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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jon Benet- disgusting? Also links to new posts

here are links to other posts today. I got the article on mind control slavery by looking up different attitudes about Jon Benet. This woman from money at one of the drop ins actually said that she thought Jon Benet was "disgusting" and she quoted male friend of hers saying the same thing. I asked her to explain and she said that Jon Benet incited hatred when compared to Shirley Temple who "everybody loved" in her words. She has this issue with child sex crimes. Her outlook is decidedly old fashioned. People like Roseann Barr's family did those things. She comes from a backround where Monroe was considered cheap. The lower caste her mother used to say. The problem is that people, especially wealthy people, may still have the attitudes reflected in the rantings of our sick friend here. It made me think... becuz those attitudes she was reciting are very different from what the normal man on the street would say. However they obviously do exist..perhaps still to this day. Its not like there is alot of interviewing or even media attention at all to expose what the wealthy think about anything. TV seems to focus on Hollywood type wealthy not the culture of wealth that exists in our nation everywhere else. It seems they have the most valuable thing anyone would want nowadays- privacy.

I used to sarcastically threaten to start a COPS like tv show but only bust really wealthy people who are caught in illegal activity as we are all tired of seeing white trash in CK 1 t shirts being hauled off into police cars, obese beasts kicking and yelling all the way.
So lets have some mindless pro cop propaganda to counter Rodney King's and any other home video taken of police brutality with a hand cam like experience of busting really wealthy people doing crazy sh*t and acting ridiculous. Why let pro cop propaganda continue to assist the War On the Poor? And I dont want to see Kardashian or other Hollywood bores getting into trouble. I have been to So Cal. Its rich, various race trash who are just as boring as poor white and black trash. No. I want to see really tastefully dressed people being caught with a black tranny with a crack pipe in thier mouths and thier pants down in the back of the limo. I want to see Ronny Dobbs type actions out of people who come from estates and reek of being so much better that THAT.

I really do. are the links:

Life seems a bit easier since that Sheriff offed himself. Dont know why just the timing seems to line up could be coincidence.

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