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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Another good gang stalking video/why the herd are dangerous

Liked this vid. Though its not as detailed as I would like nor does it have an order to it as I would have liked its more than I can accomplish right now so thanks to whoever made this.

Our greatest problem and probably history's as well is the stupidity of the public. Humans en mass are so easily driven or guided to acts of violence or cruelty that its simply hopeless. I have personally seen the deceivers looking at someone this stupid, joe public, and convincing him to take action against a TI. Its so obvious that its akin to the old devil on the person's shoulder.

Interesting: if you want to create a society or world where such evil infiltrates easily then take away any true moral teachings or systems the people may have. One such trick is to mess up Christianity so badly or make is so repressive that no one would want to deal with it to begin with. Thus hedonism that seems innocent (60's, 70's) can take the place of solid morality and there was some old school decency in the old days of the party scenes or 'hedonistic' sub cultures.

What everyone is so freaked out about now is the total nose dive into 'evil' that is not so innocent as rejecting the squares and thier uptight value system. Its become true evil- the real deal. Alot of people cannot deal with this and are either in denial or just sitting back watching the world get more corrupt. That is what happens when a culture tries to become more European and sophisticated but instead falls on its face and becomes totally evil. American never would have succeeded at being less puritanical or uptight. but in trying to shed that it has only taken on a quite puritanical attitude towards its taking to evil. Pure evil. There is nothing fun or amusing about pure evil. About actual rape and torture. About the destruction of human beings that this system has a capacity for using psychological warfare as well as technologies and psychiatric severely abusive systems like MK Ultra mind wiping/reformatting methods. These carry with them the seeds of all Nazi human experimentation..and no one wants to believe nor do they seem to care. Many simply dont know.

Its for real this time. Everything that was ever hidden behind all that you thought was sort of evil but harmless is now revealed. That is how deception works.

If people had a system of true morality or decency that wasnt puritanical or limiting them as human beings they might recognize pure evil when it comes to them and be able to defend themselves- IF that is what they desire or if that is thier true nature. The problem is not with people who are predisposed to 'evil' deeds by thier very nature- the problem is with the common person being naive about what evil is when it confronts them. And that always may include the most artful of deception.

Be wise as serpents should be the motto, not puritanical values telling people what to do with thier bodies and limiting human beings in thier expression or punishing them for being natural.
A true believer in doing the right thing is a warrior and fights to see the truth, not a lamb who is beaten down by some church or belief system. also one must act on one's own will.

I see so many morons now who suffer as they see I am now permanently damaged and homeless probably for life. In that moment they listened to the deceivers, they were stupid, weak and naive. I on the other hand, saw them quite clearly and saw exactly what they were doing much of the time. A part of me is not so forgiving and my revenge is seeing them suffer now. I make sure they see me, and often I antagonize them. This isnt about forgiveness. This is about war. If you truly want to avoid being duped by the destroyers you will stop punishing people and being mindless vigilantes and start recognizing a con job when you see one.

Unless of course you are simply being selfish f*cks on getting your own frustrations out on an innocent target via mobbing which has no consequences. Then by all means go with your nature. Please do. Becuz you will have to pay for that at some point as there seems to be a faction that doles out consequences to the perps as does the perps dole out torture and suffering to their targets. And I wanna see you all pay the way I have been watching so many of my enemies pay and will continue to do so for as many years as I may keep breathing and being able to see them suffer with my eyesight intact. Its part of what keeps me alive.

Whoever told you that 'good' people are forgiving or that most TI's are Christian types is either a fool or very good at covert warfare, thus getting you to do thier dirty work.

The people who arrange these massacres are professionals. They dont feel like normal people do this is thier job. Either that or they enjoy what they do as sadists or are cult mind controlled it seems. Some do it out of desperation to not be exposed or to avoid serving a jail sentence. Much of the breaking up of corruption that seems above board and overt such as bribes, pay offs, corrupt politicians and those in union law enforcement like cops or people in probationary positions in the criminal justice system seems to be part of breaking up this system that so easily functioned on these quiet trade offs in order to get a TI targeted and destroy thier lives.

That still does not fix the tech that is used. But in order to break down a targeted person so the tech is more effective (due to brain damage and long term conditioning) the in person gang stalking has to destroy them to a point and that cannot be done without the help of every stupid dupe out there in the public.

