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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Chem War On Homeless?/Antibiotic Resistant Infections May Be Chemical Warfare/Ethnic Bio Weapons (And Dead Microbiologists)

Years ago when Boston cared about its citizens, ALL of them- I suspect we were inoculated against certain diseases via the means now being used to deliver mind control (chemical influence) agents.
Subways, public spaces.

It makes sense to inoculate everyone so that the most valued dont get sick. Now the policy seems to be just get rid of those deemed invaluable or a threat to the establishment via harassment or worse-chem and biowarfare.

Theres a history of unethical human experimentation on an MK Ultra level, where subways were used to experiment on the public.

Ive posted that right before the new administration took over in Cambridge (as well as in Boston and a new governor) that it seemed that the places houseless people slept in Harvard Sq Cambridge were contaminated with infectious substances but it seemed on purpose becuz the locations were specifically known urban camping spots.

And one of their little cute informants was running around with an open staph infection which she spread all over the place and there was staph in many the sleep spots then too even outside the square.

I began to notice this all over the area even into other cities. One younger policeman in Harvard Sq, in response to my asking an older cop about recent rise in local late night theiving (meth is now being pumped into the area) said "Its the consequences of the way you live". The older male quickly responded appropriately to my question but i think they were concerned about that becuz a higher up cop showed up and 'chatted' with the younger cop for a while as if to guard him from me. (Yes i am so scary and dangerous to fully armed strong males in large groups. Seriously?)
Its strange how on higher levels of authority police, criminals and politicians often have that same look. Its disturbing.

That statement however is revealing in their mindset that what is going to occur in this situation, whatever they are moving forward with is going to be covered up by the sentiment that its 'simply incidental to the lifestyle or way you live'. Like where you sleep or hang out- the physical spaces you utilize.
Cops, like others, defend justice often in spite of their corrupt masters.


Ive had to throw away clothing, sleep bags and keep running to stores, change storage spaces. Clean and launder.

This isn't normal.


1. Staph:
The first is staph I got down south. Staph is VERY BAD in Georgia and Alabama and the Carolinas. Its also a problem to a lesser extent in parts of TX. You can get sick from breathing it in while in the bathrooms down there ITS SO HEAVY. You can smell it.

THEY DONT USE LYSOL DOWN THERE and Mexican peoples constitutions are strong as hell. I also have considered thats why theres so much drinking down there. Maybe it keeps staph away or becuz of it? Its just a thought.

I had a constant fight with cellulitis down there.

It was in the sleep bag I brought back here which I had to use recently so it got in everthing again. Thats pretty much taken care of. Clorox makes wipes that are bleach free that kill staph if u r cant use lysol on your skin which you shouldn't. Nor shud u use the wipes on skin but it might be ok to use on shoes and surfaces and showers or on hands IF YOU WASH THEM RIGHT AFTERWARDS.
2. UTI type effect:
The second thing is something that CAUSES A UTI TYPE EFFECT and is very uncomfortable. I took a round of antibiotics. It came back. I realized it WAS IN MY CLOTHING and ON SURFACES I HAD USED that were cloth like in places I frequent so that I WAS ALWAYS GETTING REINFECTED.

Laundering does not get rid of it on clothes you wear near infection points (bottoms and underwear).

Ive noticed theres antibiotic resistance to UTIs. Could it be that its becuz its on clothing and surfaces?
Docs wont listen to this even if you've proven it to yourself through trial and error. They might but a doc cant cure your environment for you.

It could very well be that these infections are resistant due to what we eat. Im not a scientist. Yet being houseless and sleeping outside and going everywhere on foot and living primitively in an urban environment Im sort of on the front lines of this.

It could be that this is just one of the many conditions Ive experienced that comes from an infectious agent THAT STICKS TO CLOTHING AND ANYTHING CLOTHE AS WELL AS BEING ABLE TO STAY ON SURFACES so humans will become exposed through those means (as a system of delivery of the infectious agent).

