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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Set Ups Designed To Discredit Being Used Lately

More set ups.  Cop cars showing up many places I go.

Brookline. Cop goes by one way. Obvious perp does gesturing very overtly cant figure out why hes and direct about it.

I use one of my countering tactics and I note another cop car coming out from direction perp is walking....officer could observe my behavior.

This is all bullshit intimidation of course but its very common now to use this one cop serves as trigger and diversion-perp comes at Target and gets reaction due to anxiety and anger triggered by possibly being stalked by marked vehicle (abuse of power, intimidation, sexism, militancy, corrupt authority etc).

Then another officer is right there seemingly to observe behavior in person that seems bizarre, delusional or aggressive etc.

Again its all bullshit.

Someone has convinved the entire state of MA that they are winning, they are infallible and their self righteousness and scape goating hatred of me is completely validated.

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