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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Another Ex Of Mob Rules Destroying The West: Dunkin Donuts Harassement Of Police Officers


Its interesting this occured in two New England states.
Both consisting of old money, notable colleges, teaching hospitals (institutions) and private sector including military contractors such as Raytheon and notorious organized crime histories.

Conn, MA and RI have alot more similarities than VT, NH and ME which tend to be more conservative. Though MA used to and to a certain extent still shares those states-especially neighboring NH's love of freedom.

CT and RI are kind of more oppressive in the interests of the elite. ME is too in a weird hick sort of way. They seem like people who wish they were from TX but unfortunately for them, without the rich blue states to the south ME couldnt survive.

Ive posted about the tech part of the harassment and influence or 'mind control' seeming to cease or lower dramatically when LEGIT LAW ENFORCEMENT comes into the area for random issues having nothing to do with me or gang stalking.

I noticed this in 2008. It still happens. It happened a few days ago. It indicates satellite use on TIs more thab anything and it feels that way too. (I say 'feel' becuz these are electromagnetic tech and weapons. They create fields that some of us can sense
In a big rig truck if the driver had satellite radio for entertainment and we were parked to sleep overnight I would have manipulative dreams very specific content. In the morning there would be a 'hang over' from this dream if not some antimotivational brainwash content..the moment the truck would move from the spot it was parked in oveenight, the 'feed' if you will of content and emotional manipulation would cease.

Thought and feeling manipulation content that ends upon movement from a location. So early on I realized there is a feeling of being saturated by this technology.

When legit police show up in this area the sam effect takes place.)

Also realize that mob rules which is an extension of cult mind control is a problem now specifically due to the public having communications technologies.

DD hire people like Walmart hires-people who seem to take to mobbing naturally and don't defy authority.

They also hire with what I consider to be very racist hiring practices: peoples of African descent, Muslims, Asians (dark skinned. Ive only seen one pale Oriental Asian at a DD), Morrocans, South Americans.
They take the People Of Color part of 'Diversity' waaay to far.

As far as I am concerned, they are reverse racists. So if this is where you are hiring from, anything political involving POC such as 'Black Lives Matter' is possibly going to become a tense situation.

Also DD have been tied to classic organized crime activity specifically in NYC.

DD like every other large chain partakes in gang stalking harassment but for whatever reasons the employees are much more low class, vile and nasty about it as opposed to Starbucks or even McDonalds..which is the number 1 chain for severity of harassment.

DD employees have proven to be a tie with Walmart's for ignorant behavior, being no class, control freaks, obsessi lve, rude and mobbing as a large group.

McDonald's uses a mix of employees, their security surveillance systems (tech) and perps as customers being very quick to begin harassment on a TI in the restaurants. Some have the McDs tv channel broadcasting which has propaganda you've got to actually see to believe.

DD also has its own radio station it broadcasts in shops. Its annoying and panders to customers as if they were children. Most of the songs are about relationships. It reminds me of the MK Ultra part of the program where people are regressed to keep them controlled.

Some of the content mocks northeastern people and some of it is actually designed to break down the elitist culture that has made this area special for centuries- creating smart, determined people of all classes who are taught that as long as we make the extraordinary effort and walk that knife's edge, we are entitled to be better than the rest of the country. (Which then of course leads to the responsibility of assisting those less fortunate.)

Lastly it might be that the policeman involved were targeted as individuals.

I can just see DD employees feeling that empowered as a mob.

Not ALL Dunkins employ total assholes and sniveling sneaky two faced desperatw cowards but Ive seen enough of that to make a generalization.

Brookline has some very nice people thats becuz theres still some actual Jewish culture left in Brookline. One of the employees is African American and I dont fully trust her but shes alot nicer generally than most employees who engage in gang stalking.
Harvard MBTA station Ive never had a problem with either perhaps becuz of the fast pace of that location or the T cameras all over facing the store front.

The one that Google wont list on Maps thats in a Harvard U owned building on Church St has very pushy gang stalking employees. Again all POC except for one Chinese kid.
The female South American manager is so good at being two faced you'd never know how sick she is unless you WERE targeted becuz they run off Harvard's power there and feel TIs are totally helpless.

DD is a strange place to be targeted becuz you end up being cordial and having nice chatty relationships with the workers just to maintain peace when you go in there even though they do gesturing at least once while you are there.

Its total Spy vs Spy. But you have to pretend its not happening. Its kind of obnoxious but its livable.

Unlike Walmart which is just downright nasty and ignant like McDonalds can be.

And yes, I feel Im being watched and monitored in many DD due to the cameras. Not all of them but many. So theres mind control being utilized.
Every single location Ive felt 'watched' its been the ideation that theres private security or police on the other side of the cams doing the watching.

For some reason the Church St location I mentioned isnt that intrusive. It was actually a positive sort of judgement from the monitors. In most other locations where I get the ideation Im being watched and theres an interface, I feel Im judged negatively. Perps as customers always show up soon afterwards.
Theyd show up in the Harvard Church St location too but it was milder. And it almost felt like whoever was watching liked my work and the way I put perps down or ignore them.

So theres alot of Gitmo action at DD. Dont take it personal. Corporate businesses and private security are creating a living hell on earth in the west for all of us but certain people will see first hand the extent of how bad it is.

It may have even been part of unethical experimentation. 'Will humans of this demographic go against authority on this level if in a certain group and x y z conditions or variables are applied' blah blah blah.

It always pisse me off when people make spmeones job harder when its difficult to begin with becuz as usual theres total corrupt pricks having a field day out there and the guy whos normal and not fucked up gets some bs like this.

And they seem to pick on people who they know arent connected to the scumcore thats so integral to Gang Stalking.

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