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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Evaluating Therapists for Ritual Abuse or Programming


This would be feasible upon deprogramming. After years of gang stalking, abuse and psych warfare it's debatable whether a person isn't so damaged that trying to unravel the mess created by targeting a Survivor wouldnt either be impossible or do more harm than good.

And what if the therapist is a perp? Its all so sad.

This system expects to use MK Ultra mind wipe/personality reformatting programs to remake the Survivor and of course become so brainwashed that like some of the original experimentees of Cameron's- be happy or glad to be 'cured' no matter what the cost to thier health or true happiness that could have been.

They will do anything to convince the Survivor that the system has taken care of them and given them the best and safest option for thier future by destroying them and making them basically lobotomized. If someone is brainwashed enough, they will actually believe that in time.

Who needs a therapist or human Will when the behavior modification system can do it for you, as well as take care of the messy and risky issue of disclosure exposing the system?

The NWO is about relinquishing your total and inner self Will to an interconnected world wide system.

I was looking at my passport today. It said ..."ensure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, (spelled that way) and promote the general Welfare..." that is part of the constitution. Having these technologies and weapons and psychological warfare systems might just fulfill a new interpretation of what those things mean in the 21st century. But it goes against Liberty and true Justice as well as a citizens pursuit of happiness. Unless one is willing to internalize the re-definition of "happiness" as defined by one's handlers, brain washers who are trying to create a new personality after the old one is wiped via torture, brain damage, isolation and extreme heartbreak and spiritual gutting/destruction.

I think we are dealing with factions using too much license in thier interpretation.

For an entire culture geared towards escapism, excuses, unreality and drug use this all works out perfectly. Its the best drug on earth and its better than psych meds. A fake feeling of shallow happiness all the time. Of peace begotten by extreme torture.

One creates lambs for slaughter, not peace. Or the ill begotten idea that peace is brought about by the lamb's slaughter.

Its also a great way to drain someone of thier energy and then get away with it...for some vague ideal of the common good of course.

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  1. I have yet to find a therapist who claims to deal with this who isn't a perp. Wish I could trust one. Just ONE would help.