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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Hysterical Post By Creoles.Two Words: H-O-U-S-E N-I-G-G-A-Z

Now before y'all get freaked out by racist nitpicking over semantics or whatever you need to focus on to keep ignoring war crimes, both overt and covert, domestic and international, let me point a couple of simple facts out.

Activists like Professor Griff are working on many of the same points that many of us out here have been working on. Becuz he chose to keep it real if u will and go deep instead of stay in Hollywood with a crack habit making money off of reality shows, he pays the price. If you recall the 90s you'll recall anyone who was a real activist who was black ended up being run off to Africa eventually or shot right through the windows of their apartment becuz their radio show was a threat.

Many TIs are African Americans. And their work is valuable to every one of us in the same situation (IF they aren't COINTELPRO types which there are a lot of in the TI community.)

Mel Gibson was born in Australia. He came to America as an adult to act in movies. Anyone of any race who loves Mad Max should've known that.

Charlie Sheen is Mexican and Jewish. His mother is Jewish and his father Martin Sheen is mixed Mexican who took on the last name of an overdramatic zealous Catholic priest who preached on 50's tv named Sheen, an Irish name.

So Sheen is Jewish and Native American with Spaniard blood. Natives were here before these long
time slave populations and their white counterparts.

Also the likelyhood that the Creoles have European DNA due to interbreeding is as high as any other long time slave population in the USA.

So listen cuz, odds are you're part Euro anyway.

Now lets look at this like TIs dealing with international pedophile rings and war crimes. Yeah. The Creoles are pretty close in proximity to the Cajuns. Eddie Cox showed me pics of little girls clothed but in seductive poses in his cell phone, called them his "Little princesses" then mentioned that "...and the Cajuns STILL ain't following the rules". What I saw in that phone was what he meant I assume.
The majority of all black and extremely nasty perp groups were experiences by me in places like St Louis, Memphis TN-those areas.

We the Third Wave immigrants from the late 19th and early 20th century are fully aware that this country really belongs to the long time residents.

Yet the Irish and Italians seemed to take actions to gain their own power that equated offers they couldn't refuse.

And I assume the latest paranoid, petty, uptight violent, sexist immigrants from India, Africa and Haiti or radical Islam are so much better than we are then?

Stay down south and don't ever come up north...and DONT lump us together with Charlie Sheen and other Hollywood types.

Two other similarities the author missed. Sheen comes from Catholics and Gibson is Catholic. They also both worked in Hollywood with much success.

I believe Sheen is full of it and is a provocatuer like his friend Alex Jones probably becuz of his notorious domestic abuse record (which is now conveniently ignored. He never would have gotten Two and A Half if he didn't cause a diversion) as well as his drug use and addiction to the sex industry.

Gibson got hammered by this system it seems when he made a movie taking on the military industrial complex of Massachusetts, and I can tell you personally that they are extremely nasty, murderous. The academic end of this here loves to destroy lives as a sport or pastime. That's how out of control Harvard is and Emerson too. MIT gang stalks out of necessity.
Raytheon etc etc. They don't want the public to equate MA with the military industrial complex. They want them to think of Harvard, Children's Hospital etc.

Euro rejects? That would be ANYONE who left Europe to come to America including the Pilgrims etc.

Cmon, Y'all know you love being ignorant and on any chance to feel superior even if its based on misinformation.

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