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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Professor At Harvard Talks About Tyrannical Student Campuses-Of Course Its All Just COINTELPRO and Covert Ops


This must explain why I was framed up recently the way I was and have been for a few years with much more racially charged harassment. now been dealing with this sort of thing.

This only started to occur when a new administration had come into power in Cambridge MA as well as Boston.
Harvard has had the same president since 2007 but they do have alot of fairly new fellows and a treasurer.

What he isnt mentioning-what no one will is that these actions are simply intelligence operations. They are put forth by the people who work for the American interests and the elite, corporations etc.

Its hard to stop believing in everything youve ever known but one has to consider the 'phenomena' of The  '60s in the context of all the unethical human experimentation with LSD in the 50s, Project Paperclip and the Nazis that MK Ultra is based on in the 40s just decades prior.
Its very likely that that era was to dose as much as thr west as possible and break down cultures with feminsm etc in a massive MK Ultra like program. Mold (LSD is synthesized ergot) makes the mind more easily shaped and influenced. It also somehow makes torture much more effective.

The real reason that the west is obsessed with Diversity is to cover up for the use of People Of Color as house slave type keepers of society.
Ive seen this first hand. I know one thing now surely-African peoples are potentially very dangerous to the Constitution and any sort of real freedom in the west but that also goes for any cult mind controlled, black and red wearing racist whos obsessed with color instead of genetics, history, geography and archaeology-science to explain realistically who we are.

These people are simply being used the way that it was proven they could be used in Jonestown. A trained mob using cult mind control. (On my Youtube there's vids of the FBI tapes of the last days of Jonestown. Thats legit not some website or Hollywood movie.)

Black revolutionaries were crushed by COINTELPRO. They were then indoctrinated into cult mind control by forming street gangs invented by intelligence networks to deal crack into the cities.
Reagan closed all the state hospitals so the homeless problem exploded-guaranteeing there would never be true revolution from the street level again as its now impossible to be safe or organize. Now people needed to form gangs to protect themselves.

African American ghetto culture defines poverty and controls the homeless industry in many cities. Until the African American role played in controlling the lower classes for the power structure and THEIR OWN special interests are exposed and understood by the public I firmly believe blindly putting them in many positions of authority is ill advised.

You have no idea what brutal house slavish handlers they are of poor people and anyone who is a threat to the system.

Ive been to college campuses around the country. They used to welcoming to people like me but now they are practically shut down so we cant use thier resources-especially after OCCUPY. Every single campus in the US has agents in place. They harass dissidents that come onto campus probably to ensure you cant talk to the students and let them know whats really going on and/or organize anything.
And Ive seen way to many agents infiltrating OCCUPY. What this means is that none of these things are genuine. They are set ups by the intelligence networks. OCCUPY seemed to be a smoke out operation as I call it, just to see exactly who is in the underground homeless scene, if we can organize and function. Probably in this day and age, we are considered potential terrorists against the establishment (western special interests).

What I am trying to say is that a large amount of black America are re enslaved people that arent free, arent truthful about who they are and their culture or communities and are working for the establishment or as they used to refer to it as- 'The Man' since the era of COINTELPRO.

The black community has always provided spying services to this country (see The Ghetto Informant Program) and they survive mostly on govt jobs so of course they are going to protect the govt and its interests. If you look at it closely and realistically, dealing crack and being in a gang and human trafficking are govt jobs or at least run and protected by parts of the govt in unison with the elite.

And also notice that they want Diversity of race and sexual orientation but not class. Theres a major class war being eclipsed out of peoples attention by these issues- which is just one more purpose thier agenda serves.

In other words- Dershowitz is right and this is all bs from the covert arm of the system. Any of these kids who knows whats going on is willingly part of the operation and those who dont are brainwashed, convenient useful idiots who serve as force multipliers.

These kids should be obsessing over drone strikes, automated warfare and the activism I do-the use of chemicals and technologies to control society especially psychiatry and Big Pharma. THAT is whats really going on in the  21st century thats important to keeping humanity healthy and free.

Isnt it convenient that when people become useLESS as gang members, they can become useFUL as prisoners-all in the same complex?  Those who stay useFUL in gangs, go on to become useFUL in entertainment or military etc.
Many alternative rap artists have outed big industry names as agents.

Every generation of youth is used by the elite for thier ends and dont realize it until 15-20 years later that they were duped into actually working for the people they thought they were fighting. They did it to us GEN X in the 90s-and they are doing it again.

Ive experienced waaaayyy to much abuse of power at the hands of black Americans and African foreign peoples working for the system. And they get away with it moreso becuz society perceives them as less responsible for thier actions or they are afraid of them or they make sure they hide what they do from The Whites That Matter.

They are much more brutal and evil in an animalistic way when abusing power for the system or Man in the Big House than any other kind of gang stalker Ive ever encountered.

They have been turned into nothing  more than very dangerous house slaves becuz they are hidden in that capacity. People are not taking into account the realty of gang membership, even Prince Hall http://www.theguardian.com/music/2014/jul/02/secret-jazz-freemason-history-duke-ellington-sun-ra   or Boulle http://secret--societies.blogspot.com/2013/12/the-boule-skull-and-bones-society.html conspiracies and membership (if they have the right European DNA or mentoring from the same buying them right into a position of power and advantage in a secret society) or especially COINTELPRO  http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/history/2013/06/prism_j_edgar_hoover_would_have_loved_the_nsa_s_surveillance_program_topic.html .

