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Monday, March 19, 2012

Baiting TIs Using Foreknowledge And Psychology

I want to explain something about much of what goes on, what seems like coincidences.
I am not saying that my ex was instructed to put a photo of his cross streets on his FB in order ro bait me specifically. Its a possibility one must consider since the people around him were using him to really damage me. This system does things by subtle suggestion or by putting things in the Target's path knowing the TI will end up in that place or in that mindset at a predicted time or phase of the campaign.
It could have been simply that his doing such a thing occured to the perps to be very good 'bait' in thier plans to entrap the TI to act out in a way that would incriminate them.

When I saw those cross street signs on his FB and the pics of his new posh apartment or house or whatever it was especially damaging due to my having lost my home in all this. Any and all places I could call home were gone.

I was drawn to his FB and angered by what I saw. The reason I knew it was baiting was it was all too easy. And the content that pissed me off was too..perfect. Too easy for me to see. Why was it public instead of me having to have an account? Hmph.

I was also given some timely info in the beginninng of all this that let me know the various ways the system gets people to snap, act out or go postal- generally act crazy under circunstances that would make most normal humans go insane.
He was always such a spineless little pawn that I can't imagine he'd come up with something like that by himself but you never know. He thought he was pretty evil and clever at times. His rich kid carelessness and natural stupidity was probably more of use to them at that time than anything else. Grab anyone right when they get newly clean off of drugs and you can mold their minds anyway you want. This system KNOWS this about people going into 12 step programs newly clean and sober. Hell, Survivors are targeted just becuz they get off the drugs that are supposed to conveniently kill them in their 20s, and bexuz 12 step programs undo some of the programming that creates drug addictions to begin with. It sets Survivors to healing, IF they can find their way out and onto those paths. Getting off drugs at least gets you out of the water where you were drowning- then its a matter.of making your way out of a jungle.
The system will be right there- to turn up the heat. To intensify the harassment. To ensure you start having 'panic attacks' in early recovery and due to they resembling heart attacks of course you end up in the hospital where the Survivor then gets immediately reffered to a psychiatrist. You are now back under control. Whew! They, the GS system, thought they lost you there for a minute. Now conveniently, if in recovery you begin to naturally buck mind control which is what NA is after it reconditions addicts to not seek drugs to fix feelings, and you become restless with The Program and by nature begin to grow and want something more than being told to simply "do the steps over again", you can be slowly driven nuts and since you are already under psychiatric care, they simply plan to make you sicker until you are a totally controllable and DISCREDITED Targeted Survivor.

Its frightening how they know just what TIs are going to do and how we are going to react. They are masters of manipulation.

Its nothing but a chess game to them. And they always think they are smarter and everyone involved is just stupid and used in the game.

Needless to say that due to how obvious that was I purposely stayed away from L.A. for a long time. Ive only been through there if my rides drive through on route elsewhere. Its probably best. What am I going to do in L.A. at this age?
Ive been to Riverside CA last year. The vibe from the L.A. area is definitely tech and its very destructive. Its all about looks and showing off and getting into a totally shallow mind set. Im sure thats how they control thier 'talent' and keep making money. No thanks.

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