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Saturday, December 4, 2010

More Documented Evidence of Existence of Org Stalk and Harassment

Forget the post I just wrote- the bitching and complaining and the fear.

This will make everyone's day I think. Its an article on Craigslist ads for jobs recruiting people for covert operations that have no experience in the field. It also (to my joy) actually says the word "Targeting" in the ad. This is so awesome.

"The article notes that an Ohio-based company with “$750 million in national security contracts” posted an ad (now apparently removed) for an “intelligence analyst and ‘targeting’ officer to work in its Arlington, Va., office.” I’m not sure what a “targeting officer” is, but if it’s what it sounds like, I want in. I’ve got a little list, my friends, I’ve got a little list..."
(Sorry author, you have to target people of THIER lists not yers.)

[And as of that last sentence my computer did the same exact maybe it is some sort of glitch lately. But the timing is incredibly convenient for the perps. Who now I guess we should refer to as the security company employees. ; ) ]

So finally we get a somewhat straight answer on exactly who is doing this. All along it has been said that its probably outsourcing from some govt faction but there was no real proof. And with nothing to achor or hold onto as well as how brainwashed a Target gets its easy to lose track of what we know and start acting on what they want us to think.

I cannot believe that its this overt now or that its this easy. Nor can I believe that its leagal to let Joe Blow Common Jerk Off do covert operations. Its unbelievable. And you can tell they know its totally f*cked as they took the ads down.

So the FBI never has to take responsibility for harassing a victim witness into testifying as its not them doing so directly. Or whoever does not want to take responsibility for MK Ultra and radiation experiments can just get these companies to silence thier victim witnesses.

This is the reason why I never go after on faction. Youll notice I have days when I blame different factions that are involved but I never take action against any ONE. Becuz for all I have known up to this point it could have been organized crime connections from my paternal or maternal family or my old associates actually helping me against something like this. With my case its so confusing. Sometimes it seemed mafia connected people were involved, sometimes faceless groups like the security company in this ad is probably experienced as and other times it involved policemen. Could a policeman do this kind of work for a security company and still be a civil servant?

The problem is that in the 80's we were getting a realistic world view of what reality was really like. We saw the Saudi's buy up America in the 70's and then Japan in the 80's. It became obvious that govt was being held accountable more and more by the people and getting exposed for thier wrongdoings. But corporations were getting bigger and eating each other up to form larger and larger companies. THen the newspapers all got bought up. You could see that there was something wrong with all this- that corporations should not have this much control. We clearly could see how big the world was and how powerful the big megaliths were- and getting more powerful by the year.

Then in the late 90's a closing in started to occur. People started to get brainwashed into not paying attention to this world view but were starting to respond to the parameters being pulled in- restrictions and limitations by authority. Gentrification and your dollar worth less as you seemed to work more. Then when Bush got in we finally lost all control over our lives and authority finished the job of fencing the American people in. Americans not being used to terrorism on thier soil (what they are told about anyway. I am sure more occurs than we are told about. Remember I said its a big country. People think in a land mass this size you know whats going on and you don't know. You have no idea what its like in the mid west or the south. In a country this size you would have to spend hours every day keeping up on each region to truly be informed.) we took it pretty badly.
We then desired authorities to wrap thier arms around the whole nation and grip as hard as they liked as Americans like to feel 'safe' and also to get revenge, becuz how dare anyone attack US. People were scared and let the guy they were just about to impeach for cheating in election to get voted in, take the helm of thier nation. IT was one of the saddest cons in recent history and it continues to assist the brainwashing campaign on the American people to this day.

What happened I think is this: People think that they now have access to a global world. THis may be true but imagine how much more access and connections powerful entitites have. It must be immense comparted to the common man;s reality.

And during Bush there was a total washing out of the true world view of corporate power and in came this hokey old fashoined partriotic nonsense based on NASCAR loving Christain extremists mostly from the deep south and parts of the west. Even the midwest I can imagine. It was totally unlike our identity in the 80's. It was a retraction into hokey patriotism out of fear. And it served to reduce the masses mentality to people who forgot everything they knew about anything pre early 90's. The more and more authority is intrusive and abuses its people in this way, the more people will feel beaten down and eventually behave and stop asking wuestions. Add to this a destruction of a secure economy and you have yourself a nation full of slaves who now believe anyone who does not comply is either a troublemaker, (conveniently) mentally ill or an unfortunate casualty in a tough time where expendables are an accepted part of that war.

