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Monday, November 23, 2015

Charlie Sheen Exposed-Now We Know Why..But Be Careful Of Blame Game
(Hey Wash Post-ya done good.)

Matt Lauer or whoever? Unsavory types? You mean like junk journalism that today passes for legit? I cant imagine what Matts 'nasty habits' consist of. Whatever.

I suppose I should be happy but Im not.

Sheens people obviously concocted a way of his revealing just why he has been doing work for the Dirty Tricks Dept all these years (media psy ops) but this shows people arent buying it.

Then just a few hours ago, a gay vid of him has been revealed.

Actually I feel sorry for him. Not becuz I forgive him for his part in the covert wars but becuz the public piss me off more.

Repeatedly the reality of Hollywood is revealed. The sex industry to a lesser extent.

People look at it they turn on their idols then they move on as if it changes nothing.
I bet they keep watching reruns of Two And A Half Men.

Hes a woman beater a sex and drug addict and a bastard. Ok.

Where did he pick up these habits? Where did he see violence that made this part of who he is?

I can't imagine having Martin Sheen as a father is easy or being a kid in Hollywood.

He's the one that even with medicine has the death sentence. Hes the one whos viewed even worse than he already was before.

What a crappy life. Maybe he will find something worthy from now on. If hes a Satanic sort of soul then this is his nature and he's only doing what comes natural.

Its we that must see through deceptions not laughingly believe decievers repent.

America seems very comfy with believing things are ok when they arent. Its disturbing.

What benefits TIs is that now I understand the criminal opportunist methods at work that get people into the GS games.

Another piece knocked off the board. And so it goes on.

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