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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hipsters And Other Assorted Fronts

You see people who are dressed as hipsters in a city like Austin. Any young hip city in America. Usually the typical average slim guys who sport beards and those nerd frame glasses.

You wonder why would they of all people partake in gang stalking like doing tactics when they walk by.

I think its either classism, sexism or like one reader commented, these kids' families all make thier money off of something connected to govt contracts. That fits. One kid years ago said his father worked for Cisco Systems and they are HEAVILY involved not only in military contracting but mind control via their routers for wifi. If not some very powerful party is hacking into Cisco's routers everywherr from private homes to MIT in Cambridge and producing mind control effects and specifically tailored to 'manage' Targeted Individuals.

Besides as a back packing Traveler the Hipster is our natural enemy. I don't know why they just are. Every Traveler I know dislikes Hipsters. Often its becuz they steal alot of our clothing styles without actually hopping trains or roughing it. Or maybe its just the way that most Hipsters are horribly average people who are obviously trying with much desperation to be different, ironic and outrageous. There is something VERY herd about them. You can sense it. Group think. The way they all look alike. Not just dress alike but literally look exactly like each other in every city you go to. Thats thousands of slim bearded brunette guys with black sox wearing tight pants to their knees, a snug fitting casual short sleeve perhaps with an ironic message on it and ironically sensible shoes and of course nerd framed dark glasses.

If in pairs they walk alike, look like clones and cannot be differentiated from others of their own kind, anywhere in the USA.

Now from a spy perspective, this makes a perfect spy or organized stalking/harassment perpetrator.
Also usually they come from ironically wealthy families becuz they truly believe only they and that class are capable of understanding the irony...of 'getting' it, this great joke or parody of society.

But just as the Traveler works very hard at what we do and creativity is often born of necessity, the Hipster's style is itself a sign of laziness. To create society is one thing-to be cowardly enough to only dare to live a parody of its various parts and stylings is quite another.

Its not that I haven't encountered Travelers who have been perps but only in San Diego. The other times I was always suspect of such rich kid useless Hippie/Rainbow types becuz they just don't register as normal Travelers. And they know way too much about my situation. Either hooked into drug rings or again family money is from the afore mentioned sources.

And why wouldn't the authorities have all the moles and infiltrators they need within subcultures nowadays?

Hippies and Rainbow types are notorious for being greedy, druggy slobs who hide behind some throw back peace and love bs. Not all but Ive seen more sketchy behavior from Rainbow people than Punks or train hoppers.

No one in this country is going to abandon their roots and family money so they can do whats right. We are out here, the Real people do exist from all walks of life but never trust appearances. The powers that be think they are the most clever and have society comletely FOOLED and UNDER CONTROL. For the most part that is correct so when the real deal shows up or actual genuine Truth and Liberty shines they use all the scum bags and fakers in their ranks to put us down.

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