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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

New Threats, A New Era Of GS Program Horrors (Fun and Games With The New Admin In Massachusetts)

Peek a boo, motherf$#ckers!

So heres a roster of the new ways means and probable toys utilized by the new regime...I mean administration in my home state.

Wtf is the deal with like music selections in many different locations coming on with playlists of MY personal favorite songs? Either stuff I've JUST POSTED on this blog or things I've had for years on my mp3. It comes on after I enter and keeps dishing out my favs to a creepy hand from satellite radio land trying to reaaach ooutt and toouuch meeeee! Aaugh!
(Best counter move: ignore this or put on actual mp3 player and drown out).

GS designed to produce CHATTER in the Target:
Ive noted that ever since they have had a new group of people in different positions or offices there seems to be things allowed that werent by the old guard.

The way ops are running now is very stress inducing. Tech influence or perhaps a mix of chemical and tech are being used, it seems, that makes being targeted much more intense. The same thing I noted during that summer I acted out and got arrested which had never happened in years before.

Its an aggression producing effect. I dont know how its done but the human forces or stalkers doing harassment in person to the Target produce a much more violent reaction from the TI. In me it has been producing alot of chatter in public spaces due to anxiety being produced and my need to find a way to keep focus on the task at hand.

Doing errands is their favorite to disrupt. I notice that like the early Bush era this seems to be to akin to torturing someone to produce confession or extract information. Its very heavily geared towards that. And how discrediting talking to yourself in public is going to be especially documented by surveillance cameras.

WALMART WARNING: Wallyworld in Quincy MA has a creeeeppy new camera system where you are forced to LOOK AT YOURSELF BEING SURVEILLED OR FILMED by security cameras.
In the world of programming and mind control this is akin to mirrors put into internal programming worlds.

Perps often use 'mirroring' on Targets as a mind control/psych control or manipulation tactic. Be VERY aware of.this. I wasn't ready for it and acted very adversely and negatively as I was being harassed in that store.

Walmart seems to have an especially naaty tech thats present that along with the harassment from store workers and to a lesser extent customers, creates overwhelming anxiety and fear in gets reactions out of targeted people.

I often consider the employment application for this company I filled out years ago.  The assessment was that I had too much initiative. That I would question orders and try to solve problems on my own.

Remember this when u enter this store. They basically hire people who are profiled as wiling to go along with mobbing!


Mmkay. Simple- you go inside store. You are driven insane and act it in store and it gets documented by cameras. The anxiety is on. It feels like you are in a literal battle zone in a war torn area running and under attack by an enemy. FEELS LIKE this as well as being subjected to behavioral psychology (gesturing the Target has been anchored to) and other tactical hunting methods by people in the store.

I discovered yesterday that IF YOU LEAVE AND THEN GO BACK IN THE EFFECTS ARE well as the harassment from multiple stalkers has ceased or has lessened to a degree that its no longer as damaging as when first entering store.

This ties into the perps using the TIs routines against them (us).

Repetitive habits and travel routes-frequented locations. The system at least in Boston area is very dependent on the routines or predicted routines of the Target.

You can actually catch a perp sometimes being caught by surprise when a Target goes 'off course'-off of the predicted route of movement, location and tasks.

They will exclaim 'Oh shit' or something else similar and grapple at their phones to text someone. Its great to be that important isnt it?

This is why perps are so happy in the TIs face all the time. You are an easy money maker for them. Remember perps are lazy-they wont come out late at night, on holidays or when its raining.
Its easiest for them if the Target is controlled by a routine thats easy for them to predict.

If you can remember to break routine, which you wont its always by accident or happenstance-you will gain such relief from their presence as well as interface and the horrible torment the tech produces. Even if its only for a short time its healing.

Time in nature or with peoples animals or your own. Time alone. Time away from lots of people (cell phones and computers) like very late at night when the world is real quiet.

Underground or some other physical space thats an electromagnetic safe zone.

I am going to post on the importance now of electromag safe areas.

Human touch thats positive. Remember this before the hammer fell during Bush and the torture began?
One of the number one reasons people loose their humanity is due to isolation along with lack of human touch.


You can pass this area on the green line here in Boston. There is a marked LACK of any sort of interface, mind control or anything that just feels bad.

This tells me that its indeed the case that the rest of the underground of the MBTA is being saturated with something...that along with the ridiculously aggressive stallking and harassment so notorious on all public transit across the USA, creates a daily torture chamber for Targeted Individuals.

Ive posted about being drugged with a sort of neuroinhibitor during Bush which was put into my jean pants and absorbed through the skin. (Like in the movie Elizabeth when a lady in waiting dies in a dress laced with poison meant for the queen herself).

Ive smelled this very specific scent in train stations and even public spaces in the years after Bush. Take that and tech and gang stalking and you have the same cocktail used in outside, above ground spaces for mass mind control. (Chemtrails).

Im very fuzzy about the exact tech aspects. Its not my dept. Please check out other TI activists who specialize in explaining the technologies used. They are usually people with science or engineering backgrounds. As always watch out for disinfo (deceptive, misleading agents) or misinfo (cut outs).

They NEVER used to do this to me but now that the game seems to be to get the TI into prison they want to have you so threatened and crazy you hall off on some mofo.
Perps are bumping into me purposefully or making me have to push through a crowd aggressively (discredits TI also).

They wont move out of the way OR a new tactic is to be standing near my path of walkng and to step back as to be in my path on purpose right before I get there. I carry a pack and a sleep bag and they often comment on how much stuff I have which is utter bullshit becuz I have it so its only necessities-so they are playing chicken with a truck basically.

They know its harder for me to stop or change course. This causes anxiety, takes energy and puts me in danger of physical injury.
Subliminally this also disrespects my love of and experience with trucks. Ive often commented in public that cars are stupid for cutting off big rigs as I now know what it takes to stop any truck.
Remember the trucking industry has been threatened by the railroads for years as taking their business-trains are another gang stalking horror show just like buses.

They walk towards me walking and move into my path then act disgruntled when I wont move.

This is what Ive been experiencing in the land of our new admin here in eastern MA.

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