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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Friday, November 20, 2015

Im Learning About The New Administration Of Boston-Explains Alot

A local man of Irish descent was pleasant at first then started doing a ridiculous and insane dance of gesturing tactics so I ended the conversation. He claimed to have grown up with Walsh. That he remembers he worked as a bouncer in a bar becuz the owner was friends with his father who was union leader or some position like that.
He supposedly got beat up every night so they pulled him off the job.

This man also said some things that can only be part of MK Ultra behavior modification.

That Marty was "arrogant". That "..hes a good guy now" but he needed to be beaten down to learn to not be arrogant.

This system is notorious for taking people and not just grooming them but shaping and molding them to be politicians then serve their interests.

Ive personally seen a protected career criminal in Boston be harassed by the organized stalking and harassment system all of her life. She mentioned a relative in intelligence services. She tevealed things that are earmarks of ritual abuse survivorship.

Organized crime has people harassed endlessly to keep them on edge, under control and working hard for them. Its a form of slavery and its part of mind control slavery.

If you watch The Prisoner tv show from the 60s in UK the writers and actor Patrick McGoohan put in very simple bits of truth about what is done to intelligence people once they are no longer useful in that capacity.

One of the episodes clearly shows the watchers of The Village attempting to get number 6, a former asset now imprisoned in The Village, to run for office in The Village.

Its simply reshaping an asset so they are recycled into something once again useful to the system such as the comment made to me during Bush by a perp that if I was going to become an activist, I would have to be a "nice person". I didnt want to become an activist- this system has forced me to out of self defense and basically isolating me so heavily that I cant DO anything else.

Again you are 'reassigned' to caretake some part of society instead of living your own life and doing what YOU want to do.
The point of the episode of The Prisoner is that running for political office in The Village is pointless becuz everything is controlled from hidden governance anyway.

Like the world we live in especially today.

Im not saying Walsh is one of us, programmed but the comment from the dancing Irishman was in all probability meant as part of behavior mod.

Im 'arrogant'. I have to learn to be 'good'. I got none of this crap when Menino was alive or other people in office in this area.

It seems these guys are supremely sexist and use old style thuggery (I thot that went out in the 80s?) to get their way.

Reports: Mayor Walsh’s Cousin Curses at Woman During Boston 2024 Meeting:

Boston Dems Turn Blind Eye to Teamster Allies’ ‘Racist, Homophobic’ Assaults:

So now that Ceasar Menino has set up everything with the developers and laid the groundwork for the New Boston leaders dont have to be as careful or work as hard at psuedo harmony like the last admin.

One thing I appreciate is that at least Im not being tortured so hard as I was during Menino which is why they have to use more human forces, in person gang stalking now.

So I understand more clearly now at least Boston. And the new police Commisioner I dont think has the same interest in trying to clean up the underbelly of.society the way the woman police chief did.

The police commissioner looks familiar. Its like I know him from somewhere...maybe just photos.

And Cambridge I was misinformed about.  I was told that the current mayor was also mayor in 98. This was incorrect. He has been a city councillor for years.

He was mayor in 2010.

Ive been told he's clean. No creepy stories or dirt like others in office.  He looks kind of like those Satanists who hide in plain site and  make sure they do all the right things to conceal themselves.

The new city manager no one will talk about.

Watertown where hes from and Newton have always had a hair across their asses when it comes to me.

You cant get more selfish than those two towns. PI John Panderos who got his walking papers to Florida for being part of the frame up during the fed investigation is from there. As well as all those NA people who were mean to me all those years.

And my former employer at a video store whos father was a cop who was pissed becuz my ex from Newton was an idiot as well as somehow blames me for having to close down his store becuz a chain took business away.

I used to walk through Watertown and you could feel that someone wanted to shoot my ass outright.


Waltham is just as bad. People used to look pissed becuz I returned from traveling. That I wasnt dead.

Too bad huh?

So who knows or cares what EXCUSES any of these people have for letting the system come after me full force now in all its most obnoxious dirty tricks?

I know one thing. All the pedos who dont have records showing what they really are in Harvard are getting handed rewards left and right.

People like me are being chased out.

Youve got some problems there people.

But YUPpies dont care about reality. Only if the city works for their little false environment fantasy.

Go with the money people. They don't ask questions.

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