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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Older Civil Rights Advocates Beginning To See The Results Of Their Civil Rights Work Being Hijacked By The Shadow System

(NY Times article few days ago. I had gotta find again. Older civil rights advocate nrevous about things like following link.)

I love how older generations of civil rights advocates are writing all sorts of articles trying to tell Millenials to be more moderate in their approach to hate speech.

They are getting scared that what they started is now snowballing into complete censorship.

Actually its been hijacked the way PC was by the evil that is in our world and it's being abused so now its being utilized as part of the all out brainwashing and cult mind control of the masses.

Firstly, if theres comments posted that seem offensive WHY ARENT PEOPLE STARTING TO QUESTION AND DISCUSS WHY PEOPLE FEEL AS THEY DO?
True understanding and mediation is something the shadow govt fears especially right now when they are on the verge of gaining control like speech and right to bare arms.

Secondly, this generation needs to learn to toughen up and ignore things that are hurtful or 'offensive'. Humans are animals and you are going to get swiped with claws sometimes. You need to learn to hit back without starting flame wars or give a response that shuts the offender down.
That or just let it roll off your back.

Also making certain comments unacceptable on certain forums and asking the conversation go elsewhere is not as ridiculous or dangerous as all out censorship.

The danger of creating safe spaces is that its adding to the long term plans of the shadow system to create complete and total.
FALSE ENVIRONMENTS for humans to live in.

This is beginning to form in a generation that seems to be very accustomed to such environs to begin with by being born native to technology.

Its the beginning of people living in computerized houses and automobiles as if we were under domes on another planet.

Which is the future of those conditions. That and being fused with technology.

The total enslavement of mankind.

Once again the reason this is all so easy to accomplish is simply the technologies and chemical influences being pumped into public and private spaces along with psy ops and propaganda.

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Anonymous said...

And if cops are being violent towards blacks, then why aren't blacks seeing that cops are being violent towards dissidents in general? Why not rally against corrupt cops instead of turning it into strictly a racial thing?