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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cars Beeping Twice In Use Again (classical conditioning)

Experiencing a noise campaign today. It is a tactic used repeatedly before in the past. Very much classical conditioning based. Cars go by and beep twice. Havent had this tactic for years now but it was heavily utilized in the late 90's and when I lived in Brighton in early 2000's.

It was very anchoring in my campaign. Its interesting that its being used again after so many years. I must have touched a nerve somewhere either in my activism on these blogs or elsewhere.

Good, that means they feel they have lost some control and are desperate to get it back.

Very good.

This was one of the tactics that my ex Scott was amused by, well he was amused that I first of all understood what it was even without knowing what gs was and secondly I got an email address named "beeptwiceifyeranidiot" which he thought was infinately amusing. I think he thought me standing up to this system was very funny. A few cops I saw along the way also seemed to have the same attitude. Like they thought it was hot sh*t due to them having to be ruled by such assholes themselves or having to deal with corrupt cops or whatever, and liked the idea of someone basically not falling for this crap. The looks and amused laughter I got were not harassment nor part of shaming or humiliation. It was genuinely them seeming to enjoy my tormenting my (attempted) tormenters right back.

Tormenters... its such bullshit. How did these men (uh, their men first of all- not quite gonna make it right there) going to measure up to the horrors in internal programming? There is nothing MORE tormenting that what the programmers and the enslavers put into you as a child. If it were not so mc slaves would not risk thier lives to complete missions etc. There has to be a fear worse than death or mortal threat driving them.

I believe this system seeks to take ownership of the slave by trying to 'out torment' our internal programming. Its akin to taking ownership of a file that you dont 'own' in Windows 7. We are treated as such files it seems.

So once again this system DENIES Survivors thier autonomy and Free Will. They only seek to find some other form of enslavement for exchange. Any mainstream monotheistic religion or its reactionary counterpart, servitude wether for positive or negative ends or simply to give in to forgetting what has happened and moving on and that will be the lifetime enslavement right there. They want Survivors controlled not under thier own Will.

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