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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Take a look at the map at 6:03. It shows states where this program was taken too easily or most popular. Every one of those states has THE worst organized stalking and harassment in all my travels around the US. Except Pennsylvania and Delaware as I have only passed through there. New York was not included and they are one of the worst for gang stalking but it is done by a population that seems ghetto and very African American based. The other states I encountered had a style that was one more attuned to something like Eugenics. Missouri, Illinois and Texas indeed have some of the worst harassment but not much tech, not like the southwest or the northeast seems to have and utilize moreso than in person human forces. Conneticut is really bad too and I think its listed on the Eugenics list as one of the top states as well.

Now as to why I am a perfect candidate for a Eugenics program. My family are criminals as well as my mother's side has pedophilia prominent. This of course is what caused any degeneracy I believe.
My father is supposedly mentally ill. Of course its convenient for this system to not look at the causes of those conditions as that would lead to revealing why I am being picked to be repressed and oppressed to begin with.

However, this is most likely using the Eugenics movement to either cover up thier true activities or as part of a false flag operation where the TI is once again gas lighted into believing its this party or that party that is responsible for the gang stalking. It could work either way. Most likely its false flag, unless there is some proof that indeed there are active systems of oppressing individuals in the name of Eugenics.

You could, I guess convince the public that someone was a candidate for this program due to the way that mind control Survivors act out due to breaking programming as well as being victims of intense psychological warfare campaigns, It would be the perfect frame up.

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Anonymous said...

So after the smoke from this latest intense denial campaign has cleared, we have our answer: Remote Neural Monitoring. Plain and simple. That is their big secret they've been hiding all along. There are numerous sites on this, as well as a lawsuit from 1992. Just think, how far back have they been using this? I believe it's been in use since 1960. I mean, it had actually been kicked into high gear by 1960 or shortly thereafter. And how long has this been hidden from the public? All of this boils down to mind control via remote neural monitoring. They have some other fancy tech to play with, too, like peering into a target's future. It's not too hard to fathom: space around us consists of 4 dimensions, the 4th dimension being time itself. We can only see 3 dimensions, which means we can't perceive time, like what's in our future unless you can detect the 4th dimension. And they have been able to do that for some time now, trust me. Of course, there is the usual disinfo around these concepts, which means they can psych. you into believing something is in your future when it really isn't.