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Thursday, November 26, 2015

'Secret ‘Kill List’ Proves a Test of Obama’s Principles and Will Secret ‘Kill List’ Tests Obama’s Principles'-Another Nice Ride The Fence NY Times Article- That The ObamaBots Wont Heed

You know what f#ck all these complete assholes.

Domestically the mass mind control that blankets our nation and is keeping Targeted Individuals from living ournloves is worse than it was during ANY OTHER PRESIDENT.

I hate this halfrican N*gger reverse racist sneaky piece of sh#t and his wife whos bitch and a piece of shit likw himself.

And everyone is sick of the same aholes sniffing around the presidency like Hillary. We saw this with Bush also. He was around the presidency during Nixon and many of those guys are who served with his son during his presidency.

THIS PRICK SHOULDN'T EVEN BE IN OFFICE. It never should have happened. Just likw Bush the younger shouldnt have been elected.

He was SUPPOSED to be impeached for vote fixing etc. But things blew up and Americans went running to Daddy asking for answers and to take action.

He won his second election via MIND CONTROL TECHNOLOGY. Thats been intimated to me by guilt ridden operatives who still have a little grey matter left in their cult brain washed skulls.
Myself and other US citizens woke up on the morning of voting day 2004 and as we went about planning the day FOR SOME REASON HAD THE IRRESISTABLE URGE TO VOTE REPUBLICAN on that day. Even if we planned not to. Democrat or Independent-it didnt matter.

So some of us obeyed the mind control commands. Some like myself who resist other than take action we dont agree with just didnt vote at all.

Either way the Bastard won.

The only thing I got out of it is that I finally became aware that I was a life long Target. Bush is better than Obama in this way. He carries with him an honesty and I believe part of him does not approve of his father's ways or NWO.
By allowing us to know the truth we could fight. Bush and Hayden and the NeoCons administration almost killed me and I assume others. Yet you could fight back. You could think through the torture. You could travel and seek out subcultures to survive in.

Nanny state type Dem Libs dont believe in the kind of freedom they believe in fown south and in places like TX and AZ. Even CA to a point.

They believe that everyone must be controlled completely and elites and the intelligentsia must engineer the shit out of society so that their latest version of utopia or the American negro's 'Promised Land' (so the selling point of Obama's creepy campaign posters) will result.

This entire administration's aims are at furthering the New World Order just like any other has been in the United States or in the EU.

Im proud of countries like Switzerland who arm themselves, wont join the EU ans refuse Oprah or anyone else they choose service. They would have denied my poor American ass service also AND THAT IS THEIR PEROGATIVE.


I cant imagine what the secret paperwork and legal mumbo jumbo look like on that one.

This guys job is to SERVE THE PURPOSE OF THE ELITES OR BANKSTERS AND NEW WORLD ORDER-however you want to put it or whatever you want to call it.

I am the grand daughter of two US Marines. Its eerie to me how much my 'job' as a programmed person resembles that of the Marines in a war. Someone recently explained their job is to go in first and prep the way for other branches.
I seem to be on the 'front lines' of this and gather intel on what's out here.

So their job has been to make sure I can't get it out there as well as lately, discredit me so no one listens.

Putting a person like Obama in office simply makes it so the continuing 'occupation' of a New World Order is less obvious and like his other actions-less visible to the public.

Pushing racism, using covert ops and old COINTELPRO agents and tactics, creating wack jobs to become lone shooters who are white supremacists nowadays magically is to not only cover up for the now huge People Of Color core of people serving in covert ops around the United States (and in EU it seems) but to make sure no one wakes up and realizes a lithe, Liberal civil rights lawyer who attended gentile Harvard would be capable of the same actions AS ANY OTHER BASTARD IN THE WHITE HOUSE in that seat of power.

Guess what happens if you dont do the bidding of those truly in power? Assasination time.

Theyve already stopped multiple attempts on Obamas life from THE AMERICAN PUBLIC they dont spotlight in news (but its out there).

Which tells us the PEOPLE are dissatisfied with this guy-but the elite & Co find him satisfactory to serve their interests.

