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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Researchers Generalizations About Pedophiles WILL HELP DANGEROUS PREDATORS GET AWAY AND REMAIN HIDDEN FROM SOCIETY or It Explains Why Perps Are So Lame Ass

If you are a Survivor of RA or MK Ultra and similar projects or any abuse by elite pedo networks or even protected local sex industries anywhere you know one thing:
These people dont get caught.

They are smart. They are rich. Connected. They use like minded people in power and authority to escape detection.

This means that these 'findings' on pedophiles ONLY REPRESENT THE PEDOPHILES THAT HAVE BEEN EXPOSED AS SUCH and caught. Hopefully brought to justice.

What about the pedo and SRA networks recently exposed in the UK.

Do these standardizations apply still?

This is the problem with psychiatry, science and medicine being seperated from criminology.

Logic would dictate that if these people are criminals then many havent been caught.

How can research be done based on those that have been caught?

All we can assume is that the pedos that get caught are of lower intelligence and this would make sense.
Height of males has been shown to determine their success in business dealings with people.

Perhaps taller pedos gain more assistance along with other leverage or edge like higher education, intelligence and connections and wealth!

They may also be able to intimidate others more readily.

Are the researchers using just US pedos who've been caught or internationally?

Is George HW Bush of low intelligence? Or any of the employees of the Pentagon caught looking up massive amounts of kiddie porn? What about priests? Coaches? Teachers or any other trusted position of authority predators take as jobs to gain access to prey as well as maintain cover?

What about the entertainment industry?

Perhaps they are shorter generally.

But interestingly this research may help to explain the existence of mobbing in gang stalking.

IF its pedophiles that are the basis for gang stalking and if pedo networks find slaves to program for the system and maintain our silence throughout our lives THEN THIS IS WHY THEY MUST FORM MOBS AND KEEP A GROUP ON ONR TARGETED SURVIVOR every day of the Survivor's life.

BECUZ THEY ARE LESS INTELLIGENT THEY MUST MOB TO WIN over one smarter and perhaps more physically superior victim.

If the research is correct, we now know why 'perps' aggrevate us as they appear so stupid compared to TI .
If its incorrect and just based off of those who are stupid and without leverage to get caught that is allowing many to continue to escape detection-perhaps that is its purpose.

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