People are getting hip though. I have personally seen a few persons reject perp advances. One told a perp "I am not intersted, its none of my business". That was one of the greatest moments of my life recently. People are realizing this is simply a business and that many people are just product or meat to these companies. Perhaps they are seeing their all powerful law enforcement darlings who no one thought would ever get caught now getting thier asses reamed for f*cking around and so now they feel that this corrupt sect of powerful men can no longer protect them unconditionally from consequences.

See? The public are smart once they get the hint that they might get caught...this is why vigilantism is illegal to begin with.
All criminal justice is under the category of the sciences. I know that yer cooler than thou police man seems hes yer friend when he wants something and hes a brute when hes your enemy but these are all games. These men and women in any law enforcement capacity are usually intelligent criminal like minds to begin with complete with an above average psychic sense about people. They are extremely dangerous when not doing thier jobs properly. They are smart about playing games with the public and alot of it is psychological games. They are predators plain and simple. Only some urge to serve or do good in them separates them from criminal predators. Keep this in mind when you believe that the police are above reproach or that they are yer friends.
I get the feeling that if trouble came, if corrupt, they would forget your friendship as fast as it takes to get rid of you or drive you to get rid of yourself to cover thier asses and any evidence left behind.

There are forces within the police that seem to be self regulating or seem to have checks and balances. This is NOT the case with joe public.

So two things that make vigilantism a no no for the public.
-you are not trained in the sciences or to think scientifically about how to determine a persons guilt or innocence by SCIENTIFIC METHOD
-you are not bound by laws in position as vigilante nor did you take an oath to protect and serve. You do not have an internal affairs dept to deal with corruption or unlawful actions or abuse of authority in your position

That is the difference between a system of order and a stupid mob. The perps of 'gang stalking' depend on the stupid mob urge to get basically free labor out of the public in thier campaigns.

Remember that.

Also realize that the ONLY reason that you have not been caught for your actions is becuz someone somewhere very high up is using you for just that. Dont you think with what the feds and others have for spying and anti terror they could totally bust up mobbing groups? If you fucked with the wrong people you'd be caught or stopped very quickly.

Your being used most of the time. To accomplish something that requires the assistance of the public. And the public should wonder very hard before helping any authority figure catch bad guys, when there are billions of dollars sunk into the military and other agencies per year to have the means to do so. Why would they need you? Usually its for means of social control that shouldnt even exist in democratic countries or its to assist in dirty deeds. The people behind this sort of thing relish the thought of not only fooling and destroying the target but getting you to help them under false pretenses.

They have now taken away the innocence of multiple persons not just their target. And being that these campaigns usually fit in with the drug/money laundering/pedo networks and beyond- that is just thier style isnt it?

Wanna know why I am still alive, besides being assisted by parties unknown? Becuz I was never arrogant enough to believe that I fully knew what I was up against. I never claimed to know what was going on but I knew that what they were telling me was total bullsh*t. And conversely part of me knew, probably from programming, the very nature of what I was dealing with at its core was something very detached from what we see in daily life. Something in me from my earliest memories knew that this was that pure evil, so removed from daily life, that I had forgotten and compartmentalized long ago.

If you dont know what yer dealing with then dont accept the invitation. Unlike myself who was spared destruction by my core programming having some experience with 'evil' in itself you may not fare so well.

I watch these foolish people, now years after what they took part in. They are either too freaked out to even look at me, are scared of me the way one is when one sees someone rise back up from the dead or the guilt is just starting to creep up on them.

And there is a part of me that will make sure it takes its full course and destroys them.
Then again there is a part of me that is 'good' in the sense of watching for the health of human beings and simply wants people to learn from this.
The problem is that humans by their history on this earth keep doing this kind of thing over and over again. It seems a trick of the deceiving factions to first take down the first lines of defense, good true solid 'morality' or decency if you will and then when its time just rush the gates like thiers nothing thier to stop them. One can rebel against authority or systems of belief that seem old fashoined and limiting without giving up common decency or sense.

There is also the problem of the public being brainwashed to believe they are all privvy to the same realities as only the coolest and baddest of the past. They are all famous now, all hip, all jaded- all rock stars and ganstas. They can so handle what goes on.
yeah its not hard to do behind a computer or a cell phone..hiding like some total a-hole.

They now get to live out cultural fantasies without any kinds of consequences at all. And in return for this constant dark Disneyland they will gladly do whatever the establishment wants them to do in return.

Just dont wake them up from the dream.

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