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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You Meet The Most Interesting (Possible Perps) People In Harvard Sq Cambridge: The Bonds.-Boeing and American Intelligence

The Bond family fame:

"During the First World War Marshall Bond was turned down for military service. As a substitute form of national service he joined the Counter Intelligence section of the United States Secret Service."

"Marshall Bond Sr. brother in law of the industrialist William Boeing".

One of the family members had been a friendly person with the street kids in Harvard Sq.

I came upon his profile on a site I was viewing and it contained his real name not the one he gave locally.

He always seemed a bit Asbergers or slightly autistic neither of which I believe exists in broad spectrum. In the old days people would just say that fellow is a bit strange or just accept his ways of expressing himself or mannerisms. You had to be totally unable to function in society back then to be 'disordered'. Such a concept didn't even exist. People were just human and some parents were drunks and some were off the wall etc.

In order to be diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder you had to be washing your hands or needing to check the stove multiple times a day to the point where it interfered with your life-and your hands were raw.

Nowadays people toss the corporate logo or boardroom jargon term 'OCD' around as if its pop culture. I get accused of being OCD becuz I clean up or arrange condiments on restaurant tables occasionally while sitting becuz my mother worked in a pub for ten years-back when it was a service industry craft and Boston waiters made enough to make a living off of.

(Back when Boston was a worldly city with class not Menino's dream of a 'world class city' in the globalist New World Order.)

He would rigidly repeat information and seemed very smart about people trying to take advantage of him despite his child like vulnerability. He claimed he was couch homeless at one point and it sounded like the typical story of a very rich family that didnt want to deal with one of the children and was notoriously cheap in the old money way or simply the family money was tied up in long time investments and property bit they had very little liquid assets.

He claimed to have to fight for some land or assets and got back on his feet.

These types used to be all over Boston and NYC. They could show us a better standard and relate to our intelligence that other classes believe we lack and we show them I assume a lowe class sort of grit that strangely, resembles whatever ancestor made them notable or rich in the first place.

He was kind to talk with and our conversations were pleasant. He'd be one of the only people left who would talk to me humanely and intelligently after Harvard turned on me.

However I ended up seeing him late at night at a CVS recently and he went into the subject of rebels or something connected to some interest or lecture he'd been to.
The sentence that consisted of speaking about shooters or terrorists along those lines and that "the govt usually (gets to) or (catches) those people before they can do anything" is what stayed in my mind.

And if he comes from such a family then that LINE was meant to STICK IN MY MIND.
Like laying down a sequence of programming.

What was most sad was once again losing my faith in someone. I guess my work and findings have gotten into an area that people who used to tolerate me dont like.

In my most positive outlook I might guess he was trying to warn me but there was a slight bad energy or sentiment attached to that sentence.

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