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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

On writing my book or story.
You have to understand something. Its not as easy as buckling down and starting to write a book. These are not normal circumstances. It doesn’t work that way.
The psychological warfare is so nasty and so damaging that actually going through everything that occurred is going to do the ultimate damage to my all around general health. On every level. In order for me to face all those things to go through them myself by writing them and exposing them, I have to prepare to die. Its going to be my undoing, revealing everything that happened.

Its like the honey bees on the small farm in that foster home I was in from 1-6, they would sting you and their insides would come out and they would die, its kind of like that. I have to prepare to die if I want to reveal all that information. So people doubting the book being written or that I am just talking and not going to do anything you have to understand it’s a very complex process. You can never understand what a Survivor of mind control who has been targeted has been through. The only thing it resembles are old biblical stories or adventures in myth, which is why people want to sincerely believe we are just schizos or lying instead of being totally honest and factual. No one wants to admit that any of this is real or possible. So its easier to write the person off as mental.
The weapons and technologies that now exst make much of what would only be possible in tales very realistic now. You have to remember there are factions that are so ridiculous that they insist on claiming that this new age of Aquarius is really a ‘satanic age’. Which of course is again., total horseshit based simply on that garbage known as Judeo-Christianity and its reactionary components. Since when does astrology have anything to do with or any connection with Judeo-Christianity? Ancient cultures that had no concept of our silly organized religions and their counterparts practised astrology all around the world in fact. Also, the idea of God, the Devil and Mary, holy ghost all this nonsense is a jumble of ancient belief systems. Even Judaism, to their constant denial which they work very hard at, is influenced if not made up of older belief systems from other culutres. Wake up. Things can only come to pass if you give them your belief. If you buy into them.
The idea that the age of Pisces had to do with Jesus is ridiculous enough but then insisting that Aqaurian age is Satan’s age…what Jesus was a Pisces, so Satan is an Aquarius? Youd think a male entity like ‘Satan’ would be a Scorpio or Aries or something like that. The whole thing is totally ridiculous to begin with. Astrology has absolutely nothing to do with organized religion and should not be utlized to back up either side’s stupid silly infighting agendas. Both of them need to grow up. All three of them really. Jews need to stop claiming their God is the true one and they are all going to convert us eventually- what with ugly Hollywood actors and boring morality tales, and banking? Who gives ashit, and secondly Christianity needs to give it up as any moron can read up on their and the Catholics history and see they too are creations of older material. Satanists…they just reflect a force that has been part of humanity forever so stop trying to shock everyone its boring.
These factions all can be found in places like Egypt where Osiris= ‘god’, Seth= Satan and Isis probably is represented by Mother Mary . Of course she was no virgin but hey, you gotta control female sexuality in organized religion,,which of course each one seems to do consistently while of course each one of their ‘gods’ is a male, all monotheistic. Its all total bullshit anyone can see that.
Besides the fact that, as fun and interesting as astrology is and as curious as it is that it often actually works- it is technically a psuedo science. I never ever trusted anyone who studied astrology and made a living off of it but refused to take some science and astronomy classes.

See what the overlords fear most right now is mental freedom. They fear a true evolution of humanity. Organized religions as well as their rebellious counterparts or other religions terrorizing the main controlling ones are all diversions. Its important that no man live in peace becuz only that condition of life on this planet provides complete control over human beings. I notice that any system that promotes well roundedness, like afore mentioned is stomped out totally in favor of constantly fighting factions.

What people need to be more concerned about is the environment. That may be what is causing total insanity with humans right now. Its intersting that people are so concerned about the environment but insist on having all this tech that obviously uses lots of unbiodegradable plastics to make gadgets possible as well as it’s a total throw away culture where repair of gadgets is frowned upon instead of replacement by purchase.
The 80’s never ended. Man has not improved his attitude towards the environment. It shows in how bad its getting to live in cities and the health of the human race en mass is now affected. Also people are being brainwashed to not think about just what is going on in the world of military industrial complex as well as big technology like satellites etc. Our world has been shrunk for us very much since the late 80’s. Imagine how much waste and pollution those two industries alone produce.
Much is being done to keep the public’s focus firmly on Terra Firma and one must wonder just what they are up to out in space or Mars or the moon etc etc or even underground in order to make such conditions THAT important. Becuz it seems very important to keep our eyes down to the ground right now…seemingly so we no longer look up and see or wonder what is going on around us or ‘up there’ beyond what we can readily see.
Space is going to be very profitable and don’t be surprised if this planet doest become very unimportant or treated like a slave planet or something else greedy and selfish by the elite. People are already dumbed down beyond belief. Why is this so important?
What people need to worry about are the influence of the weapons and technolgies that are very real as of right now. The very fact that their use is basically hidden from the public makes their use and abuse very questionable.
Its all gotten out of hand hasn’t it? And what you don’t know wont hurt you. It seems the public likes it that way. So then youre going to get what you deserve in time which I am sure you wont even notice as long as you have the next cool gadget.

The system knows what its doing with the psychological state it puts survivors in. It knows that after years of such torture and systematic ignoring by the public and those closest to them that telling thier story will literally kill them.


uglyman04 said...

Miss Rachael,
You are without doubt the smartest person I know! I love reading your page, it makes me fell like we still have hope . Also, I dont know what happened BUT since I started following you the harrassment has gone to almost nil! I am of a mind that there are certain factions that are scared of you! There is some piece of information you possess that makes them quake in their boots! The zapping with dew has stopped, I can sleep again, the sub-sonic acoustics that make your ears flutter and hurt has stopped and I havent noticed being followed in over a week! You are it as far as I'm concerned! Keep knocking em down I'm for you 110% !!! Your friend.

Anonymous said...

The worst part about all of this is you learn to get used to people lying, harassing you to make themselves feel confident, and people acting like general idiots, and expect all of this to be "normal" behavior. All the while, the trick is to take all of this "bad information" in, manage it, decipher it as being related to you being kept down, and finally, managing your reactions.

I can remember a time when I wasn't overtly targeted, and I could live my life in peace. Now, I learn to "accept" that perps will make me out to be something I'm not just to get a cheap reaction. That, and everyone seems to see nothing wrong with going along with this, as you are "just one person". So if something happens to you, they see it as not a big deal. You're just one person out of billions. What's sad is that people who are "saved" from targeting by their own ignorance and stupidity, are the ones going to be pumping out the kids by the half-dozen. Thus, the perps are able to multiply compliant members of the population.

Anonymous said...

I think the ancient Greeks had the best "gods" of any religion. Really a diverse bunch. Compare to other religions where you find yourself worshiping and/or praying to virgins who birthed a human sacrifice without even getting pregnant. Really, they don't add up to the ancient Greeks and their beliefs. Well, that is, if Greek Mythology was indeed a bonafide religion (at some point).

uglyman04 said...

I worry when you don't write.. I hope they have'nt gotten to you. You have a great deal of knowledge I as sure they don't want made public.

Rachael O. said...

I dont know if yer for real uglyman but yer comments boost my confidence at times. its hard to know what lies beyond these prison walls without a map or feedback to map out what is going on outside of my private hell. Isolation has to be one of the top keys to destroying a Target.