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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Neglected Native Issues In Favor Of Favortism Of Other Groups Oppression: Just One More Reason That POLITICAL CORRECTNESS In The NWO Is Deception (and only for manipulation not true justice)

PC and the race war thats been created using much psychological warfare is simply to use chosen groups to wage a CLASS WAR and socially engineer society to the elite's liking.

These select groups are used as mercenaries would be in a war by the elite and other special interests in society against the lower and middle classes to socially engineer the entire western world to THEIR liking.

The word genocide wasnt even created until one of the select groups-the Jews, were victimized in such a way in Germany.

Most of the time the other victims are neglected like Gypsies or anyone else Nazis deemed unfit.
Also peoples of African descent allied with Nazi forces are never mentioned yet in the western cult now known as 'Political Correctness' and all the warfare that goes with it, Jews are aligned as victims with African peoples and for that matter-the bizarre 'People of Color' core.

The spotlight in America and perhaps the west is given to Jews for genocide throughout human history. African Americans now hold first place for beinf brought to civilization through slavery. As if no other peoples before or after their plights has ever experienced any similar crimes against humanity of the same type.

African American slavery is used to shake the foundations of the United States often enough becuz their enslavement created that foundation.

However note that the Native genocide which certainly destroyed more than just six million people has until very recently been ignored. Even now the focus is usually on the star players of PC games: Latinos, African peoples and always hovering in the backround as a standard- the Jewish holocaust.

Latinos are Native peoples from the Americas. EVERY SINGLE ONE. There are no Latinos in Spain...unless they come from a place of Asiatic indigenous Natives (originating in Siberia many millenia ago) mixed with Spaniards.

Yet they align themselves in victimhood with African Americans nowadays not as Natives but as darkies who have been victimized purely based on racism due to skin color.

Italians, who were treated as POC upon arrival and oppressed due to that as well as being Catholics are not included in the POC cult. Probably becuz we successfully took a piece of America the way we conquered anything and everything during ancient Roman times.

So Italians have too much 'white' or European heritage to be included in the color scheme.

So in reality the POC set up is based on people coming from third world or technologically lacking civilizations where they simply couldn't compete with Europeans and in the case of Native Americans to the south-were wiped out by Europeans who arrived here.
Becuz the predictive alt time line of the Americas if Europeans had never interfered is the more advanced cultures-the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs would have expanded their empires northward and influenced hunter gatherer tribes.

I love Native Americans but like much of Africa they did not posess TECHNOLOGY.
The other factor is Neanderthal DNA. No one in dark continent Africa has Neanderthal DNA. Ever race outside of those areas posesses it even Native Americans.

There are so many factors influencing why peoples are oppressed. Reducing the plight to 'racism' based on shade of skin tone is nothing short of purposelfully creating a cult which uses psychological warfare.

People Of Color wearing the colors Black & Red to push their agenda (actually the special interests in the upper classes) isnt truly fighting for justice for oppressed peoples.

Its using select groups of oppressed peoples for viscous psychological warfare.

The only groups truly suffering and losing culuture, land and right to exist are THE MIDDLE AND LOWER CLASSES OF EUROPEAN AMERICANS and EUROPEANS overseas.

The elites and uppers can protect themselves and assimilate with very small gestures of compliance without losing their world to this invasion.


The point of this piece is to show yet another part of the deception: if this were not the case then why are Native Americans not placed as the star players of the oppressed peoples of color game? THE LAND WE USED TO BUILT THE ENTITY KNOWN AS THE USA IS BUILT ON LAND STOLEN FROM THEM and they have been wiped out of existence.

Becuz...the puppet masters behind the war on middle and lower class whites knows that this country isnt legal.

People are willing to focus on injustices in the Americas but never the injustice that IS America.

Thats why Latinos are so useful. They are technically Natives. And thats good enough right?

Ive traveled the US since 2006 and short trips before that in youth. Most Natives in this country live under oppression and on miserable reservations that most other 'oppressed peoples' could never dream of.

They still dont have the enzyme needed to process alcoholic beverages so alcoholism is rampant and it rules their lives. They live outside of reservations just so they can keep buying alcohol.

Many tribes of Native peoples are overweight and this is a cultural problem with Mexican women. They are akways being scolded and reminded not to "get fat".

What most people dont seem to know is theres a scientific explanation for this happening: genetics and evolution.

The way Natives lived and ate is toally out of synch with European diets and lifestyles. Their bodies dont PROCESS PROTEIN they way European bodies do.

Food turns to fat and yet another health problem based on invader culture. As if the diseases that killed them off in the beginning werent enough.

And I don't see Natives repairing their culture they way Jews and African Americans have.

They aren't making a mint off of entertainment or being marketed as the new mafia. I dont see them escaping oppression once and for all by building a homeland back where they supposedly originated from...BECUZ WE ARE HERE ON THE LAND THEY ORIGINATE FROM preventing that.

POC warfare slyly includes the Native Americans superficially. I see them often enough involved in POC films etc and sometimes wearing red cultishly to show solidarity with other POC.

I hear radio shows where they use phrases like "white supremacy" often enough. But I dont trust these alignments becuz Obama has been very busy handing out funding to many POC type groups including Native ones and that may be why they have taken to red shirts and POC rhetoric.

But I expect that most Natives will remain more selective than that. They wisely dont trust America or anything its marketing. Rightly so.

Becuz no matter what occurs or comes out of the POC cults class warfare for the elite so they can be rewarded with middle class status in the United States-Natives will never get their land back.

Their numbers will never rival that of Latinos or African peoples.

Becuz PC is a lie fabricated by the worlds elite. Not to create a new promised land of peace and Equality but simply to rearrange society to the liking and needs of those whove been running it for centuries.

No one knows them better than THOSE OF UA WHO HAVE AND HAD BEEN FIGHTING THEM BACK IN WEST AND EAST EUROPE FOR MILLENNIA. Which is one of the reasons for the destroying and forced modification of lower and middle classed Europeans and Euro-Americans.

You think poor whites are stupid. If anyone can spot a scam or know what true justice is or isnt its traditionally oppressed European peoples.

You are naive and have no idea who you are dealing with. The people behind this deception are ruthless, deception is an age old art form for them and they only want to keep using people as slaves. They arent going to magically change their ways overnight.

I suspect Natives are a bit more aware of this realzing the POC scam can never fully benefit them...unless America ceases to exist and their land is returned.

All other POC deep down know that they are simply making a deal with the Man Ij Charge or owners of The Big House to gain favor in the NWO and are satisfied being rewarded for their compliance.

Another piece of evidence debunking the POC cult mind control tactics and Equality myth.

'Social justice' is just another phrase in the PC cults loaded language book meant to seem meaningful yet it really cant be defined exactly to begin with.

These are the tools and methods of mind control and marketing ideas.

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