I got reinfected by laying on a clothe surface I had laid on with infected clothes and had to get rid of what I was wearing..but at least I learned how it works.
Its not like a regular UTI. It effects the urethra up inside and even feels like it gets into other parts of the female anatomy. Its distracting and uncomfortable and makes you aggressive and cranky. Just whats needed to discredit homeless people as crazy or problematic-especially older women or those with vulnerable immune systems.

IVE NOTICED THAT THIS INFECTIOUS AGENT IS ALL OVER CAMBRIDGE AND SOMERVILLE almost exclusively. Sleeping in those cities outside is not recommended.

A small amount of bleach with soap like shampoo or body wash if u r sensitive is good to launder anything that isn't worn as bottoms.
3. GI issues, urgency to deficate:
The third problem was this horrible thing that seemed to show up IN MY MONTH OLD STORAGE UNIT in Cambridge. It wasn't present when I rented and had no problems before.

From my experiences living in ghettos, cities and urban camping as a Traveler this condition may well have been from someone putting it there on purpose as chemical or bio warfare but it also could come from foriegn people who have common diseases of the GI tract.

Every single time I went to my storage I had to deficate. Ive had this same effect in stores where poor people nowadays foriegners tend to frequent like Kmart, Walmart and thrift stores.

But this was in my unit exclusively. Its a perfect weapon as theres no bathroom in the storage when office isnt open.
It got into my stuff and once again, seemed to 'stick' to clothing but this WOULD ALSO STICK TO OBJECTS. It got into everything and I had to change my storage company. (Plus that place in Somerville had too much mold and electromagnetic pollution. I was acting crazy everytime I was in the building and I notice this has become a norm in storage companies for me.

I wonder how much reward they got for having me as a tenant.
Corporate chains seem to really be the biggest problem in all this.

In the past Ive posted about one of my experiences during Bush where my jeans seemed to have been laced with something that was a Neuro inhibitor. It made me a drooling vegatable that could only remember my name possibly and it burned my skin leaving it red. I eashed and ditched the jeans-that made the effects go away.

In the movie Elizabeth it shows the use of poisons in the same manner by deadly substances being laced into one of her dresses which a lady in waiting was unlucky enough to die from first-luckily for the queen.

So this delivery system IS TOTALLY PLAUSIBLE.

Now there seems to be the existence of DNA BASED CHEMICAL WEAPONS. Ethnic bio warfare.

Scientists' mysterious deaths:

Dead Scientists 2004-2011:

IF you wanted to get rid of a specific demographic you could just go for where they live..and how they live. You could also base the effects on DNA or ethnic background.
It would depend on who you are trying to get rid of.

Some creepy guy on train who claimed to be working in Wash DC up to visit son, started working mind game talk on me and basically intimated that becuz I am Italian Im probably Arab and/or Egyptian.
I have alot of hidden DNA from my six European and Eurasian ethnicities. Arab or Iranian may very well be present as well as Russian native or Chinese. Even African.

Without people understanding and knowinf how ethnicities truly work and believing the bullshit info put forth by the brainwashing of PC, Diversity and Equality as they LIE about how ethnicities are actually grouped and how DNA is spread out, its going to be easier to target people with ethnic specific warfare.

Would you guess Scandinavians are Orientals? Would you suspect Italians might be Jews or Arabs or north African or Persians?

Would you see Mexicans as Spanish mixed with Asian natives as well as perhaps Jews in some areas? Or blonde peoples?

PC racism is designed to serve economists, finance and industry as well as the NWO agenda. Its not a realistic view of how DNA or even cultures have come to exist. The truth lies in history, trade, wars, travel and other factors that can be traced with research.

Not the insanity we now live under where like kindergarden children we believe ethnicity is based on skin shade.
This is THE MOST insane, racist bunch of non sense ever to come about.

Any of the dictators or fascists of history would be proud.

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