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Sunday, November 1, 2015

MIT- Male Badge Checking On Their Little Problem...and Using Weird Hand Signals To Civilians

What's with cops giving hand signals to people on MIT grounds?

So this is a common way that law enforcement communicates with people working with them dressed in civilian clothes.

How can all this anti terror be justified when its used to cover up corruption?

The Boston area is ridiculous with this kind of thing now. Someone told me some sort of centers were opened up around this area after the Boston Bombing.

Like for intelligence and anti terror.

All they are doing or part of it is ensuring anyone who threatens the businessmen's agenda or knows too much is targeted, framed and discredited.

And they are being real slick about it too.

I felt someone behind me in the coffee shop, far enuf away but it was pure hatred, quieted violence. Keepinv an eye on their little problem they are so sure they have under control now and are systematically destroying.

Sure enuf i turned around and there was the uniformed badged male walking away with coffee. (Served of course by the core of hateful, spiteful conspiring People Of Color minions- ever present in elitist Liberal areas)

Then to sit outside and give weird hand signals to people dressed as civilians.

This area is now akin to a covert warfare killing field.

It is indeed very dangerous but where else can one go?

Other countries? Its power cities like this where thr problems originate.

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