These agents were never retired just re assigned. From what Ive seen, there is a large core working as a network in the USA of African Americans that work striclty in the interset of the west and its special interests. Not freedom, liberty, the Constitution or the people nor 'civil rights'. They are as Malcolm X describes them-house slaves, protecting the Big House and the Master.
They tried to break free in earnest decades ago and just like the Native American movement-were crushed by those in power. Its suspect to see and hear Native American organizations given FUNDING BY OBAMA that like to keep throwing around the term WHITE SUPREMACY, yet there are leaders of the Native revolution from decades ago THAT HAVE FBI AGENTS ASSIGNED TO FOLLOW THEM AROUND WHEREVER THEY GO ON US SOIL FOR THE REMAINDER OF THEIR LIVES. This is documented and told by the activists themselves. Look it up.   https://books.google.com/books?id=M4uvwy_C3egC&pg=PA22&lpg=PA22&dq#v=onepage&q&f=false

This entire thing we are living right now is a scam. Its a deception and a diversion. The 'black people' who remain in this country that arent part of any real revolt or resistance (and the do exist) are people willing to go along with the corrupt system AND CANNOT BE TRUSTED. Neither can college kids on campuses one can assume from the linked article above and from my testimony that there exists a core of anti activist agents who harass people like me constantly.

Over in Europe theres no FREEDOM OF SPEECH or RIGHT TO BARE ARMS. People are being put in jail just for countering mass immigration or trying to put rape stats on social media sites. One man was jailed for asking for materials related to proving the holocaust. Just ASKING or trying to investigate any sort of alternative answers. Even if he investigated and it came out just as history has written it, he still isnt allowed to doubt or ask questions.
People are given sentences for writing what I write on these blogs as well as one other one I have.

Mindless mobs of stupid people are always dangerous and thats what we are dealing with. Its more akin to a bunch of plague ridden peasants from Medieval Europe with pitchforks and torches than educated people protesting for something better.

The same has to be asked of them that is being asked of Europe-if what you propose as an NWO is so wonderful and so righteous then why is questioning it so criminal? Why does NOT going along with this plan carry such harsh consequences? Why are we not allowed to question or put forth grievances?

I notice they dont like poor white women who are homeless with brains but they love blacks and other POC who are alot better of economically and have more resources thus arent as underprivileged. Notice how much of this is going on at exactly the same time we have such high anti homeless sentiments from these same kids? Obama admin even has a govt policy to end homelessness by 2016-2020...and it came out after OCCUPY.   Which was thier big smoke out to find out if there was any resistance or dissidence from the subculture of homelessness which they discovered there was.
The public are being urged to use thier legislative voices to 'end homelessness'. http://www.endhomelessness.org/blog/c/policy-and-legislation

With the history of the US working the way it does to get its interests met, it wouldnt surprise me if not just TIs are being harassed by covert methods but ANYONE HOMELESS to satisfy whatever part of the agenda this serves.  (No talking to homeless people, no organizing ralleys of homeless. Just citizens deciding for these people just the way this vulnerable population gets oppressed in the homeless industry. We are so without a voice and so oppressed that THE PUBLIC DOESNT EVEN SEEM TO  PERCIEVE  THERE IS SOMETHING VERY WRONG WITH 'ENDING HOMELESSNESS' or that there are many human and civil rights abuses, legal issues even health code and OSHA violations in the homeless industry to address before allowing the system or the housed public to push us into anything. I doubt its legal to demand people get housing. It denies a system of seeking refuge from whatever one is running from, outside of a housed community. Once again people now seek ORDER OUT OF CHAOS which is part of the CREATE A PROBLEM/SOLVE A PROBLEM formula, as solutions to everything without realizing there is a NATURAL ORDER to things that seems chaotic. See fractals if you want a simple answer...or just go outside and look at some roses, a pile of garbage or your favorite piece of classical artwork and realize its all perfect math.

A middle aged homeless woman with hardly any resources? What about DIVERSITY? What about advocating for the underprivileged?  It also shows how MILITARIZATION of society equates with MALE CENTRISM and the breaking up of women's bonds with each other.
Part of the NWO is militarization even if the public dont realize they are living in a soft core or streamlined, hidden in plain sight military dictatorship or at least the military is handling them for the elite. Ive noticed that keeping women from taking power or organizing naturally is very much a part of this in recent years.

To be a women whos responsible now you need to support whatever nonsense the boys come up with from wars to their stupid pro sports teams. I havent seen any real power from women, as WOMEN but as women acting in a mans world nowadays. Any era defined by war is going to favor blindly worshiping authority traditionally male. Women in authority now act like jerks as men would. In the twisted American mind, this is probably thier dream of 'Equality'. Not militarization. Putting blacks in to gangs is a form of militarization and cult mind control and these are also essentially male run and sexist especially due to the use of sex slavery and human trafficking to generate revenue.

The very fact that feminists efforts from the 60s til today have been repaid with rap songs singing about bitches and hos and gangstas becoming Illuminati and basically aligning themselves with white male power, shows that that Equality and such nonsense doesnt really work.


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