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Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Question From a Reader

"Miss Rachael, Does there ever come a time when you accept what's going on? A time that a new neighbor or someone you meet in the grocery is'nt there to set you up? That the mail-man knows more about your personal life than you do? That you go out in public just to have people whisper behind their hands or laugh? How do you make peace with yourself when so many mean you harm? People you dont even know who want you dead.... How does one go about living this life? Is there no escape, no sanctuary? How does one go on with the entire weight of the world against them??? I'm at a truely low point! Please address this. Thank you.
By uglyman04 on 'Secret' CIA Assasination Program- the Timing Maps... on 12/9/10 "

Dont accept it just fight it. Once yer targeted long enough, you pretty much know which mail man is a perp and what neighbors are stupid and believe the cover story and which ones are more...out of this world and down the rabbit hole types who are privvy to the whole story. There is no peace, only the illusion of it usually from years of being traumatized and being under the influence of technologies eventually neutralizing you as a threat, which means you have to fight harder. If you want peace go for it, others want revenge or to fight. Its yer call.

'Peace'....thats very funny really. The only peace I ever knew was when I was getting my life together in my apartment planning my future in 2004 or so. They invaded my world and took that away, so they asked for an enemy. That is the end of the story right there, now they have one and especially one they triggered alters and programming either someone knew that is what would happen and had this done on purpose to engage me in war or the people who started this are f*ckin stupid, most likely pawns of the true controllers. Idiots.

If you want peace then have it. Revenge is peace. And settling the books before passing on will bring peace. Everyone is different, you have to choose for yourself.

The mail man...I recall a few postal workers in on this back during Bush and havent seen them in on it since. It always struck me as more comical than anything I could take seriously. My grandfather the family perp was a mail man. There is something potentially comical about the mail man or moreso mail woman to begin with...something that makes them being perps not to be taken seriously. Its the square shaped truck with the steering wheel on the wrong side and the ridiculous Cali they wear safari hats. Its can the mail man be menacing? And when women would pull that crap it just made being targeted a whole lot easier. The only thing more pathetic than a female mail delivery person trying to be bad ass is a female ambulance driver trying to be a perp, which comes off as just pathetic. Running in third place we have female cops doing stupid shit like that, trying to play power plays and attempting to be degrading, which of course again just comes off as pathetic considering yer average police woman is a peanut of 5'4" or so with a very average figure and a ridiculous pony tail who CONSTANTLY needs back up to accomplish anything which the sexist pigs gladly provide to add thier thier love of show and drama. Them coming to rescue a female cop is almost as drama driven as responding to an 'officer down' call. And of course if a cop dies we are all supposed to bleed from the inside out on that day..just a little, for a fallen officer. Isnt it awesome how much 'respect' (ie: fear) these uniformed people demand from the community?
Of course this same country constantly forgets about the vets that see real action and not just as civil servants for civilian communities. Becuz its easier to respect the guy you know from yer neighborhood- hes one of yer own. Being human, most people are predictable and extremely stupid about being manipulated (so I have learned from being ignored, left out in the cold and written off by being targeted) and its easy for uniformed people to move among the sheep and gain respect as the herding dogs they are, while the soldier, though romanticised, is was and always will the end on outcast. Why? Becuz when they come home they are a true representation of exactly what goes on in war, which if you notice, not many people are interested in any more.

I see more news reports showing teary funerals where families cry for the fallen as if htey never expected it to happen, than I have seen ANY live war footage from any of the war actions we are involved in right now. Thats becuz unlike the 60's or so, people are no longer interesting in gritty reality or even politics. People just want to avoid reality as its very much out of thier control anyway so why bother?

gang stalking is a way to perpetuate that UNreality that has taken hold internationally. And keep its hold on the people. No peeking into what is really going on..they dont want to wake anyone up.

So remember its nothing more than psychological warfare for social control and if yer targeted they just have to work on you harder for whatever reason.

Again the sentiment should be 'fuck em' considering they are lying decieving pieces of sh*t from the get go. These bastards are hiding something..most perceptive people sense that. WE actually know WHAT that sometin' really is!!

The 'mail man'...LMAO..Sorry its just still very funny. They may want you to fear them due to thier being federal employees and nowadays there are laws that make f*cking with them illegal (which might be why they dont engage in gang stalking that much, due to not wanting to stir up any sh*t if a TI fights back and something messy occurs- too many questions) but they are still there to provide a service. And actually I like the postal service- kinda like one is fond of public libraries. Though I do agree that it seems the people who work in the post office are perps at times.
I recall being followed by security every time I entered a post office during the height of this in early 2000's. Prob part of the campaign to make me appear dangerous. They are so gonna pay for that end of this. And can you imagine so many people in on this. I recall most of Burlington VT where I ran to write up my lawsuit against OLNICK due to the tech being so strong here at the time, most of the town seemed in on it. It was total bullshit. Nothing is worse than perps THAT lily white. I asked for a Rubin once and instead of rye they used white bread!! Disgusting. Now THAT is white people for sure. ANd I never like neo hippies...not that wealthy. Its kind of ridiculous really.

Oh yeah! That was the city that seemed to have all these creepy blonde clones of my ex Jake running around up there. They did a bit of that in Buffalo NY too but by then I was hip to it and ignored it. I dont understand how you find so many blonde males that look genetically similar to one man but in all shapes and sizes. What, does he have a clan up there or something? It was a total mind fuck...and the sh*t they pulled at the shelter was outrageous.

VT...such assholes. But at least thier tech was weak (which now I know explains the heavy in person harassment) so I got my lawsuit written up.

My friend no matter what this system pulls just stay with your prime directive. And forget about the side show. I mean ignore it..dont forget. In fact record every detail. Becuz all of us should tell our stories at some point. and exact the greatest revenge possible upon the heads of each and every participating member within these campaigns. Even though many of our enemies seem to eventually have bad luck or perish in strange unexpected ways, its not enough really. We must also exact revenge on our enemies.

They asked for this when they f*cked with each one of us.

Just think about that when you go by the jerk off whispering neighbors. well, first try to judge if they're just stupid innocents who believe cover stories and arent worth black listing to begin with, like characters in a video game that dont do anything but annoy the main character yer playing and dont matter much. Try to look at it that way. Who are the characters who matter and who are the people who you write off becuz actually they are being used as diversions.

They pressed the play button on this game, you most likely did not. So remember its a game. They act like its a game anyway. So play it out til the end..thats what I say.

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  1. Again, the look-alike games are huge for places with in-person gangstalking. It's just a way to fuck with you. They play that game a lot here. I believe it is the System itself playing these games, using the assholes at the lower level, who also seem to get off on this. It is most definitely the System playing those games. Most targets seem to get those.