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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Thursday, November 26, 2015

Obama's Civilian Security Force/ Ret Marine Asks 'Is Everybody Blind?"-To US Building Up Civilian Military

I believe that the civilian security force could include 'gang stalking' but that might be a whole other organization or dept.

Notice Obama did not say "armed" he said "powerful, strong and funded".

That might refer to the endless seemingly plain old civilians that take part in covert activity that includes stalking and harassing Targeted Individuals.

And in response to the Marines rhetoric question-YES. Most American citizens are 'blinded' by being under the influence of MASS MIND CONTROL but its also an issue of perceptions being managed and skewed to support such a CSF of an armed, military kind.

Dear former Marine- most people don't have the experience you do. THEY DONT HAVE ANY POINT OF REFERENCE to measure by or use as comparison.

All they are told is that bad people whi are wacked out religious extremists are blowing stuff up (becuz they hate us and want to kill us becuz we "let women drive" etc) around the world and angry schizo Americans arent dealing well with a black president or 'Change' so we NEED a built up security in our communities.

These people you ask about this American citizenry dont live in the real world. They havent been allowed access to any sensible reality since the late 80s...maybe the very early 90s but thats pushing it.

They've been more and more been talked to, treated and pandered to like children.

Just the short excerpt of your talk on the issue illustrates a sensible, real world out there beyond the domes of FALSE ENVIRONMENTS and the realities created within them in which people now live.

What you said releases the mind from imprisonment and shows a glimpse of what is really going on 'out there' and puts things into perspective in a realstic sensible way.

Such things are no longer allowed. People know only what they want them to think or understand about our military.

The common sense you put forth has been long lost in most communities nationwide. I know. Ive been traveling this country since 2006. The Circus and the Big Top the public are held captive in are in place in most of the US now.

NH, minusing the area bordering on MA, might just be one of the last places ledt in the USA with any such sense or freedom left all.

So yes, the public have been rendered 'blind'.

But your speech is invaluable to what few are awake with sight.

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