Secret kill lists dont just encompass done strikes. It seems like TIs are suffering worse than ever now and faring very badly. Killing someone can be done in many ways.

It almost seems like the killing is being done to dissidents in the US like me but quietly of course 'gang stalking' is unofficial and denied to exist to begin with.

I actually had a few good years during Obama which was probably dependent upon who was in power in other positions. But this may have been also to lead me on and give me a false sense of security.

Over time Obama has only built a better and more effective prison for Americans and its so good that people dont even realize its there. They dont percieve this as a continuation of Bush's NWO at all or what GW started in earnest.

I was given the impression it was time to physically leave the United States when Obamacare came out. Something in it is doing more harm than we lay people can understand. I was warned simply that theres something in it thats dangerous for me.

I was also warned to leave the US in 2012. Just get out of the country. And now I see why.

During Bush people wanted to leave. But this was more of a gotta leave to survive.

Btw no one ever asks why these horrible terrorists want to kill us. If they do the answers they give are bullshit excuses.

Its becuz we support Israel. Its becuz we have endless covert ops in the area CAUSING trouble to begin with.

And from a Survivor's perspective-can you imagine how many dollar signs you would see in your eyes if you realized you could use the PROGRAMMING OF HUMAN BEINGS to CREATE TERRORISTS to be a 'problem' utilizing the ever convenient cult platform of RELIGIOUS BELIEF as the holding area and motivator for your mind controlled slaves?

Voice Of God technology would certainly be helpful in motivating ignorants who have semi primitive cultures.

Its one thing to be a greedy f#ck and play the old Robber Baron games of selling arms to both sides or other scams during war and conflict or even creating it for profit-and MIND CONTROLLONG THE WHOLE frickin WORLD so that everyone has to exist in a blanketed, floating living hell every damn day from 6 am to 12 midnight with only Sundays and federal holidays as any sort of return to true reality once again.

Its outrageous and now they are at war with the Homeless which contains high numbers of TIs and exploited peoples.

This is exactly like the Nazi Holocaust written in history books except its microwave weapons not ovens. Its chemical influence in public spaces or chemical warfare targeting specific populations ALL BEING DONE DOMESTICALLY.
The camps are the shelters or anyplace we congregate to sleep for those offers us who refuse oppression from the grossly corrupt shelter/homeless industry.

Its funny isnt it? That only the most elite or connected or covert agent AS WELL AS the lowest level in American society ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO REALLY KNOW AND UNDERSTAND WHATS GOING ON?

This is why church types used to protect and help us. Not becuz of some Christian bs of sympathy but becuz in the US church and state are seperated and they have always known that when govt is screwing up the church may be a refuge. And the wise ones realize its people who are targeted who are really fighting that or victimized by it.

WHICH IS WHY ALL THESE YUPPY CHURCHES HAVE TO REPLACE THE TRADITIONAL ONES IN STRONG HOLDS LIKE BOSTON. I also now think its the reason Bush pulled in right wing Christianity into govt during his presidency- so it couldnt rival what govt was doing.

Obama is notoruously Wall St and non religious. His bitch wife has been showcased by multiple activists making the sign of the Horns (Satanic hand sign) on magazine covers years ago in the middle of his presidency.

This kind of marketing Satanism isnt really Satanism. Its merely a tool of mind control (like modern Islam extremists making lots of lovely terrorists to make war for profit) to overthrow the US govt.

It cuts out the churches position countering govt in the USA or as a refuge from its abuses. Note that the leadsr of the Church Of Satan was Anton Lavey- a Hungarian Jew (Communism-a popular Obama tool of cult mind control) with connections to Jewish mafia in Las Vegas.

Maybe mathmetician Nash wasnt mistaken when he was color harassed and targeted ny "men wearing red ties" and took it to mean there was a Communist plot.

Communism or whatever crap ObamaBots are pushing by wearing Black & Red like cult idiots, is certainly a way of accomplishing that. Even if it isnt real and its all psychological bullshit.

Its mind control and thats all that matters nowadays.

Oh and the most "paranoid insular organization" is the elite and shadow govt.

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