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Trigger warning: just stay aware and centered. Can be helpful but must avoid overall effects of this movie such as strange dreams and what seems like an opening to psychic experience but it actually resembles hypnotism on a mild level. Its a pleasant diversion at any rate. Those of you who have an affinity for language or are verbal will appreciate this movie.



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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Strange Experience While Sleeping In Coca Cola Plant Illinois

Not necessarily a bad thing but how true is the information.

Got vision and info that an old associate of mine a bartender in.Cambridge called The Middle East (where my musician ex was employed and he got busted for drugs in.their parking lot).

The owners are Arabic or around that area.

This old associate of mine has been a bar tender there for a long time. I also know from experience he KNOWS ABOUT PROGRAMMING. Hes Jewish and adopted.but I always suspected his knowledge was from Judaism not other sources.

The info I received was that the owners of that establishment were involved in terrorism or funding terrorism and my old associate involved somehow.

That club and Central Square Cambridge was definitely instrumental in my gang stalking campaign over the years as well as the attempt to frame me up for the cover story

There's also a group of guys who work there that have rams heads tattooed on their chests. They vowed to never speak of the meaning of those fatties publicly. A girl commented to me once that it was weird they all worked there and they all also shared this tattoo.
I can't say these guys have been cruel to me at all actually one of them looks pretty guilty or he.feels bad about my predicament from the way I was treated in that area.
However he does seem to be tolerating the injustice as if its part of something one must bare. Like.the point is to help along the victim's fate by tolerating the injustice.
It meaningless but it was another connection to that club.


Anonymous said...

Another sentiment they like to throw out is that they beat us... that we're beaten and that it's over. To me, beaten means surrender. Since we haven't surrendered (and quite a few of us never will), we aren't actually beaten.

It's either their sick minds talking to themselves or a psychological tactic to help us get beaten for real.

Anonymous said...

Just saw more proof that certain crazy sounding targets may actually be perps trying to make targets look bad. Either that, or they have been pushed to the brink. Or it could be by design, too: get targets to freak out when it is known they are targets of organized stalking to make other targets look bad.