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Monday, December 20, 2010

Looking Back at How I Was Cheated Out of Helpful Services- hurray for liberals in the deep blue state

Yes, I went inside..mostly due to my being sick and not recovering. No I dont like it. Shelter people especially the women are alot different from travelers and street people. However they tend to be more settled and sociable so one can get things done.

I love how i hear in these places all the services that no one told me about when i had my apartment, things that would have made it alot easier to go through the transition I was attempting. I cannot believe how cut off I was but its interesting that people who should have been assisting me at least with information were not willing to be informative. It was like a constant mystery- all this funding and assistance and food pantries. No one made any efforts at all. Not the psychiatrists, the social workers, the therapists or psychologists. The system just seemed to block me every time. Even Mass Rehab I will never forget the look on the woman's face who did the three week vocational testing- her jaw dropped when I said that my councilor who was the director I think, was not willing to help me according to my disability which at the time was anxiety, some panic attacks still, what seemed like agoraphobia off and on as well as seasonal affective depression which is simply being very depressed in the worst summer months and moreso in the dead of winter. Then of course was the obvious mold conditions which I look back now and cannot believe the amount of negligence on so many agencies and professional's part. The idea that an entire city or multiple persons and agencies would be willing to do such things, take purposeful action and INaction to destroy a woman's looks, youth, intelligence, talent- her total potential, is just unfathomable. Its just mind blowing really, to look back on it now. The sheer numbers of people involved in this.

I cant wait one day to find out how many of them were running off of a smear campaign or simply that people like Jake, Julie and all thier connections were simply more important in the long run compared to the life of one woman.

As one obnoxious cab driver from Waltham said years ago during the height of the harassment: "Oh well, it doesnt pay to be poor". Oh if only that cover story bullshit/false flag operation diversion/ gas lighting disinformation were actually true, this whole situation would have been alot easier (and ended alot sooner by logic).
But one has to ask does it pay to be a survivor of high level programming? I would say for all the attempts at this system to destroy experimentees or survivors, its much better than just being some poor dupe that everyone thought was stupid.

Lets hear it for front alters. And the discipline of revenge.

So many people who are aware of gang stalking that were more active during Bush, like bus drivers, they look at me and you can tell the thought is that they are forever safe becuz I am weak. Weak til the end and powerless to fight back. So they have nothing to worry about- ever.


Anonymous said...

I think they should pass a law, that anyone caught going along with this harassment, will have all future benefits taken away from them. For example, if they are collecting retirement, take their retirement away from them, and give it to a targeted individual trust fund.

The only reason we are targeted anyways is there is a power imbalance somewhere in our government.

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