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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Mobbed Heavily In Chestnut Hill Area-Its Been A BAD Couple Of Days

Being mobbed moderately heavy in Panera Bread in Chestnut Hill mostly by black employees and a few white locals, uppity types.

Its lame suburban rich-kid-and-corporate-house-slave style. Not aggresive just punk ass...becuz they are privileged punk ass bitches.

Its in areas like this you can really see how 'Black Lives Matter' is just this game of making order out of chaos as diversion.

These people only want to support corporate culture and war crimes so they can keep their iPhones and quality of life. They could give a shit about ghettos in MO or Baltimore.

COINTELPRO certainly trained former generations for these ops nowadays.

What bothers me is how fuckin gangsta they act yet they are just spoilt.

Came out here for medical appointment. Which of course I missed.


Its been really bad. The electromagnetic influence or just pollution along with heavy psy ops has led to a near constant state of self talk in public.

Very heavy discrediting program. I AM IGNORING ALL OF THIS becuz all that matters....ALL-is that I keep going towards my goal.

My writing is all that matters. Fuck what people think or the cops etc.

Cop cars now show up wherever I go. Probably due to that bogus supposed tip to the FBI concerning me having a gun and bragging about shooting up the campus for money.

Uh is this the same FBI that shielded Whitey Bulger for years and covered up all those murders?
Tell me something, how can you have all this technology, funding for anti terror and investigative means, resources but somehow the drugs keep getting into the cities? The mob still exists? Corporations still pollute.
Human trafficking and the sex industry are solid. Hmmm..

I posted awhile ago about how I was in Venice beach CA near Santa Monica when Whitey was there as sources later stated. He was 'hiding out' there.

Yet...the gang stalking perps were on my ass the entire time I was there. So...I can be tracked anywhere I go but authorities are supposedly playing the 'Where's Whitey' game all over the US?
(The only thing creepier than Whitey in Venice is that seriously disturbing clown statue with the ballet tootoo on.)

Now does anyone understand why Im not taking any of this very seriously? It seems we're back in the Bush post 9-11 war era level of programs again.

Dealt with it then and I'll deal with it now.

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