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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Strange Scents, Gesturing And Forced Sexual Arousal /In Person Psy Ops Requires Tech and Chem To Be Effective

Ok so the biggest thing perps use against TIs is aggression. Stress comes from this.

Sexuality is key to controlling a Target.

We've all read about technologies being used to induce sexual arousal and in some instances force behaviors to relieve this.

During Bush it was downright torture. Now its being used to try to make this TI full of aggressions so I will act out and end up jailed OR when aggression is induced and not released it turns inward and causes DEPRESSION.

This state can lead to a Target's DEFEAT. It can also for some reason make it so that the TI IS MORE EASILY CONTROLLED BY THE GANG STALKING SYSTEM.

This is something new in my experience. I could always fight these effects mentally before.

I suspected I may have been nano or microchipped at NEMC (now Tufts Medical Center) during surgery in that area in 1997.

Magnets put over the area seemed to stop the effects but wearing them was impractical. I did that when I had to or could.

After the abortion i had in Portland OR a few years ago at OHSU which I didn't realize was a state run teaching hospital and they had alot of DARPA funded company connections (and a biowarfare lab was proposed outside Portland which is rural land but it was never built-supposedly).

MIT did a very intimidating walk through one of the libraries when I was on the computer looking for lawyers to sue them for being in pain a year later. It was basically brainwashing to get me to drop the idea.

Just like I never submitted that complaint about the stalking detectives in the black Sedan I have pics of (posted on this blog) becuz I was set up and baited/targeted to act out in a manner I never had before-and got arrested for writing racially charged language about the racists working in McDonald's Central Sq Cambridge MA.

When you are under mind control and police use strong arm intimidation tactics in this way you do the best you can.

I traveled to an other state to do probation becuz I was getting harassed every place I tried to do community service hours.

And I did my cs in another state in a olace that totally gives me cred as a caring sane person and networked also. So now they have to lean on me here to make me look unstable and nuts.

Harvard Sq area has corrupt. They recently tresspassed me due to a bogus FBI tip that I had a gun and was being paid to shoot up the campus.

Its predictable becuz the biggest sick fucks working with police due to being in trouble are being rewarded now and anyone not working for them is being driven out.

So sexual arousal is now not just used for torture but to cause acting out or depression that may lead to suicide.

It may be that the familiar smell from the Bush era-that horrid musky baby powdery smell SOMETIMES caused by peoples perfumes (when its not as overbearing as mind control drugs being released into an environment. Like a train station or store).

They may be using trained psych warriors-Cheney's Spoon Bender types. Prob military or psy ops core. Maybe private like black ops hired by whomever?

It may be tech is used. All I know is that a perp will sit in my peripheral vision and start doing a tactic very obviously but its done REPETITIVELY.

Ive come to the conclusion that this gesturing in this particular situation isnt for daily mind control maintenance of the TI- the repetitiveness of it REPRESENTS STIMULATION such as on skin.


This is part of the reason some perps grab their crotches or fully cup their buttocks instead of just doing a shirt oull/wallet tap/side tap.

I had one fat young woman in Indiana who was giving me a ride GRABBING HER CROTCH just enough so it was obvious while driving.

These are not only attempts at getting the TI aggresive and out of control as rhe perps behavior is BASICALLY RAPE molestation-but attempts to get a Survivor of mind control programming back into sex slavery or even the sex industry.

Black males and women are used for this purpose almost exclusively. In Austin there are types that would hate someonenlike me but appear Hipsters or scruffy so the message is still obvious.

People who appear alternative are perps nowadays just so you get the idea theres no one truly alt or cool left but their purpose is to break trust and cause disillusionment.

These people who can cause unwanted sexual arousal by sitting near you and rubbing the side of or their heads over and over or keep rubbing their leg where one would do the tap gesture Im anchored to, are supposed to get the TI distracted, off focus, nervous, or aggressive enough TO FINALLY FLIP OUT.

They also daily cause damage to the nerves especially the heart which over time they want to kill or the TI or cause ill health to at least slow us down AND IT WILL LOOK LIKE ITS NATURAL CAUSES.

Being raped every day in public by people you find undesirable is going to cause STRESS and this is used to KILL THE TARGET over time.

I also believe they continue to attempt to alter my natural sexuality to make mw turn to black males or become a lesbian.
Which has been one of their lesser goals since early Bush.

The 'get with ' or 'go to ' black males has been pushed so hard in the past Ive posted entire programs that were run with this content as actual subliminated suggestive BRAIN WASHING.

One was in St Patricks Shelter for women in Somerville MA (next city over from Cambridge, old site of Whitey Bulger's Winter Hill Gang-Irish mob).
The other was on a bus in San Diego CA. Where drones are built. Navy. Where Scientology began.

I dont know how this is done, just a person sitting there repeating gesturing. It seems part chemical part psychic and of course use of behavioral psychology- the gestures the Target is anchored to.

What people dont understand is that perhaps on Sundays or on holidays you can ignore the gesturing perps becuz WITH OUT THE TECHNOLOGY AND CHEMICAL INFLUENCE PRESENT IN THE ENVIRONMENT, simple behavioral psychology methods, on their own, arent effective.
Remember something about this sort of harassment- many people who are supposed to be responsible authorities are going to simply think this is a joke. That its funny.

Becuz humans are capable of base nature-essentially aggressive greedy dumb animals. Always remember that. And assholes who know about this shit will tell you nobody cares or no one takes it seriously. That they have no sympathy for you or that you are trying to get people to feel bad for you.

But this is the pedo-perv-woman beater-closet gay-skinner-rapist network that hides under, and works for gang stalking.


Just keep fighting and resisting.

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