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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just Saw Bush's recall, if you will/ frame up for dangerous terrorist

OK not alot of time.

Head is clearer than has been in a long while. This is due to a few different things occuring.

Has been very hard lately. Mind weakening due to years of harassment and psych warfare, torture and brain damage. Also health has come to a point where its critical. All this is making it so I am slipping dangerously close to or into the full effect of the brainwashing campaign. Opposed to the overt action seen and taken during Bush, this Obama era is one of mind control that seems more focused on constant bombardment of the mind as opposed to physical actions. Also I believe that the psychlogical effect of having such a person as president under such exact circumstances including what has happened to the economy world wide has created the effect of subduing any and all enemies of state or dissidents. We dont have time for PC or niceties this is war and I am at a critical stage, I feel I only have a few moments even of clearity- the reason for this clearity I will tell you in a few moments. Forget spelling or politeness.

Having a black man, NOT of American slave stock, as president after such abuse from a very WASP/ Southern family based, very white powerful male, under such oppressive conditions that are being blown off as not anyone's fault in particular ( or the bankers and I get the feeling that the puppet masters probably baited them easily with thier own greed, to get this desired efffect to make it appear it was all thier fault for the mess we are in. What about Govt deregulation?) is making a country who should be outiright pissed off and outraged about what happened during Bush, very silenced and humbled.

The psychology behind this is that somehow people feel that African Americans cannot be held responsible or fought head to head as power figures so they being in charge has a dulling effect on the justifiable anger- turning an angry country into a depressed one. also blacks are percieved as victims themselves so now the power structure of authority is 'with us' all. We are all now victims...and this conveniently lets the perpetrators of many messes that preceeded or caused this situation to exist now- to escape out the back with the booty and spoils. Never to be seen or heard from again.

A godamn diversion is what this is, while the theives make off in the getaway car. We are all lulled somehow into forgetting about what was done to us all during Bush.

Also there is this bizarre psychological effect - one that dictates quietly that somehow, its simply impolite to hold blacks as responsible for screw ups as it is white males of power. That is also being used against the public at least here in the US. The attny general is very light and obviously mixed but still African American. So is the president. Add to that the pressure we feel by having to look at such questions as his affiliation with a radical church and preacher, his Muslim name and backround (mind fuck big time) as well as his Kenyan backround- not African American. This makes race a VERY touchy subject..which is a perfect diversion again for the powerful white male authority/extremely brutish, corrupt, clever and abusive power structure to escape question or consequences for its actions during the former administration.
We are also I believe supposed to feel that people who understand corruption and being f*cked over are 'trying' for us as best they can. This may even be so, its hard for me to tell as i trust no authority figures at this point but its still serving as a diversion away from the original insult just under 10 years ago.
This insult is still being treated like the pink elephant in the living room that is there but no one talks about it.

This is also an example of systematic ignoring to gain a result in behavior modification or social engineering.

The thing that set me off to feel free and validated in what I am trying to do in just moments was seeing GW Bush's face on the TV during an USO show for troops which included wrestling (Sena of course ). It brought me back to the reality that started this whole process so many years ago. That I need to tell the public what has occured, without any care for my personal feelings, safety or future. Its that important.

Yet hte current portion of brainwashing within the campaign or program against me is so strong, so powerful in silencing and subduing me that I have been nuetralized effectively. All I do is sit around feeling as if its hopeless and no one will believe me anyway and when I am not being stifled to not tell my story, I am then being shown over and over UMASS Boston, that I should forget everything and go there, that is my future. That I would feel better if I started school and learning. I also feel relief when I help others selflessly, instead of focus on my story or setting things right, which also indicates a reward system based on the Target performing the correct and desired actions to gain relief as reward.

I have recieved comments lately from an anonymous harasser who is obviously very good at psychological handling. Laura, MItt Romney's family member who was the ex girlfriend of Tiberius who is my ex boyfriend Jake's best childhood friend (none of this did I recall until weeks after meeting her. She and others would play with the fact that I obvously had compartmentalized alot of memories in the past.) Laura used to say such things like that: that most of the harassment was now "all in yer head", which is bs of course. THis was back in 2007 or 8 when the gang stalking harassment was far from being over in public spaces. But now getting comments from this person saying the same thing as well as other brainwashing suggestions lets me know that its the same thing.
But in fact, this is a play on reality by the perps.

The worst of the most recent hararassment is, indeed, in my head. That i have mentioned over and over again in recent years that hte harassment seems now more driven by tech and to maintain or subdue or modify the Target as opposed to the terror that was to drive me and others to suicide or homicide during Bush.

The other thing I wanted to mention was that I am glad this occured tonight becuz I have been unable to write or post ideas. I am getting to the point again where something in this area subdues my Will to put thoughts into actions. Its a dulling affect. I am much more into starting to sew things than write, which is also being pushed as a nice career ideation- probably due to its lack of political content and its leaning towards the feminine, which is typical in this campaign consistently.
Emasculation has always been a very important goal for whoever is behind a very big way.
So now I can say what I wanted to post last night.
Quickly while I still have clarity:
Last night I had this ideation that a childhood friends mother drove by or at least had knowledge of me being back in town again. Somehow this led to the ideation that 'they' or the system are trying to really push the set up of me as a terrorist or a dangerous person.

In fact I have a draft I didnt post that i keep oscillating between thinking its a good idea to post and then knowing its not such a good idea due to its content. THe last post about American being evil and boring was much more balanced compared to the post in question. I see now why I got this ideation or information.

STILL this system seeks to prove itself correct in the assumption or proving I am a threat, a terrorist or dangerous person. If it ever did come true, I believe everyone who knows what has occured, what has been done to me will know- that its a purely self fullfulling prophecy of the organized stalking and harassment system of severe psychological warfare and torture through terror.

Now let me go erase that draft...or else just put it aside as documentation of the reality of what went on but never post it.

Seeing a modern talking head of the former president and that being so freeing from the chains that bind me now, lets me know that i am right when I deem it is NOT over and that I must do what I set out to.

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