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Monday, December 6, 2010

Another look at Charles Schlund's Case Against Bush and the Effects of Longevity Against the Enemy

I have posted this before and mentioned Charles Schlund. He was a Targeted Individual who had cred and sued George Bush as well as exposed the use of technologies and covert warfare such as many TI's experience. I first learned of him in AZ when I was very new to knowing its called 'gang stalking' and its a system meant to cause insanity and suicide. Either the other alleged TIs I met there didnt trust me or they were part of the inflitration of the group known as FFCH, who of course are so paranoid and weak as a group of TI's that anyone who claims that they are infiltrated with operatives, perps or criminal opportunists MUST be a perp themselves. I dont do flamewars so I am very much above all of this. I do know one thing: I met and was victimized by the very types of people that I just mentioned by dealing with that group and I will NEVER forgive them for causing me the worst psychological and physical damage (I lost a finger) of anyh other part of this campaign. The TI activist forums are more dangerous that dealing with perps ever could be becuz you go in trusting these people. I also experienced some of the absolute worst abuses of the use of the tech and weapons outside of my experiences in St Louis from dealing with the people in the conference calls. I believe that once the 'perps' get a group of victims in one area they actually intensify thier efforts and abilities to torture. If you realize once and for all this harks back to Nazi atrocities it makes sense that these gatherings of TI's are treated as nothing more than camps. To get the victims into the camps is a clever move on thier part. You have to think along the lines of what behavior and actions were taken by those parties historically and imagine that the same things are going on now but very covertly- without the mess. The Nazi dream I assume. No mess, no evidence.

I was told by a woman alleging to also be a TI that Charles Schlund was just another TI and no surprise he at that point had decided to stop most of his contact with that group.

Later I would discover that he was credible as well as had taken more LOGICAL action (something FFCH didnt do very often) against this system and its perpetrators than most other TIs either were capable of or were willing to do.

This is another posting of his lawsuit. Each time I look at it with more experience on my part I see how important this is and how the actions of the system to keep all TI's down makes us write this off as just another failed attempt at going up against a monster that is so huge that there is no possible way to win or even be heard by the general public.

But this document stands for us to keep seeking example from..

You also have to understand that TI's especially those without resources who are living on the run or houseless, traveling are more subject to being exposed to the very technologies that prevent any meaningful work (or gainful employment) from being produced by that person. I can only write this right now due to the fact someone let me stay at their home last night and it happens to be in a basement with a bit of wireless reception and no cell phone reception. Interestingly my mind is very clear of intrusive thoughts, diversions, forgetfulness, and my emotions are balanced without shame or anxiety. This is always the case in a building underground or after 12 midnight to 6am. I am also located outside of the Metro Boston/Cambridge area where I was stubbornly staying. Within the city limits of most American cities nowadays the effects of these technologies cannot be avoided and chemical influence is involved most likely as well. (try being outside in say. this area and not showering for two days. Do you feel depressed and as if yer losing yer sense of self, and feel very ashamed and in general are losing yer WILL and yer balls that drives you?? Notice how you feel much better after showering especially morning and evening? No brainer people. Notice also how very mentally ill people dont shower at all.)

Charles Schlund is now deceased. His work is useful in death as it was in life.

I did not realize that he claimed to be a contemporary of George Bush at Yale. So this is what seems a credible person. Yale graduate and actual FBI agent I believe.

The excerpt here is key:
"In some files we had in 1977
that had belonged to George Bush
and others he was using the devices they currently use to torture me with in
experiments in controlling
innocent American and other citizens with the intent at fixing federal and
other elections."

This must be what I experienced during George W Bush's second election when I could not bring myself of my own Will to leave the house and vote UNLESS I WAS GOING TO VOTE REPUBLICAN. Due to this I decided to not vote at all as a subconshus means of resistance, better to resist with inaction than to take action that is imposed by outside forces and not of one's Will. I am not the only American citizen that experienced this. I heard on the radio others experienced the same and it was very much marketed as a mere oddity. Unfortunately I do not recall if I saw it in print nor can I link to any reference material. Neither can I reference the source on the radio.
Unfortunately this can very easily be written off.
Unless others come forward with the same testimony.

"...the torture of me to continue to
keep me mostly disabled until
George Bush Jr. is elected President. Starting in 1991 I worked with the FBI
against the CIA, DEA and
others in a national security investigation which included the fixing of the
Presidential election of the
United States. The information I supplied in part resulted in Clinton being
elected the President of the
United States."

