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Monday, November 30, 2015

Man In SUV Seen Knocking Fists With Possible Undercovers Near Macys Downtown Boston Reveals GS System Is Real-Tells Me I Am "Dying Slowly"

Psych warfare consists of making the enemy believe that they have lost WHEN THIS IS NOT NECESSARILY THE CASE.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It's all psych warfare. I've found that when they make comments like that to piss you off, they've almost always stolen it from the TI somewhere. You had to have thought that about perps at one point; they just recorded it and used it against you. The perps everywhere in this system have next to ZERO creativity. Everything they use against the TI comes not from their imaginations, but from the TI. It's that simple. The system enslaves you, steals everything from you, and uses key things you say and do against you.

As far as slowly dying, perps are trashy, sleasy, degenerates who create a diseased, broken, damaged, and unlivable world around them. They know, because they create such a toxic environment around them where the TI exists, and of course, such a poisonous environment creates a slowly dying effect on all living beings.

How alive is an given smug arrogant perp, living in his fellow perps' toxic poisons? Yes, they are slowly dying. And that want us to be slowly dying.

And they are screwing themselves by using mind-blanking technologies. If I can't think, then how the hell am I supposed to come up with ideas for them to steal? I am not going to worship their fake, ugly chosen celebrities and other ugly ass females and guys they throw out there. It's like painting over an ugly house and calling it beautiful because the exterior paint covering it up is shiny.

Remember this: they constantly lie, and use your own ideas against you. They are mere ugly people living in an ugly world, covering up their ugly worlds with shiny paint. Their eyes see beauty, but there is so much ugliness that lies beneath their exteriors.

As far as "hate speech", well, you're simply practicing your right to free speech. Not "hate speech", but "free speech". Perps don't like to be criticized, and it's 100% given that they read your blog when they know they shouldn't. They don't like being pointed out, and they right away take to retaliating with directed conversations.

Ignore them. Let them slowly rot in their own festering filth fake worlds. Let them paint over their own rot and stench they've created. How can anyone exist in such a toxic world? I think that if we let them alone, they will slowly rot away in their rotting environment they are destroying. Like you, I wanted to help the world heal. But perps are constantly fucking up the world I am trying to heal.

The comment was fake, just like them. They probably stole it off of you, me or any other TI and used against you. They are jealous rotting degenerates. They are rotting, and they want the TI to rot away with them. Stay beautiful and true to yourself, and let the rotting perps stay rotting. After they rot away down to nothing in their overpriced golf carts, they won't bother you anymore. Just kind in mind that your interacting with them is giving their rotting living corpses a burst of life force. Let them be; they are dying, and they will lose the battle. The only reason they keep telling us "it's over" is because they are fading away, and they need to keep us angered. It's over for them. Let them rot, fade away, and die like the peasants they are.