People stop standing up to thier govt so they stop standing up for each other. By now the world view as seeing the world run by large corporations has been wiped from our minds. Its been reduced to this small view of the world. The corporations have succeded in building a prison for the people where they cant see over the wall so dong understand what exists beyond it, and to remember what was there before they were walled in may be terrorist activity in itself.

TI's are people who are left out of the brainwashing of humanity in this way. We now see the full scope of how bad this is. We know we cant change the world and thus the system has succeeded in rendering us effectively dead. We are lost to time as we are captured in a totally different reality from most other people-our knowledge we have gained from seeing the inside of the 'machinery' has separated us from the rest of humanity. A sort of solitary confinement in this new prison for the USA.

At least now I know I am right about what occurred. And we can once and for all disregard that shitty book from that detective that says these are extremist groups. You can tell this system picked up alot of newbies during 2003 becuz if that book came out NOW I would totally have seen through it. I did then but my intuition and logic saw through it not from experience.

Calling them perps is appropriate I guess but it always sounded paranoid. That's becuz they arent doing anything illegal it turns out. And that is why perp never worked becuz you always kept thinking "if they are perps why arent the authorities catching them?" And its especially confusing when cops are perps...

This is part of the process of building terrorists. Instead of us being aware that due to this being a Capitalist country that has been sold off and privatized piecemeal for decades now so thus, possibly there is no true law and order anymore as we knew it decades ago or growing up or that there really is NOT a US Govt anymore just corporations.
We then join a cult mentality where there is even a loaded language. 'perps', 'targets', 'e-harassment', 'gang stalking' etc. This serves to seperate us from society as a group. As individuals we become very angry but must be silent and lead double lives as we are threatened from the beginning with mental illness labels as well as other tactics to keep us quiet. Due to so many infiltrators in the TI community- operatives, perps and criminal opportunists we learn to mistrust the only group we thought we could trust: people like us who have been driven out of society. We then become brooding and angry individuals. We see our betrayers move on in life as if we never existed and even are given opportunities to improve thier lives in ways they could not have by betraying us...and subsequently forgetting about us in the process.

Then for years we are tortured still and controlled. This would drive any normal person or moreso a 'winner' who is driven down into being a 'loser' to insanity, suicide or to express that drive and intelligence through thier new found hellish existence: to see revenge in totally insane ways. This is how terrorists are made from gang stalking a person.

And to constantly have to deal with a faceless entities controlling our lives gives us a feeling of total powerlessness. Especially when police are involved and other authority that are supposed to be protecting us like firemen. Having to deal with MK Ultra or radiation experimentation as part of one's campaign leads us to deal with the CIA and the military as possible sources and those are pretty much faceless, huge powers over our lives that civilians have little control over and dont deal with very much in daily life as part of our immediate reality.

This explains why the people they send out for stalking and harassment usually get referred to by TIs on conference calls as "the stupidest people". They arent real criminals nor people associated with law enforcement, military or similar professions. THey are not professionals. They're total wanna bes and posers. This would also explain why more rent-a-cops in security companies f*ck with us than cops. Cops have more training and they are moreso liable for thier actions.

This makes sense as the people we ecounter do not have to deal with the same consequeces as a law enforcement professional or real criminal. This is why they seem to have no ethics, no value system (other than getting paid), no code of honor.

It never really works when TI's tell themselves intellectually that these people are in the wrong not them and the various reasons TI's give for thier behaviors never works to deflect the effects of thier attacks as well as the damage of long term exposure to this kind of behavior or large scale (understatement) 'mobbing'.

It does work however to realize that they are working for these types of companies and they are doing it for money. For some reason its easier to accept your fellow man will sell you out for money as opposed to any other motivation. And it falls into the backround nicely which is that money is now the only means of survival in the 21st century as well as the only means of validation and social acceptability. So the designers make it that way, slowly molding the world into such a place thus knowing that humans will cannibalize each other to survive.

This must be the meaning of that vision and clear message I got in the late 90's in a dream: that there will come a time in the future when man will have to turn on each other to survive. It has come now.
Not that man hasnt always been like this but its just so overt now. Nobody can control things falling down all around them and so they revert to this behavior, which considering how versed the designers of these campaigns are in psychology and social psychology it stands to reason it was predictable.

