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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Once Again Natural Disaster Alert Brings Relief From Tech

Flash flood warning and tornado watch in city I am in. I am safe inside 24 hour fast food place.

Per usual when there is a natural disaster the remote influence is non existent. Its been very very low and mild all day long since those weather alerts became known today.

It is now pooring with lightning...and I am grateful for the total relief from being targeted. Havent felt this good since early 90s maybe even early 80s. SUCH relief.

I still wonder if its the weather and electrical storm itself that provides a break or if its simply that whoever uses whatever system to focus on TIs has to turn their attentions to these sorts of events when they come up.

I sense that alot of what TIs experience isnt just microwave or electromagnetic, that much of it is chemical such as air pollution or chemtrails. It would explain why much of my experience differs greatly by physical location. Austin for instance had a heavy air pollution I noted right away and thats taken an effect on me over the time Ive been in this location, thus alot of the depression and docility.
The chemicals used makes susceptibility to the tech much greater.


  1. I've noticed that when it's rainy or stormy that I get a lot more ambulatory gangstalkers than when it's clear. I figure the rain, dampness, and/or electrical activity associated with the storm interferes with their surveillance.

    Also, having humans nearby helps them monitor a nearly target. Other TI's have theorized this, so it could be true. They must need human subjects proximal to the test subject to get better readings.

  2. Air pollution might affect the ion concentration of the air, and hence their surveillance and other tech.