Also I now see the reason for harassing documented survivors of mind control projects such as MK Ultra and the connected radiation experimentation. Also the discreditation of victims before they even understand they are victims of such projects or what seems to be continued projects- you can actually sue and get a civil settlement (but that was in Canada):
> With regard to George Bush, Sr., however, the matter is far different.
> I sued Bush as a defendant while he was President, along with other
> parties on behalf of a Canadian mind control victim. The lawsuits were
> a series of 25 complex cases in US Federal Court, and in the Courts of
> Canada. The legal evidence against Bush and co-defendants, including
> affivavits, appears in the book THE LEVESQUE CASES (PSP: Ontario 1990)
> ISBN 0-9694459-0-3. For five years in federal courts in Canada and the
> USA I was thoroughly familiar with all of the available mind control
> activities against Bush, and brought them to open court.
> The Plantiff, my client, won a judgment in the courts of Ontario against
> this mind control network. Please don't try to normalize George Bush to
> me."

This is why its so important to keep the pressure on the Targeted person as well as discredit them whenever possible. Its also why there is such severe behavior modification to force the victim/witness to become silenced for life as well as forget what has occured and move on. Every year that I kept traveling, kept my blog full of stuff not related to the subject matter was more time in which I did not act in my own interest or against the perpetrators. It also helps all the actions of the perps slowly fade into history. For me, 2004 when this all started is just like yesterday and still unresolved. For the rest of the country if not the world that was a long time ago.

Time doesnt heal all wounds it just allows the actions that caused those wounds to fade from memory and allows the perpetrators and offenders to escape into the sunset- carrying all the booty they can escaping the hangman's noose. Time is thier getaway from the crime.
The longer a person is targeted and kept from the truth and justice the less chance they will have to ever set things right or get justice for themselves.

Instead of the actions we have taken a few TI's have shown what is effective in dealing with the enemy. Showing up at rallies with pissed off reactionary feminists from Code Pink and wearing tin foil hats like its still the 60's and ANYONE actually gives a shit is NOT working. Above is an example of how it should be done. Through proper channels and hitting them on a level of legalities...and in the wallet where it hurts most sociopaths most.

For alot of us myself included its hard to stay focused as we are targeted so hard. My work is a reflection of not being able to get much effective work done due to psychological damage ongoing as well as being deterred by the technologies and methods that cause distraction and mental confusion and of course continued in person harassment by 'gang stalking' perpetrators.
Still in between all that some meaning full activism does get done and I see now that longevity may by more effective than any one action against the enemy. The system.

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  1. That is a good solution, the only solution, really: take away their expensive spy and torture toys, access, and their funding, just like they do with smart, talented, good-looking TI's, except in this case, we'd be doing it to the Weasels. Pretty much that's what they are: a pack of weasels. They pretty much operate like weasels, including following their prey around stealthily like they do, gain their trust, make them used to being around them for a long period of time, and then attack and feast on the prey. The perps look like weasels, too, and have all the smarts. That's why they have to stay hidden: they look like weasels, and stink, too. Proof of why I think perps stink: they can just intimidate anyone who recognizes that they stink, in terms of body odor, and at tasks the TIs are good at. Except, they are good at psych. warfare. Woo-hoo! And maybe they aren't so good at psych. warfare, either: look at how many assholes and dummies they need to attack the target with. Proof they stink at psych. warfare, too, so they have to resort to brute force.

    Perps are just a bunch of ugly, stupid, bad-smelling, illiterate, untalented losers who have a bald spot on top of their heads, who have to project all their nastiness onto the smart, talented, clean, good-smelling targets. And to think they are faggots who are in love with each other and their corrupt system, too. And on top of this, they encourage agents to grope children who are boarding flights, now. It's because they are so powerful (smelling). They stink. In every sense. And they are crybabies, too. Just challenge them on anything, and WAAAAAA!, the poor crybabies bawl their little ugly beady eyes out if they can't get their way. WAAAAAA! One asshole complained to my mom when I almost attacked his car, because he was doing the usual idiotic gesturing they do with the other weasels. WAAAA! Poor little baby got attacked. So he had to cry to my mommy. Poor baby. And his fat ugly daughter harasses me all the time. Like father, like daughter. Both fat crybabies. WAAAA!