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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Myth of Social Services

Its hard to understand how people working in the services targeted people utilize, especially when homeless, can stand by and just work around the fact that human and civil rights have been totally abandoned which is why these people are here to begin with.

One has to realize the lesson of all those kids I meet traveling. I make the constant mistake of dealing with the system and therefore get nothing but more people who live and work to support the system. If people did not go along with this, they wouldnt get hired to do these jobs.

Perhaps thats why my dream of a functional homeless shelter system, perhaps making the homeless (and targeted) more independant and empowered. I keep forgetting that everyone working within that field is supporting organized stalking and harassment by treating it like the pink elephant analogy. There is a pink elephant in the middle of the room but no one wants to talk about it. So people just work around it and pretend it isnt there.

If these people really wanted to help, if they really cared, if they were truly on our side, they wouldnt just be standing by and caretaking us for an abusive system.

One starts to forget this daily. But little tell tale signs leak through.

For instance its very important if you are targeted to keep paying attention to the way you feel or the way situations or people are affecting your emotions and mental capacities.

I like the homeless place that I go during the day but some of the things they do dont exactly help someone like me feel empowered.

The staff and interns that deal with us daily are mostly tall, young women, thin but with some shape and all seem to come from an upper middle class upbringing. This does not exactly make me feel good about my own situation nor does it give me much hope for my future due to the fact that I will never be that age again with those opportunities. However they do treat us much better due to them obviously having advantages in life other women do not. The staff there dont mistreat or abuse the way that say Pine St Inn staff do. Day drop ins are just better staff to begin with usually. It was the same with SD. Rachel's Day Center was so much better to deal with than the night shelter. Overnight places are the ones in need of major overhaus especially for the way the staff treat people.

The other bad habit they have and I wonder if this isnt on purpose to keep us down or in line is they have a tendency to discuss things they do at home and recipes they are trying out. That is the last thing I want to hear as I have no home. Its very inappropriate, unless of course its psychologically manipulative to try to get the women that go there to focus on getting housing.

There is a certain staff member that has a tendency to talk about spas and nice restaraunts which even after housing most of these women wont be able to afford. These conversations also tend to isolate the staff involved in the discussion from the homeless women in the room, which is of course why they are supposed to be there.

I also do not feel good about them ever discussing anything to do with thier paychecks in front of us. Its a paying job is what I think immediately. It pays and they can sit around talking to women all day, then amongst themselves when not babysitting us. Its an adult babysitting job.

And they know about people being targeted as its been brought up. The impression I got was that they dont want anyone triggered. Which of course fills in my theory about them working to caretake exploited people instead of empowering them against oppression by directly dealing with such issues.

This place by far is the best day drop in I have ever encountered. No other place is going to be so attentive to the women's needs that go there and they staff is always well balanced and handles clients very very well. Its definately safe.

But the psychological process of getting safe usually leads to a state of confidence and rest in which then one thinks more about being targeted and is eager to take on that problem. The next step should be empowerment, which is what I myself at that juncture, desire as the next logical step in the healing process. The place is definately healing.

Most likely its there as a spring board for women to find their own way to healing. And Cambridge has the 3 best day drop ins I have ever been to nationwide. I havent been to all of them but these places seem to understand what is really going on and designs the programs to allow women to rest so they can have the freedom to form thier own conclusions.

But they often seem so blase about what goes on in the world. As if nothing can be done about it. Also someone mentioned severe trauma in a manner that was very casual, and we were refering to my personal severe trauma. Its all very very chilling when one looks at it for what it is.

I often think that more people than I want to realize are programmed. If this were the case then they wouldnt really know they were handling things in a manner that seems shocking considering the circumstances. But then I have to remember that gang stalking is so much about covert and absolute social control -from large populations to individuals, that if people did NOT tow the line they wouldnt be allowed to work in the field to begin with.

Its likely that if ever organized stalking and harassment was taken on directly and overtly the group responsible would be considered enemies of the state or terrorists immediately. That is how bad this is.
If they hired people who felt passoinately about organized stalking and harassment as unjust and acted on that in such a manner, they probably wouldnt be allowed to exist for very long.

Id like to think that the reason they women who work there are so patient with us and attentive is becuz they do indeed realize the severity of the situation and this is what they are doing to help. But just like in any other 'activist' forum one looks for infiltrators. And always one must be aware of any attempts at behavior modification or assisting those covert programs.

Mind control survivors are often looked at and treated like children. Why people behave this way is totally beyond me. There is something about us that people are very VERY afraid of. Ive seen it in thier faces when they think you dont know what they are thinking. Not anyone in these drop in places but people I have encountered along the way. There is something they are hiding underneath all thier keep down actions and acting like yer just a child- some small sliver of them is mortified by something about us Survivors of mind control programming. And its what spurs them to help the system keep us down.

I think the movie Firestarter with Drew Barrimore is very helpful here. That movie pretty much resembles mind control projects and MK Ultra etc except in real life they hide that from people. And George C Scott who tries to shoot down Barrymore's character due to her being a now dangerous uncontrollable weapon, is portrayed as a pedophile who is more than happy to fool around with her as he is to shoot her. Very very accurate due to the fact that many mind control survivors speak of discovering that there is a link to money laundering/drugs/ pedo networks from mind control slavery and human experimentation survivors.

That movie is so overt about COVERT activity its laughable. Its becuz they know that the public will just write it off as a movie thats all.

Its nice to get people who care that make you feel safe into your life but once you start to feel safe, you get to this ceiling which is all the system allows due to the way its structured and you often want to just go backt to living in denial in whatever you were doing to survive having to live under these conditions to begin with. Its like a very nice cul-de-sac you find yourself in. Its lovely, its safe and enclosed and the neighbors are great. However it is literally, a dead end. One where like every other- you know you cant hide there forever.

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