Funny how the Craigslist ads didnt get pulled or flagged. They have always been on the side of the 'perps' as many TI's can attest to. The next post will show more of this support for the oppressor from CL.

I think that one of the spoof ads in the end of this article actually applies to many targeted Survivors of mind control and programming:
"— Dedicated, ruthless, yet extremely cool agent needed to repeatedly save the United States from terrorist attacks at great personal expense to himself. Must be able to work on tight (often 24-hour) deadlines. Willingness to commit terrible acts for the greater good an absolute requirement; great resistance to torture a plus. Must be able to handle repeated betrayals and plot twists. Call 555-4CTU."
That my dears would be many a TI. Resistance to torture is due to compartmentalization from MPD or DID and so it goes with handling betrayals and plot twists. Tight deadlines is an understatement.

And I see nothing less than personal expense to myself in all of this. I could have chosen to go off with these bastards when they offered me a "job" once in AZ after thinking I was stupid and thoroughly beaten down.

This also may explain why they seem to have been studying programmed people to poke around and test thier programming as well as other things about Targeted Survivors. They really seemed obsessed with seeing if we could tell them apart from the rest of a crowd.

This would also explain these people being very into finishing a campaign until the target is just as whoever pays and directs wants them to be broken to a certain level or neutralized. One got the impression many times that these people were getting frustrated with the TI not giving in as if it would be easier for the targeted person to react as they were supposed to and gain the end result according to plan. When I was taking herbs and vitamins to keep my youth, healthy female sexuality and general health in tact I got impressions more than once that many of these people felt I was imepeding thier progress but especially my own.
As if aging from a young woman to an aged one without as much estrogen or sexuality or vibrance or talent was good for me in the end, the end result they desired.

They dont pay attention to the TI's human rights as you are "just a target" as one kid said to his young girlfriend in TN on a bus (yes about me). Human rights or the Target's needs are totally out of the things they factor into the situation due to the way the TI is presented to them and perceived: as a project or something to be modified accordingly. To them the person has no rights as they are subject only to the authority of this system.

And it seems these groups are not illegal. So they are essentially professional mobbing groups. They may be cult minded or controlled but they are probably still paid for thier services.

However, I doubt if any of this could be pulled off without mass mind control being used.

What many TI's need to know now is exactly what makes these actions legal against them..and who is the contractor and who is paying.

So a number of factions could just outsource these actions against someone just as the military outsourced battle to mercenary companies in Iraq, which does not seem to be illegal but is highly unethical.


Anonymous said...

One perp told me outright the CIA is in control of my targeting. Well, that would make sense, but it could be more BS or someone who doesn't know but thinks they do. Perps have told me it's a complex operation having a number of "complex variables". That much has been echoed to me multiple times by different means/psyops/people. Probably there are various major parties/contractors who benefit from other contractors, who mutually benefit from this.

Anonymous said...

In order to survive as a target, the ones that do survive, are the ones that enjoy a good daily fight. You learn to accept that you will face a new battle each day, that you will certainly see some asshole gangstalkers doing something to get you pissed off internally. An example is the 'head hanging' you are seeing, to get you demoralized and pissed off. Seems they are trying to taunt you with the notion that they SHOULD feel bad for what they've done to you, yet they are just parodying it right to your face as an insult. They do something very similar to me, yet not quite the same, but tailored just to me. That's the thing with psych. warfare: everything is internalized and based on things the individual internalizes, not just people in general, but you alone, the target.

So you can develop a fighting attitude, like for example, instead of taking a separate longer route to your destination to avoid the head-hanging perps, you instead can steel yourself with resolve, and just walk right by them. It's like during a football game, how you can draw up all kinds of fancy plays and misdirections, but in the end, you basically win by pounding the ball right at 'em, right up the middle, until the other team gets worn out. It's winning the battle in the trenches. I understand that it's ridiculous and unrealistic to have the attitude of forgive and forget, and the gangstalkers are basically killing themselves with their hate, all that crap. That doesn't get it done. What does get it done is showing the enemy you won't back down or give in, that you will in fact go right in the front lines, and take few hits from the losers who are doing things that the System knows eats away at you, all the while the smirking gangstalkers are monitoring your face, expecting you to explode with rage. Yet you keep your cool, and show these punks they are just nobodies and posers working for a ruthless and brutal yet cowardly system, and you will take whatever hits you need to take to win.