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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Earthquake nightmares...

Last week had dream (posted on another site) that my friend Brandon and I were living together and after hearing about an earthquake that was 'scheduled for next week' I proceeded to nag Brendon what exactly did we need to do to prepare for scheduled earthquake.

I was saddened to read this today:

This must have been next weeks earthquake, this week.

Since being in SoCal I, a NewEnglander have become associated with what tremors and aftershocks feel like. As severe as they are in Cali they are very disturbing to a person not native to Cali. The local people laugh them off and say SD is too far from either fault to get hit hard ever. I am usually cowering at thier tent door begging to come in as I dont want to die in So Cal and have this irrational belief that being with others will somehow prevent that. Its probably I dont have peace with dying that way. New Englanders expect to die of a shooting, the winter conditions or in a car wreck not the earth moving under our feet. Its very strange too, you cant walk when its happening though you try to. Its the most helpless feeling I have ever experienced in my life.

I now am very well versed in what small tremors feel like. I have noticed them in this area since I got back. I cant believe that no one else notices them. A building will shake a small amount just for a second or the ground under my feet has that same feeling as when the process first starts for usually bigger earthquakes in Cali.

I also keep having this idea that theres going to be a very nasty bigger one in a few years but that might just be me worrying too much... or subconshusly wishing revenge on this area. There is definately a force wanting me out of this area and to stay out. Something keeps telling me that the northeast is done on some level. Either pollution or a future disaster.

Interesting anyway.

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