever seen soccer riots? It gives us some insight into just where Boston gets its temper during sporting events from. When the Brits riot, Euros in general I notice they do not f*ck around. Like I said its most likely due to not having guns and so learning how to destroy things without firepower.

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  1. There's a destabilization campaign in the UK, and someone who is funding neo nazi groups like the "English Defence League" is also sponsoring extreme elements "opposed" to them, as well as several other trouble-making groups.

    Yesterday's student demo started off peaceful and well-organized, and remained that way until lunchtime, when the extremists turned up, presumably after taking a late breakfast at their leisure.

    There was a notable falling-off of trouble here from mid-morning that day until about 3:30 AM this morning, when the extremists got back from London.

    There will now be an EDL march in Peterborough tomorrow (Saturday), and although there's a sensible counter-march organized by the Trades Union Congress, "Unite Against Fascism" will be there to ensure that the violence starts, by mutual agreement with the people running the EDL.

    Only a foreign power could profit from this.