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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Realized Why Ive Been Isolated And Ripped From Home Base-The Most Strong Arm Campaign Of Behavior Modification Yet/Are Military Returning Home Mind Controlled?

The reason they had to get me away from Harvard Square is to isolate me totally.
I've also cut contact with most of the people from there as well as anyone who seemed to have motive to be in on gang stalking. (A few working people I met on the road I realized were most likely pedos or on probation, needed money or jobs etc. Some common motives for gang stalking). Ive posted that most of the people from Harvard turned on me and began doing overt gesturing tactics.

Also putting perps everywhere on and infiltrating and destroying road life is also to remove me and isolate from my lifestyle and identity which I had formed over these many years of being targeted after my original life I'd known for years and everyone in it was destroyed and I removed or isolated from it.

this seems to be for the purpose of BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION by way of using the in person gang stalkers.
Very complex scenarios are being set up now multiple times daily to this end.

In years prior mostly tech was used for behavior modification attempts. Its as if thats not possible anymore on that intense level so they need to utilize some tech-as-torture to break or distract the Will and focus then use behavioral or Pavlovian psychology. It seems that perps are used to represent different things or are symbolic and then are used as manipulation of Target or me as it were.

They are pushing for being able to undo all Ive become over the past 12 years. As if it never existed.

This lines up with the war ending and Gitmo Bay closing, troops returning home.
I notice theres waves of changes in leadership from DARPA companies like Raytheon to cities and states.

They are tryibg to break down everything i was. Obliterate any identity i had all these years

If you keep destroying someones home and uprooting them as well as whatever else was there to define them or they identified with they cant really establish themselves or get anything done in life thats of any value.

Its interesting the young military coming home. Served just long enuf to get micro or nanochipped and cult mind control indoctrinated (as well as a skewed moral compass and learning to dehumanize the enemy) but not long enough to really see and understand the costs of war. Anyone who isnt compliant or seems divergent or suffering too much conscience mysteriously suicides or has wounded warrior issues.

I find it odd so many people are coming home from war totally functional and seemingly normal and disciplined. This is not what WE SAW FROM THE GULF WAR OR VIETNAM EVEN WW2-KOREA GENERATION though they compartmentalized it best I think and the old 'sanctity of the home' culture of privacy hid a lot too I think.
My mothers generation says they came home drinkers.

So what are the powers that be doing? Replacing these people with clones or androids to return in their places? Or is it the chipping?

Becuz entire cities are being filled with people that to me just dont seem normal.

And it seems Im to become the next mindless robot if I don't watch out.

Fukushima radiation helps Im sure in making everyone insane and emotionally flattened. Its definitely part of it.

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