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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pleaze Post Comments Again PayPal Donation And Hamilton

Blogger with name Hamilton I deleted yer comment by accident. Please repost. Thanks. And yes I shud read my emails but I have been suppressed and kept under control so tight that Im busy panhandling every few hours a and doing daily survival stuff so can't get to activism also Massachusetts is now comepletely saturated in a dark gloomy fear anxiety hate 'bleh' inducing overlay (prob technologies and chemical influences) that make mon-Fri a literal Hell on earth. Saturday is a bit of relief you can feel the metaphysical sun peek through the electromagnetic 'clouds' if you will. Sundays are strange. The other influence is gone but they are miserable in a different way. As if to train the human animals to prefer the 'keep your nose to the grindstone' work-a-day psycho management of Mon-Fri.

Only in thr right physical location THAT BLOCKS TECH and provides relief from chemical influence as well as USA major holidays provides any real relief or return to an environment that someone my age recalls as 'normal .

Its like the 80s again during those holidays.

Less humans in the city environments and a sense of peace and harmony.

And no I dont use 0@PayPal as it takez some of the money.

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